We Must Have Demonstrations

We will never defeat Islam by emails, books and web pages. We must enter the public marketplace of ideas, including demonstrations.

Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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  1. Sirs: Your slogan “We Must Have Demonstrations” needs some revision.

    We cannot confront or challenge the evil nature of a 1400 year old death cult with signs and demonstrators.

    They have the Saudi Oil Wealth and the bi-lingual “moderate” Imams that staff the invading mosques from sea to shining sea… and C.A.I.R. Offices in major population centers.

    Islam is an Invasion Philosophy that masquerades as a religion. Their most sacred book is a Manual of War!.

    Women are In the Majority In every state, every nation. Educate the women
    of every race and creed to study the grim violence of “honor killings” and the outrage of FGM (female genital mutilation) suffered by innocent 5 to 8 year old little girls, to save them from what the local imam calls “sin”.

    Remember this: Teach the fact-based evidence of Islam’s Religious Wars, and the truth of their violence against their own women and girls, and you will be victorious against the world’s most sinister evil in history.

    Enlist our young women; enroll them into study groups and classes… and you will begin to change the world! –

    IF we hope to confront evil, we must first educate the women and young girls of every race, creed and color.

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  2. Rajeev Jain

    I think Ralph is right in a way. We need to spread the REAL information regarding Islam. People think that Quran has no hate verses and the violence and intolerance is due to some bad muslims. We need to inform the people what QURAN and Hadhees say about unbelievers and how to be violent against them. We also need to have a short description of the life of Mohammad, his wars, and his killing of captives, and distributing women captives as slaves among his generals and himself, his destruction of idols and places of worship and his hostility towards unbelievers. If someone can produce a comic book on life of mohammad it would be great. This will help educating the people and they will see the real face of Islam which sadly no one knows as Islam is being marketed as a religion of Peace!

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