Voices for the Voiceless

This video offers a radical new strategy that can help neutralize the apologists for Islam. Voices for the Voiceless is for those who want to DO something. The Voiceless brochure can be found at Voices4Voiceless.org.

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  1. Abu Ahmad

    Ramadan Kareem from Barack Obama and friends!

  2. antijihadist

    Good idea BUT I think the “Voices for the Voiceless” thing is used by other groups such as pro-homosexual causes and Anti-abortion causes.

    I would go protest but rather not be confused with these other groups.

  3. Brad

    Great idea. Shared on Facebook.

    Now to get some friends together and form a group.

  4. Richard Solis

    I have been thinking about this, fact/morality based argument for some time. I agree that we must use “simpler” language because after all, if one has to do research to fact check, they might hurt themselves. I think they are too lazy and would rather go with hope and what the people around them say and take comfort in what they perceive to be truth, so they can absolve themselves when they are found to be wrong! “I had no idea.” “No one ever told me.” “It’s not my fault.”

    This is a great argument because there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. Who do you think Bin Laden was?

    So we have to speak slowly and in words with few syllables, and make sure we keep their attention in case they start to day dream!


    To John Islam,

    Do not provoke the Non-Muslims any more cos you and your Satanic gangsters may be forced to breed pigs and eat pork for a living.

    Worse still, you may be roasted alive to produce the BBQ PORK for your children to eat. Remember the Crusaders’ and Mongolians’ ways of treating your kind.


    To John Islam,

    You are under the control of the Satan and speak like the Islamic Demons. We will defeat you and your Islamic Gangsters 100% despite of your deceptions!

  7. We are as Stalin once wrote of the Kulaks, doomed to immense suffering. As Islam prevails in this once profoundly Christian country so does it hasten America’s decline. Islam destroyed the near East and Africa and it will do the same here. Islam isnt about logic. its about revelation and what it has revealed to its followers is the right to conquer advanced nations and inject their perversity, ineptitude, iliteracy, apathy, and abject poverty. America and Europe own this. They succumbed to an warrior-raider faith in the name of political correctness without a shot being fired. They allowed Christianity to be defanged and declawed and opened the doors to the followers of the “religion of the beast” and for what? So they could feel good about themselves? Or is there an underlying agenda that we have been too blinded by intimidation to pay attention to. Either way, its all over for the free world. It will soon belong to Satan aka Allah. In the near future, our children will have to deal with the muslim invaders and their vieled whores and they will hate us for what we allowed to happen.
    P.S. it doesnt take a scholar to understand the evil and infantilism of Islam- just a little critical thinking.

  8. John Islam

    Free Speech…

    Enjoy your free speech while you can and all of you with hate speech and demonic speech against muslim.

    We muslim the OIC has your United Nations under our nose.
    All the UN top people are liberals…Most if not all 95%
    are PURE HARD CORE liberals that HATES xtians..hate everything that is Replublicans and conservatives.
    We thank liberals news to sway UN to label the BUDDHIST as Buddhist terrorist even though we muslim from blangadesh rape the buddhist woman.
    This method is done in SWEDEN, NORWAY,FINLAND, UK, HOLLAND..etc…
    We will rape your woman to provoke a response and we shall becomes the victims just like the Rrohingya’s.
    Your liberals will stand by us just like 911 when hate crimes against muslim sky rocketed.
    We win no matter if we rape, terror, whatever.. We have the soft apporached thru taqiyah..The great tools we have unlease upon the world.
    Like I said , either thru terror, rape, wonton killing or by taqiyah……we muslim will take over the world.
    THAT IS WHY I CONVERT becasue EVIL you name it is so REAL and glorifying. Just love it.

    We love OBAMA and all European Leaders for its pure liberal policies.We love democrates.
    That is why EUROPE will never go back to its EUROPEAN history.
    It shall be ARABISED in 2050..That is a certainty.

    We are now moving to USA…The Bible belt needs to be destroyed by filling it with more MUSLIM from somalia.
    Any muslim will do..We tell you this and thanks PRESIDENT CLINTON for this. Bill is angry about this cos his Tennesse is gone.
    Mosque is evry where in TENNESEE…CHURCH bought over to be MOSQUE so that more muslim can resides in TENNESEE.
    We destryoed he BIBLE belt , we desroyed USA. Bill knows this…Sorry Bill..You are poison and all poticians, media, educations,etc,,shunt you.
    So your daily rattlings is all in VAIN..Suggest you convert and be a MUSLIM. You are OLD…
    I promised you 72 virgins is yours when you convert and die a mulsim. Go to the nearest MOSque and repent…Many white woman and man convert.
    They can’t be wrong.

    We are at work since he 80’s and has infiltrate all USA media , instituation,educations,media.
    Thank aLLAH for leftist and liberals.

    Please vote Hillary Clinto for president in 2016…She will put the nail in USA coffin for GOOD and we muslim will take
    over USA ..OBAMA helps to built the ifrastructure…It is irreversible

    We muslim loves them because they closed one eye if this victims is kafirs.
    We can slaughter all the xtains in SYRIA, EYGPYT, NIGERA..IRAQ…South Sudan , CONGO..ETC.
    Not a single action was taken by kafirs to stop us MUSLIM to bring about ALLAH law called sharia on humanity.
    And you Free Speech can dream of vapourising the MUSLIM? You are living in dream land..Wke up kafir….Open your eyes…

    Not a single thing any Bill Warner and you kafirs can do about it.
    The world has given us this ALLAH miracle to extinguished any kafirs we deem unfit to walk the earth.
    For our holy Koran says…the best of man are MUSLIM ..We muslim are the perfect creature every grace the earth.
    We flood humanity with knowledge, science( Algebra), economics( Jizya Tax and Islamic Banking), culture and music( The call to prayer),
    education( Sharia Law), Entertainment( Every friday beheading of kafir), Food ( HALAL worldwide to ready a kafir to be Muslim), Fashion( BURQA).
    Reading ( The koran and hadith for all answer to humanity)…

    All these will be impose when we muslim takes over the world.
    You may laugh..Please laugh while you can…cos we are coming very very near.

    John Islam has spoken and will come to pass.

  9. Free Speech

    I hope you’re right, Bill, but it seems to me that the left really doesn’t care about the abuse of Christians or Jews no matter how it’s presented to them. The leftists see themselves as brothers in victimhood with the Muslims. I don’t know how we overcome that.

    John Islam, you and yours will be vaporized before we ever submit to Islam. Furthermore, Islam is a retrograde ideology that cannot survive its own stupidity, You’ve already pushed us too far and the push back has started. Your day in the sun is ending.

  10. John Islam

    To All kafirs and espescially Democracyistheanswer…

    And also those who condemn Meqmac.

    I stand with you Islamic brother Meqmac…Whenever 3 are in dispute and 2 are muslim..The default is always side the muslim for the kafir by default is a kafir and has no place on this world .It must be extintguished without compassion, mercy, forgiveness, repentence, etc…Your only salvation is too CONVERT and do not question ISLAM . Be like me a white convert, just like MILLIONS of white convert to muslim all over Europe and USA.

    You kafir will eventually be converted sooner later..You may not, but I can assured you your kids WILL. We muslim will attest to this.

    All your politicians , lebierals, media,educations institude, food industries ( Halal ), islamic banking( Terrorist Bank ) etc….has been in all OVER THE WORLD.

    You kafir are too late to fight this world.
    Our cancer to you, its medecine to us.

    You kafir are losing cause OBAMA and ALL liberals and leftish is our muslim side…You cannot defeat muslim for your own is a traitor to yourself which benefits us…You cannot even defeat your own traitors…what mades you think you can defeat the muslim.

    By the time you defeat the liberal way of thinking…Your numbers will be so minute to take on us..The damage caause by your own liberals and OBAMA..etc will be irreversible.

    Look at EUROPE and expecially UK.
    UK is islamic by the day faster than the speed of light…They have support MUSLIM country wide in UK..France is at our mercy..The Nordic country with its blond girls are our booty…Sorry mate…Is for us pakistan, blacks, arbs and muslim…Go figure

  11. traeh

    Bill Warner has come up with perhaps the most important strategic idea I’ve ever seen in the Islam-critical movement.

    This is a way to be powerfully critical of Islam without ever mentioning the word Islam. And very few Islam-critical people want to be public critics of Islam. To be effective requires too much knowledge for most people to acquire, and it also requires tremendous courage to face charges of bigotry and the threats of Muslims. But Warner’s strategy in this video defeats all those problems in one fell swoop. Brilliant.

  12. Democracyistheanswer

    And by the way, Meqmac,
    Counterjihad writers read, understand and quote the latest of research of the scholars you want to appeal to.

    However, this is POLITICAL forum. The main point here is how to separate the religion of Islam from the POLITICAL SYSTEM of Islam. That is something the scholars DO NOT ADDRESS, because they aren’t POLITICIANS.

    That’s what we are demanding here: the separation of the mosque from the state. That is the main problem we face in POLITICAL ISLAM.

  13. Democracyistheanswer

    Meqmac, You are a traitor to humanity.

    To fail to speak a word in defense of the persecuted is worse than any crime, Meqmac. You help the persecutors with your silence, never the victims. Look yourself in the mirror and ask if you want the Taliban and Al Qaeda to take over your children’s future.

    You are apparently a verbal jihadist giving comfort to the maimers, misogynists and ethnic cleansers. Look at yourself in the mirror, Meqmac. Your digressions are predictable. Perhaps you earn a living by comforting the killers.

    Here’s some news for you and your jihadist friends, Meqmac: We in the counterjihad are just beginning our analysis of Islam. Islam is going to be thoroughly discredited and laughed at when we are through. Islam is under the microscope. It is bleeding tens of thousands of adherents every year. It will continue to bleed and the counterjihad is growing, not shrinking…just like the abolitionist movement grew and abolished slavery.

    Islam is slavery. Slavery is evil. We shall overcome it and abolish it.

  14. David

    Dr. Warner, I have learned more about the dangers of islam and it’s appeasers from your site than I ever learned in school. Thank you for all your hard work. I’m sharing this new tactic with all my friends, real and FB.

  15. Fred


    Two posts had trouble reading the web address at the end of the video which then fades away. Maybe that should be changed to make sure it doesn’t fade out and or have it on the top or bottom during the entire video.




    We have to expose the racist Islamofacists’ lies and deceptions and help the victims of discrimination, oppression, sufferings caused by the barbaric Jihadists.

    We need to strongly counter -Jihad and ban Islam in your communities and countries. These Jihadists are barbaric and shameless .




  17. Lily

    Excellent video Dr. Warner. I have shared it with all my stop Islamization groups on Facebook.

  18. Don Ruane

    Years ago, mid 1950’s I read an English Koran. I was in college and it took a year and a half to complete.

    Some where in the book I read that Muslims have no requirement to tell the truth to or honor a contract with a non muslin.
    Is the correct.?
    If it is correct please do a video so all can know how to talk to a Muslim.

    Don Ruane

  19. Paul Becker

    Please check the website. The information/address doesn’t seem to work,. Is there another link you can suggest?

  20. Reijo

    Meqmec has done nothing more than mount an ad hominem attack on a person (Dr Warner) whose argument is based on fact and logical reasoning.

    Nothing he says rebuts anything that Dr Warner has presented in the 18 minutes clip.

    Ad hominem attacks like this just disclose the shallowness and paucity of the point of view argued by such people because they can’t compete in the market place of argument and genuine debate.

  21. dave

    90% of all Moslems in the world can’t read Arabic either, so the Koran if only readable in Arabic, is only applicable to a tiny handful of the world’s population. It’s better to read about Mohammad, in the hadith and sirat. Learn about all the words and deeds of this man, and then decide if he and the religion that espouses him is one to emulate and follow, or dismiss and reject. If you are a woman, a kahfir, or a dhimmi, think very carefully when you make that choice.

  22. David

    Great idea Bill.

    But to be effective, it needs FACES and family stories. Such as:

    The FACE of the little Christian girl who was kidnaped and raped by Muslims. The FACES of her grieving mother and father. The FACES of the family whose home was burned down by Muslims and are now running for their lives. The Face of the grieving mother whose son was tortured and killed by Muslims.

  23. Tony Davis

    Meqmac– Your knowledge about Bill is abysmal and no doubt the same ignorance for Robert Spencer. The only important thing that infidels have is freedom, freedom from sharia and all of its barbaric practises. That civilised people don’t want to hear about!!!

  24. Patricia

    To Mr Meqmec
    Sir – I am an educated professional WOMAN. To understand the Koran one doesn’t have to read it in Arabic, just as we Christians read the Old Testament without knowing Hebrew, the New Testament without knowing Greek, so your argument is invalid. I only to well understand the Koran – I read it – gave it thought – evaluated it – criticized it for it is the raving of a 7th century uneducated barbarian and for any sane person to believe it in this day and age is amazing.

  25. Patricia

    I’ve posted this to my Facebook, then to my author page (I write WWII books), then to my book page, now to print the brochures for my Sunday School class, the other Classes, then for the Pastor and Worship Committee to bring to the attention of our congregation, then copies for our local Library.

  26. Meqmac

    I’m afraid Bill is not knowledgeable about Islam, and all the ‘scholars’ he mentions are just amateurs. Amateur scholarship can be fun and sometimes useful, but in a field that requires a solid knowledge of languages like Arabic, Persian, and Turkish. The reason the universities don’t invite pseudo-scholars is because universities are professional institutions and can’t take on board the often ill-informed views of amateurs. You wouldn’t want to change your doctor for someone who never attended medical school, would you? Or have your kids taught by someone with a vague interest in education but has no qualifications in teaching? Amateurs have their value, but my experience of them is that they are shrill and, yes, often bigoted. The professionals often get it wrong, and I don’t have time for many of them. But that’s usually because they have allowed politics or over-empathy with Muslims to lead them to false conclusions. But objective professionals who know their stuff make serious dialogue possible. Read the comments on pages on JihadWatch and you’ll see what I mean. The site attracts bigots and imbeciles. That worries me.

  27. Ron Pierce

    Bill, you do excellent work. Thank you.

  28. Tony Davis

    BRILLIANT!!! You make Einstein look like a novice!!! That’s the best yet!!!

  29. Adrián Correa

    Use the language which is being used. The language of feelings Great idea!
    Obviously without forgetting our factual demonstrations.
    Thank you, Bill.
    You’ve got a huge position in History.

  30. Charlene Rigney


  31. Steve Khan

    Its brilliant, keep up the good work.

  32. Miriam

    Thank You very much for this lecture. It is a very interesting approach. I learn a lot from Your lectures in general.

  33. Dr.Robert C. Laity

    Obama is a Muslim Supremacist who has usurped the Presidency, by fraud, during time of war. Obama’s agenda is Dar-el-Salam.

  34. thLuckyOne


    Thanks, Bill! We should of been using this approach long ago. And I also agree that this approach should also be just one of many arrows in our quiver.

    Prayers for you will continue! Thanks, Again!

  35. Lani Rosen

    Dear Bill,

    Excellent Youtube, as usual. Keep ’em comin!

    Best wishes and

    Thank you.

  36. Frank


  37. John King

    Great strategy. Used it immediately on Facebook to a prominent lobbying group, who are turning a blind eye to the obvious. How easily the evil ideology of Islam has infiltrated the West, quite frankly scares me. Tolerance to evil has replaced common sense. The longer this goes on, the worse it is going to become, and heaven forbid irreversible.

    John King

  38. Glenn Warren

    Thank you for your suggestion to combat islam using the moral argument. I will try this method and report how it works. Keep up the good work Bill.

  39. Walt Crossley

    Great strategy, Thank you as always for your
    great works. I just posted this on several sites
    I expect it will be seen by several thousand folks. I hope you get a lot of action on you web site.

  40. Cathy Hinners


  41. Sam McGinty

    Well done, sir! Keep up the good work.

  42. Edward A. Wright

    unable to find voice website,but hope your program, at least awakens some ! !

  43. William Breen

    Thankyou Dr. Warner for your clear thinking and leadership on this important subject.

  44. Jim

    People are not interested in doing the study required to understand Islam. But they can easily understand the victims. As always bill has good points.

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