Vaughn Interview in Toronto

When Bill Warner was in Toronto, Canada, Robert Vaughn of Just Right Media did an interview about political Islam and posted it on YouTube.

Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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  1. John McGregor

    Professor–I loved the interview, and soon I shall order your three booklets you mentioned. Thank you very much for your scholarship. Respectfully, John McGregor, Lawyer, Ballinger, Texas

  2. Howell Davis

    Frank interview… knowledgeable and truthful.

    Islam is a Manifesto of War cloaked behind the beard of a pious ‘religion. The Koran is the absolutely worse book ever written. Islam was devised by its sole prophet to satiate his lust for power, sex, ill begotten goods via plunder, and perversity. It is a sham and should lose its 501 C-3 status in America. Islamists should be banned from public air travel because they blow themselves up frequently taking many with them. Every mosque, nearly 3000 in the U.S. now, is actually a fortress never to be regained by the Kuffar unless by force.

    Islam is a blight on the earth.

  3. London Jim

    Me too , Mr Mcgregor.
    All the best from London.

  4. Lynne DiGrandi

    Thank you for you scholarship and dedication to this very real battle against political Islam! I am currently reading your ‘Simple Koran’ after trying to plow through the original! I hate that I have to have this stuff in my brain!! But alas we Must know our enemy. Not a pretty picture.

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