What is the Truth about American Muslims, Part 3 / 3

(First analysis, Part 1/3, second part, Part 2/3) Here is the third part of the analysis:

17. Does Islam sanction “honor killings?”

No. According to Islamic teachings, no Muslim may sanction or support murder; the Qur’an explicitly forbids such actions (16:59, 5:27-32). In fact, the Qur’an does not mention “honor killings”, and in Islamic teachings, there is no such thing as excusable murder. The term “honor killings” used in some cultures is an attempt to describe murder as something religiously acceptable. It is not religiously acceptable in Islam.

“no Muslim may sanction or support murder”

Well, according to Mohammed: From the Sharia: o1.0 The blood of a Muslim is not lawful to shed, unless he be one of three:
A married adulterer some killed in retaliation for killing another, or someone who abandons his religion (Islam) and the Muslim community.

The Sharia allows a parent to murder both their children and grandchildren. Murder of children is part of honor killing. From the Sharia:

0.1.2 (4) The following are not subject to retaliation: a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring

18. What is Taqiyya? Does Islam encourage American Muslims to deceive and lie?

Taqiyya is an Arabic word that means to hide your faith in times of persecution in order to protect your life and family. It does not allow one to deceive and lie. Muslims are allowed to practice Taqiyya when open declaration of their faith leads to death and torture.

A similar teaching can be found in Judaism: Maimonides, one of the great Jewish Torah scholars, taught that one is allowed to lie about one’s religion in order to save one’s life, and many Jews who were forcibly baptized in medieval Christian Europe engaged in the same kind of practice to protect their lives and remain committed to their faith. Given the very restricted contexts in which such behavior is allowed in both religions, it would be wrong to accuse Islam or Judaism of actively encouraging believers to deceive others.

Islam commands all Muslims to speak the truth and conduct themselves honestly in personal, political, and professional relationships. In the Qur’an, God commands Muslims: “And do not mix the truth with falsehood, nor conceal the truth while you know [what it is] (2:42).”

“Does Islam encourage American Muslims to deceive and lie?”

Islam does not recognize such as a thing as an American Muslim, only Muslims. But Mohammed repeatedly advised Muslims to lie if it would advance Islam, so that would include American Muslims too. When deception advances Islam, the deception is not a sin. From the Hadith: Mohammed asked, “Who will kill Ka’b, the enemy of Allah and Mohammed?”
Bin Maslama rose and responded, “O Mohammed! Would it please you if I killed him?”
Mohammed answered, “Yes.”
Bin Maslama then said, “Give me permission to deceive him with lies so that my plot will succeed.”
Mohammed replied, “You may speak falsely to him.”

Remember that the normal state between Islam and any Kafir culture is war. The shortest hadith is:

War is deceit.

19. What is Sharia?

Sharia stands for Islamic or sacred law. It is an Arabic word meaning “the way” or “the path to water.” For centuries, Muslim scholars have given a broad definition of Sharia reflecting the diversity of interpretations on how Muslims have attempted to best understand and practice their faith.

The general definition of Sharia as understood by most American Muslims is as follows:

“Sharia as understood by most American Muslims”

This statement makes it sound like Sharia is up to the local Muslims to work out as they see fit. Who cares what a few Muslims think Sharia is? Sharia is not left up to the Muslim citizens, but to the experts who must base all of their findings on the Koran and the Sunna of Mohammed.

Sharia represents how practicing Muslims can best lead their daily lives in accordance with God’s divine guidance. It may be generally defined as the Islamic law revealed by God to the Prophet Muhammad. That divine law was then interpreted by Muslim scholars over the centuries. Among the primary aims of the Sharia are the achievement of justice, fairness and mercy.

“the primary aims of the Sharia are the achievement of justice, fairness and mercy”

Actually, according to the Sharia, justice can only come from the Sharia. There is no justice under our man-made-ignorant Constitution.

And what about the implied secondary aims? Well, those include the control and rule over the Kafir dhimmi.

The five major goals of the Sharia are the protection of sound religious practice, life, sanity, the family, and personal and communal wealth. The acknowledgement of sound local customs throughout the world is one of the five basic maxims of the Sharia according to all Islamic schools of law.

Sharia is overwhelmingly concerned with personal religious observance such as prayer and fasting. Just as many observant Jews follow Halakha, many observant Muslims follow some aspect of Sharia.

“Sharia is overwhelmingly concerned with personal religious observance”

It is true that Sharia concerns itself with question of religious questions such as how to pray, but it also true that it concerns itself with law, punishment, contracts, divorce, courts, personal hygiene, personal conscience and every other aspect of life. And Sharia includes how to rule over the Kafir, make war with them, give them separate justice, tax them and dictate how their religion will be conducted.

The Sharia is not so overwhelming concerned with religion that it does not have the space for jihad against the Kafir and making the Kafir be ruled as a dhimmi, a semi-slave.

The Jewish law, halakha, does not concern itself with the Gentile, only the Jew. As an example, Jews are forbidden to eat pork, but they do not try to make the school cafeteria kosher. The Sharia not only dictates that Muslims not eat pork, but that the cafeteria be halal (Islamic kosher). If you protest that that is not happening now, it will. Wait until Islam becomes strong enough. The Sharia is to be implemented a step at a time.

Saying the Sharia is like Jewish law is deceiving since the Jewish law does not impact non-Jews and the Sharia does affect non-Muslims.

Currently, 35 countries incorporate Sharia into their civil, common or customary law. The diverse manner in which these countries apply Sharia to daily life highlights how Sharia is neither static nor rigid but instead a reflection on how different communities interpret it.

“Sharia is neither static nor rigid”

This makes it seem like Sharia can be changed and it can at tactical levels, but not at a strategic level. Why? Every word in the Sharia must be based on Koran and the Sunna. So, Sharia is adaptive to the degree it can accommodate new demands within the bounds of the Sunna and Koran.

21. Is Sharia open to interpretation?

Yes. Within Islam, certain interpretations and applications of Sharia have changed over time and continue to change today. There is no one interpretation called “Sharia.” A variety of Muslim communities exist around the world, and each understands Sharia in its own context. No single official document encapsulates Sharia.

Since interpretation is a human process, it has always been pluralistic, prone to error, and dependent on human understanding, no matter the religion in question. Interpretation is also subject to conditions and times specific to a particular community of believers. Interpretations may vary significantly from country to country and community to community. This explains the great variety of ways Muslims have practiced their faith all over the world for the past 1400 years.

Any theological or moral system is vulnerable to misuse by extremists to promote violence. For that reason, it is important to be familiar with the history of a religious tradition and understand the widely-shared interpretation of its beliefs and practices.

“Any theological or moral system is vulnerable to misuse by extremists to promote violence.”

Promotion of violence is easy for political Islam, since the rise of Islam was based on the doctrine of jihad. Mohammed committed an act of violence on the average of every 6 weeks for the last 9 years of his life. That is the Sunna. So the use of jihad by Muslims is not extremist, but normative. Mohammed preached the religion of Islam for 13 years in Mecca and garnered only 150 followers. If he had not turned to jihad, there would have been fewer than a thousand Muslims when he died and Islam would have died with him. Jihadic violence is what gave birth to a successful Islam.

“the history of a religious tradition”

Well, the history of the religious tradition of jihad includes over 19,000 jihad attacks since 9/11/2001.

22. Is Sharia compatible with American law and values?

Many aspects of Sharia or Islamic law are consistent with modern legal rules found in American law. For example, both legal systems allow rights to personal property, mutual consent to contracts, the presumption of innocence in criminal proceedings, and the right of women to initiate divorce proceedings.

“Many aspects of Sharia or Islamic law are consistent with modern legal rules”

This statement is an example of one of the forms of Islamic lying called kitman. Kitman is a half-truth. Sure, there are aspects of Sharia that are consistent with modern legal rules. But the Sharia is based on the absolute authority of the Koran and the Sunna. Therefore, the Sharia has no freedom of conscience or expression. The concept of jihad against Kafirs and dhimmitude of Christian and Jew are a permanent part of Sharia and they violate the very foundation of our legal system. It is illegal under the Sharia for anyone to tell a joke about Mohammed. Criticism of Allah and Mohammed are forbidden by all peoples.

26. Is the accommodation of Muslim practices in U.S. courts an example of what some have called “creeping Sharia” in the American legal system? How do you explain U.S. courts interpreting contracts based on Sharia law?

“Creeping Sharia”

This talk about the legal system directs us away from the biggest intrusion of Sharia. Our textbooks are being altered to reflect a glorious Islam and a reduced Christianity and Judaism. Application of blasphemy laws to limit free speech is another “creeping” application of Sharia law. The Sharia demands that the Kafir be ruled and we are submitting to Islam in many arenas besides the courts.

27. How would state laws barring the use of Sharia or religious laws in courts affect Muslim Americans and other religious groups?

Legislation barring any consideration of “foreign” or “religious law” in the courts has the effect of potentially marginalizing and discriminating against all religious communities in America who have practiced their religious beliefs and customs peacefully for centuries thanks to the pluralistic and inclusive nature of the U.S. Constitution which affords such freedoms and rights to all American citizens.

“How would state laws…”

The language of this brochure shows that the Muslim Brotherhood is concerned about legal limitations to any part of the Sharia. Why should we be concerned about Sharia taking root in our civilization? Here is a curve that shows the effects on Kafir civilization. The data is taken from the Islamification of Turkey and shows how a Christian nation was annihilated over 7 centuries. The annihilation came from daily life under Sharia and occasional punishments with jihad to keep the Kafirs subservient to the Sharia.

What is important about this curve is that once the Sharia is in place, the result is always the same-annihilation of the native culture. Turkey, Algeria, Iraq, Egypt, Liberia, Jordan and Tunisia used to be Christian. Iran was Zoroastrian. Afghanistan was Buddhist, and Pakistan used to be Hindu.

But the state laws are not the only or best place to seek to limit the application of Sharia in our civilization. We must go beyond wanting the state to do what we should be doing at the grass roots in our local government.

Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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  1. […] Dr. Bill Warner calls this “Mohammed’s neighbor policy.” First, Mohammed waged jihad against the neighboring pagan Arabic tribes, slaughtering everyone who did not convert to Islam. Then he attacked the Jews of Medina, Khaybar, and other villages. Thousands of the men were slaughtered and the women were sold as sex slaves. After conquering all of Arabia, Mohammed waged jihad on the Christians of Syria. […]

  2. Bill

    Analysis of the Actual Sira (Biography) As Compared to Karen Armstrong’s Biography.

    Mohammed’s success depended on politics not religion. And the Sira gives us a highly detailed accounting of his rise to power. He preached the religion of Islam for 13 years in Mecca and garnered 150 followers. But this preaching was not always of a peaceful sort. Mohammed soon introduced argumentation and fights and visions within the town of Mecca. He was constantly in everyone’s face. He was relentless in pushing Islam. He was always right and everyone else was completely wrong. Mohammed showed great fortitude in his purpose. He never relented. There were times when he got down and felt depressed but he never pushed, but he never stopped preaching about Allah and his prophet, Mohammed.

    It took a long time for the Meccans to get rid of Mohammed and only when his protector died did he have to leave Mecca. He went to Medina and became a politician and a warrior. In the last nine years of his life he was involved in an event of violence on the average of every six weeks. This violence manifested in many, many ways. There were all out full tilt military battles. There were raiding parties on commerce. Mohammed was very big on economic warfare. Wherever possible he hurt his enemy’s ability to do business. His attacks where possible, impoverished his enemies. He robbed the caravans of the Meccans which was their life blood. He enslaved others for the purpose of gaining money for himself. He burned vineyards and destroyed them. He cut down and burned date palm plantations.

    Mohammed was a businessman and he knew that by hurting his enemy’s business he was hurting his enemies. He was shrewd and clever at the art of war. His concept of war went beyond anyone’s concept from before him. Up to his point in history conquerors merely wanted treasure. Mohammed wanted your soul. The process of Jihad was not over until you had converted to Islam.

    He used every aspect of a human being. He used persuasion, he used violence, he used enslavement, he used constant relentless pressure. He made alliances, he divided his enemy’s alliances, he used secret agents. His concept of psychology of human fear was incredible. That was his greatest insight into human beings.

    If we look at his growth as a business we can see that under politics and Jihad he gained about 10,000 new Muslims every year. In Mecca, by being purely religious and preaching he gained only about 10 new Muslims a year.

    Using the statistics and numbers available we can see that if Mohammed had stayed merely in the preaching religion business when he died there would have only been about 300 Muslims alive instead of the roughly 100,000 that resulted from Jihad and politics. So without Jihad, without politics, if Mohammed had stayed in the religion business Islam would have never come about.

    We can see that the relative contribution of religion and politics is this. Mohammed’s success was about less than 1% religion and more than 99% politics. Jihad is the major theme of the Sira. 81% of the Sira is about the kafirs and 67% is devoted to Jihad. So 67% of the Sira is Jihad and 12% of the Sira is devoted to Jew hatred.

    Now that is the story of the Sira. Here’s what you need to be aware of. You can pick up many biographies about Mohammed but they are not based on the Sira. For instance, there is a popular biography of Mohammed used in some universities by Karen Armstrong. However, her biography of Mohammed is bogus. It’s propaganda for Islam. How do we know this? By reading the original Sira we find out how much violence was in it but when we read Karen Armstrong or for that matter, almost any other biographer of Mohammed, we don’t find torture, we don’t find rape, enslavement and Jew hatred. No. We find a sticky sweet Mohammed, one who was affectionate. We get his picture as a father and as a husband and it’s a romantic view. Inside Karen Armstrong’s biography and all of the others like her we don’t have a woman put in between camels and pulled apart. We don’t have her daughter passed around as a sex slave for Mohammed’s Jihad foremen. We don’t see any of this ugly side of Mohammed. So almost all the biographies of Mohammed are romances. That is the beauty of going back to the original source, to the original Sira. We find out the true nature of Mohammed.

    In the Sira we see how Islam comes into a culture. It comes into a culture at first very soft, almost sweet, and just like any other religion. Indeed in the very first part of its growth Islam is hardly distinguishable from a religion like Buddhism. But as soon as it begins to gather any strength Islam does something and that is to put pressure on the host culture, to make demands and these demands against the culture are relentless, ongoing and forever. The Muslim is always right and the host culture is always completely wrong. Everything about Islam is perfect and everything about the host culture is evil and wrong and must be destroyed. Then when Islam gets enough strength then starts the violence. At first the violence is merely threats of violence and then the violence is individual with assassinations because Mohammed frequently assassinated his intellectual enemies. He assassinated political and military leaders who were against him. Violence was used and the violence was used to also gain money and that money was put towards Jihad.

    The other thing we find out from the Sira is Islam’s neighbor policy. In the Sira Mohammed attacked every neighbor. He first attacked the Arabs of the Arabian peninsula, then the Jews and then when he had conquered all of that he turned his eyes to the north to Syria, to the Christian world and in his last days he started lashing out and attacking the Christians of the north. Why? Simple. They were kafirs. They were wealthy kafirs and they had money and they had territory and Mohammed wanted it. Because the Sira shows us that Mohammed never was satisfied. He was not even satisfied with a majority. One of his great insights was to never accept less than 100%. Not even 99% was good enough for Mohammed. Everyone and that means every single person, had to do everything Mohammed’s way. They had to worship his way, they had to do politics his way, they had to do sex, food, the naming of children. No matter what it was it had to be done Mohammed’s way. He was right about everything. Toilet habits – no matter how small a habit of a human being it was he was right and everyone had to do it his way 100%. It might take a long time but it always had to go because Mohammed invented civilizational war, a war designed to annihilate the host civilization down to the last fine detail.

    We see this in the growth of Islam politically. Once Islam enters a society its growth is on and on. It never stops until it gets at 100%. For instance, at this time Turkey is 99.7% Muslim but the pressure is on the Christians in Turkey now. Islam will not be satisfied until the last Christian leaves Turkey or converts. It is ever thus in Iraq which used to be a Christian nation. Annihilation of the last bit of Christianity is there. And Islam will never be satisfied until the last Christian is gone from Iraq.

    This includes the artifacts of a civilization because when Mohammed entered Mecca what did he do? He annihilated religious art. All the cultural paths of a society has to go under the Jihad of civilizational war. Mohammed’s tactics leads us to the tears of Jihad, a relentless 1400 year record in which 60 million Christians, 80 million Hindus, 10 million Buddhists and 120 million Africans have been destroyed, annihilated over a course of 1400 years. The Sira lays out how all of this is to be done and as it was then, it is now. There is no reason for Islam to change at all. For all the talk of reform from the standpoint of Islam, why would you possibly want to quit with a program that works? For 1400 years the religion and politics and Jihad of Islam has annihilated all kafirs. There is no reason for this to change. It has always worked 100%. This is the lesson of the Sira.

  3. Issa Kirarira

    If only the author of “What is the Truth about American Muslims, Part 3/3 “can invest in preaching people the good religions he understands better holds for humanity, that is good enough to make the world a peaceful place rather than talking for Islam, a religion he is ignorant about according to his writings. If what he is writing about Islam is true according to his articles, then there is another religion called Islam which is not known to Muslims who follow the teachings of God and His prophets from Adam to Muhammad peace be upon him) known to only him and his partners .
    I would suggest that he makes proper research on Islam and he will recognize that Islam has got maximum respect for people of other faith. It is only people who want to dominate the world with lairs that tend to be spokespersons for systems they don’t understand or who intend to spoil the name of systems they are biased about. I don’t think that there is any teaching in any faith that preaches hatred and encourages schemers to have hatred on any person created by God.
    Like fethullah Gulen tells us that”; we must learn to live our faith with integrity while respecting and accepting each other”; Let us have total respect for humanity as we educate schemers for the great good of humanity instead of shunning them.
    Below is an article written by a man I would describe as an evenhanded and full of fondness for his veracity (Karen Armstrong)
    Issa Kirarira.

    There are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world, and Islam is the world’s fastest-growing religion. If the evil carnage we witnessed on Sept. 11 were typical of the faith, and Islam truly inspired and justified such violence, its growth and the increasing presence of Muslims in both Europe and the U.S. would be a terrifying prospect. Fortunately, this is not the case.
    The very word Islam, which means “surrender,” is related to the Arabic salam, or peace. When the Prophet Muhammad brought the inspired scripture known as the Koran to the Arabs in the early 7th century A.D., a major part of his mission was devoted precisely to bringing an end to the kind of mass slaughter we witnessed in New York City and Washington. Pre-Islamic Arabia was caught up in a vicious cycle of warfare, in which tribe fought tribe in a pattern of vendetta and countervendetta. Muhammad himself survived several assassination attempts, and the early Muslim community narrowly escaped extermination by the powerful city of Mecca. The Prophet had to fight a deadly war in order to survive, but as soon as he felt his people were probably safe, he devoted his attention to building up a peaceful coalition of tribes and achieved victory by an ingenious and inspiring campaign of nonviolence. When he died in 632, he had almost single-handedly brought peace to war-torn Arabia.

    Because the Koran was revealed in the context of an all-out war, several passages deal with the conduct of armed struggle. Warfare was a desperate business on the Arabian Peninsula. A chieftain was not expected to spare survivors after a battle, and some of the Koranic injunctions seem to share this spirit. Muslims are ordered by God to “slay [enemies] wherever you find them!” (4: 89). Extremists such as Osama bin Laden like to quote such verses but do so selectively. They do not include the exhortations to peace, which in almost every case follow these more ferocious passages: “Thus, if they let you be, and do not make war on you, and offer you peace, God does not allow you to harm them” (4: 90).

    In the Koran, therefore, the only permissible war is one of self-defense. Muslims may not begin hostilities (2: 190). Warfare is always evil, but sometimes you have to fight in order to avoid the kind of persecution that Mecca inflicted on the Muslims (2: 191; 2: 217) or to preserve decent values (4: 75; 22: 40). The Koran quotes the Torah, the Jewish scriptures, which permits people to retaliate eye for eye, tooth for tooth, but like the Gospels, the Koran suggests that it is meritorious to forgo revenge in a spirit of charity (5: 45). Hostilities must be brought to an end as quickly as possible and must cease the minute the enemy sues for peace (2: 192-3).

    Islam is not addicted to war, and jihad is not one of its “pillars,” or essential practices. The primary meaning of the word jihad is not “holy war” but “struggle.” It refers to the difficult effort that is needed to put God’s will into practice at every level–personal and social as well as political. A very important and much quoted tradition has Muhammad telling his companions as they go home after a battle, “We are returning from the lesser jihad [the battle] to the greater jihad,” the far more urgent and momentous task of extirpating wrongdoing from one’s own society and one’s own heart.

    Islam did not impose itself by the sword. In a statement in which the Arabic is extremely emphatic, the Koran insists, “There must be no coercion in matters of faith!” (2: 256). Constantly Muslims are enjoined to respect Jews and Christians, the “People of the Book,” who worship the same God (29: 46). In words quoted by Muhammad in one of his last public sermons, God tells all human beings, “O people! We have formed you into nations and tribes so that you may know one another” (49: 13)–not to conquer, convert, subjugate, revile or slaughter but to reach out toward others with intelligence and understanding.

    So why the suicide bombing, the hijacking and the massacre of innocent civilians? Far from being endorsed by the Koran, this killing violates some of its most sacred precepts. But during the 20th century, the militant form of piety often known as fundamentalism erupted in every major religion as a rebellion against modernity. Every fundamentalist movement I have studied in Judaism, Christianity and Islam is convinced that liberal, secular society is determined to wipe out religion. Fighting, as they imagine, a battle for survival, fundamentalists often feel justified in ignoring the more compassionate principles of their faith. But in amplifying the more aggressive passages that exist in all our scriptures, they distort the tradition.

    It would be as grave a mistake to see Osama bin Laden as an authentic representative of Islam as to consider James Kopp, the alleged killer of an abortion provider in Buffalo, N.Y., a typical Christian or Baruch Goldstein, who shot 29 worshipers in the Hebron mosque in 1994 and died in the attack, a true martyr of Israel. The vast majority of Muslims, who are horrified by the atrocity of Sept. 11, must reclaim their faith from those who have so violently hijacked it.

    Karen Armstrong has written many books on religion, including Islam: A Short History, published last year by Modern Library

    Read more: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,175987,00.html#ixzz2GKxfiFa5

  4. Democracyistheanswer

    Bill Warner has again dug into the marrow of Islam to bring out its DNA. The DNA of Islam always reproduces the violent, totalitarian theocracy of Mohammed.

    Western Christians are hoping that by being welcoming to Moslems, they will create friendships, without realizing Moslems are not allowed by Sharia law to be friends with Christians. Western Christians don’t realize that one of the goals of Sharia law is to suppress Christianity and other religions. Under Sharia, no Christian service can take place outdoors, church bells may not be rung, no cross may appear outdoors. Christians are to dress differently so Moslems may discriminate against them.

    Sharia law is an existential threat to Christianity and all other religions and philosophies.

  5. Ralph

    To: A Muslim Convert

    The hopeful statements that I made earlier regarding Geert Wilders’ progress were based on his year-2012 book, “Marked for Death”, which was published prior to the last election in the fall of 2012.

    His party apparently did lose some seats in the Dutch Parliament in the last election, but he is apparently still seated and remains able to exert continuing influence in advocating resistance to the incursion of Islam into his country. The story of Geert is not finished.

    Geert apparently continues to endure death threats from Islam-inspired criminals.


    All of us, including you and me and Muhammad, will appear before the judgment seat of Jesus the Messiah.

    The crucified and resurrected and glorified Jesus is pure love. Hate cannot and will not exist in his presence.

    I believe that defines the essence of hell — complete exclusion from the presence of all love. That is a horrible thought. I will never wish that upon anyone.

    I desire the very best for you.

    I urge you to perform a thorough self-evaluation of your attitudes regarding all the peoples of the world, including all Muslims and all non-Muslim kafirs. If you have hatred for any of them, then I urge you to determine the source of the hatred.

    If you are able to justify hatred for any other human being, then your theology is deeply flawed.

    God is love. Let us all choose love, and forever cling to the God of love, so that we may be filled with His love.

    I urge you to repeatedly pray for all the peoples of the world for the remainder of your life — that God will pour out His blessings upon all of them. If you do that, then everything in your life will become immensely clarified for you.

    When we meet Jesus, let us be full of love.

    No hate. No hate. No hate. No hate.


  6. Hellbat44

    To: A muslim Convert

    Let me set the record straight, don’t start getting too carried away twisting and distorting my writings.

    You wrote, “Alas you have found the truth..Insha’Allah..” The fact is that, I have not found the truth in Islam and I damn sure do not want or need your tribal moon god allah (shit be upon him) to be with me either! No… Islam is not the truth, I was simply pointing out that some of the points you have made are accurate, not that I agree with or support them.

    And your assessment that “At least you care to agree most of what I have been written” is also pure bullshit. I don’t care about anything you have written…do you understand that?? I agree with very, very little of what you wrote.

    You then stated, “May Allah be with you Hellbat44” Tell your tribal moon god the next time you are down on you knees praying to him that Hellbat44 told him to go piss off!! How about that A muslim Convert…does that work for you??

  7. A muslim Convert

    For Hellbat44
    Alas you have found the truth..Insha’Allah..
    May Allah be with you Hellbat44.
    At least you care to agree most of what I have been written. This is proof that what I have been writing is correct and base on facts instead of Ralph (Loser Christian) that just don’t see what is going to happened to worldwide Judeo – Christian ideology. We Muslim with the help of Liberals / Lefts and of course The Great Obama will see to it that Judeo – Christian ideology will be replaced by SHARIA LAW. Every day in the WORLD, we have thousands of officials both Muslim and Non-Muslim working side by side to “achieve “world peace on Muslim agenda in all nation from the Far East to the doorsteps of Europe and Americas.
    When I travelled the world to see the progress, it was amazing fast that we have indoctrinated and infiltrated the Non -Muslim world that ISLAM is peace. We have inter -faith dialogue where all non -Muslim gives in to MUSLIM demands less terror be upon those who reject Allah just like Jews and Christians.
    Ralph, you are a hard core Christian, Be like Jimmy Carter who is a also a Christians but support Islam and hate the Jews. Obama will do what Jimmy failed
    Thank Allah Ralph is only but 1 ALLAH dammed hard core Christian Looney. But we Muslim 1.8 billion think the same, act the same, view the world the same, and hate the same JEWS /Christians alike. Let me tell you why the Jews and Christians and as matter of fact all other Non-Islamic belief WILL eventually succumb to the yoke of MUSLIM. It will be achieved. Just trust me in your life time
    We Muslim 1.8 billion strong have a duty to Islamised the whole world either by Taqiyah or through Jihad both violent and Non -violent You will realised that ALL non Muslim faith teaches about non -violence and faith is a personal thing. They all accepted the separation of faith and government however this cannot be applied to us who are Muslim. We Muslim must have the SHARIA law so that ISLAIMZATION OF THE POPULACE will be much effective.
    We will win this so called war to convert all humans to ISLAM. I say because we have a proven and logical method only ALLAH can devised this. No Christians, Jehovah, Buddha, Siva..Etc… have this doctrine. Imagine this, how can you convinced people to follow your faith with words only just like Croatians and Buddhist teaching or SIVA teaching. Nobody listen. But we Muslim have a 2 way step to overcome this problem. We have apostate law. We have hate speech. We have Taqiyah. We have deceit, we have murder. We have discrimination, we have abuse, and we have rape and torture. We have all means to terrorised non-believers to subjugate them as and when till the time is ripe to exercise this options. However, we do have this golden rule; there are also millions Muslim who follow the GOLDEN rule. Hey Bill…We have this too and sadly, it applies to MUSLIM to Muslim relations only. All kafirs are not entitled to the Golden Rile. You are dhiimis and are to be SUBJUGATED as the KORAN and Hadith enjoined us to enforce this virtue and just law. If any kafir spoke bad about ISLAM …You are label islamophobic, bigot, racist hate mongered
    But we can say and do all this because this is free speech and our word is ALLAH So we ahev2 method. Violence and deceit if we cannot convince the non-Muslim. There is no shame for that. We are doing ALLAH deeds
    Millions of white man has converted and it brings so much power to an individual that one could never have when you are a kafir. Just asked CAT Steven. SEAN STONE, LAURAN BOOTH, Nicholas Amelka, Frank Ribery , Mood Ali , Mike Tyson, LIAM Neeson, Neil Armstrong, John Walker , Malcom X , Yvonne Ridley
    No amount of Bruce Warner , Robert Spencer, Pamela Gellar, Geet Wilder ,Robert Pipes , Pat Robertson , Selman Rushdie, Ibrahim Warraq, Wafa Sultan, Mosad Hassan Yourself , AL rasooli , Ali Sina , Ayaarn Ali , Douglas Murray, EDL, SIOA, SION…etc…Can ever defeat us .The Muslim has spoken
    As for Ralph, Please get your facts right. Geert Wilders lose big time.
    Below is the link.
    I have said before many times. EUROPE is a done Deal and] USA is the final frontier to conquer. It will be hard but we are moving in the right direction. We have the Great Obama and the liberals and left and all school campus and media and Journalist slowly and surely we are there. Be takers or be TAKEN. I hope all those in doubt, please convert and be a Muslim. Imagine all 1.8 billions are your brothers and all 1.8 billion will be by your side. Never will a kafir bully you because you have 1.8 billion brothers by your side day and night 24/7. What say you?

  8. Ralph

    From the beginning of practical radio-wave broadcasting in the previous century, there have been numerous voices that have spouted propaganda and platitudes during times of both war and peace — to civilians and to soldiers — in efforts to demoralize and confuse the other side. Live speeches and printed materials have also been used.

    I have read all of the comments that “A Muslim Convert” has written on this website to date. I perceive that he has been attempting to demoralize and confuse readers through his use of propaganda and platitudes. It won’t make a dent in my armor. I have lived too long to be hoodwinked so easily.

    If people in Muhammad’s day had been able — regardless of the price they had to pay — to collectively reject his propaganda and platitudes, then Islam would have died. Muhammad would have been unable to snare new, enthusiastic fighters in his cause of violent jihad. Muhammad and his successors succeeded in spreading Islam by using intimidation and violence and expert mental manipulation. They did not succeed by calmly and rationally presenting the purported virtues of their Islamic religious doctrine — which overall is bankrupt when contrasted with the truth of Jesus the Messiah, the Savior of the world.

    On 7 December, “A Muslim Convert” wrote, “Do you know that Geert Wilders and the xtian parties have lost recently in Holland elections ?” My response: I recently read Geert Wilders’ year-2012 book, “Marked for Death”. In it, Geert described victories that were finally achieved in the Dutch Parliament. Representative seats for his party were progressively won and measures were enacted that curbed some of the growing Islamic influence in his country. The Dutch people eventually became more bold and began to resist the incursion of Islam into their nation. Geert’s book presented a hopeful situation for his country. I recommend that you read it. It is full of facts that are thoroughly documented via notes contained in tens of pages at the end of the book.

    On 7 December, “A Muslim Convert” wrote, “I have been to many countries all over the world.” My response: While that might be true, we must also consider how many countries Bill Warner, Robert Spencer, Ali Sina, Geert Wilders, Brigette Gabriel, the Caner brothers and many other anti-jihad experts have visited. Some of those people have been students of Islam and its strategies and tactics for decades. They are truly experts. Anyone who regularly reads the voluminous materials published by these true anti-jihad experts can become knowledgeable without ever leaving America. Traveling is not a requirement. By reading the daily news articles on Robert Spencer’s website, for example, anyone can know what is happening in the Muslim world.

    On 7 December, “A Muslim Convert” wrote, “I have been to Europe countless times..All churches are now mosque..” My response: I perceive that this and much other material in the written comment from “A Muslim Convert” is extreme exaggeration that should be deflated.

    Lesson from history: The Axis nations and their assistants believed they would conquer and dominate the world by conducting World War II. They were wrong. There was an overwhelming player in the struggles that they did not consider: the true God of love.

    Islam has the wrong god. Muhammad was mistaken when he presented his god as being hateful of the world’s non-Muslim people. Muhammad was a false prophet who presented a false god.

    The true God is love. The true Savior of the world is Jesus the Messiah, the Good Shepherd, the Christ, the Way, the Truth, the Life.

    Regardless of what physical violence anyone does to me — or to millions of other worldwide followers of Jesus — we cannot be made to hate our oppressors, just as there was nothing the Roman soldiers could do when flogging and crucifying Jesus that could make Jesus hate them. Humankind spewed hatred upon Jesus, but He responded with love. That is something that we are able to emulate only through His infilling strength — not our own strength.

    Jesus represented the true God of love to humankind, whereas Muhammad represented the false god of hate to humankind.

    Take your pick. The choice is obvious to everyone except the deceived ones who continue to blindly follow Muhammad, the treacherous devastator who lives on — even though dead — through all the people who mistakenly feel compelled to imitate his treacherous devastation.

    Islam will die, because the true God is love — Jesus proved it, and He continues to prove it, and He will continue to prove it, because He is the Savior of the world. There is no other Savior.

    I urge you to leave Islam, if you are enslaved in its darkness of hate and moral depravity. In the end, the hate and moral depravity of Muhammad’s Islam cannot win against the everlasting love and moral virtues of Jesus the Savior.

    (From John 3:16-21 in the English Standard Version of the Bible):

    “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.
    For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.
    Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.
    And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their deeds were evil.
    For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed.
    But whoever does what is true comes to the light, so that it may be clearly seen that his deeds have been carried out in God.”


  9. Hellbat44

    As much as it pains me to say this, much (not all) of what A muslim Convert says is actually true. I won’t go into each specific point, but I will say that readers of this website should take the time to watch the following documentary that will clearly explain the Progressive agenda in America. The Liberals/Leftists/Progressives are in bed with Islam by way of the Muslim Brotherhood and their front groups) and are well on their way, with Obama, to complete the destruction of our Constitution and American way of life. Don’t take my word for it, watch the documentary and make up your own minds!

    The documentary is called “Agenda: Grinding America Down”


    You can also go to the following website and view the trailer and other items associated with the movie.


  10. rowland

    To a Muslim Convert.

    We shall see

  11. A muslim Convert

    This in response to rowland from October article

    “Have you seen syria, Afghanistan, somalia, Bangladesh, and many more sh*t holes called muslim countries??
    You’re living a fantasy man, wake up before it consumes you.”

    I have been to many countries all over the world while you typical American only stays in USA.
    You do not have the slightest idea whats the world is all about beyond America
    Bill Warner and all those nimcompoo are like frogs in the well who keeps saying ” the sky is round ” aka..Islam is evil..blah..blah..blah..

    Syria is the baecon of Islamic movement that cannot be broken by western powers and Israel. Iran,The greatest empire that is going to be in the 21st
    century will never let Assad regime fell.
    Allah forbid..cos we Allah needs Syria/Assad to be alive so that we muslim IRAN can always be at the doorsteps of the despised Zionist jewry waiting for our nuclear bomb.
    Obama and the Great American liberals will help us acheived this. Syria is still functioning by the grace of Allah.

    Afghanistan,ahhh..whats so bad..I have been there in the 90’s when the Taliban was at its infancy after the collaspe of USSR.They have created a utopian paradise that
    even your great COMRADE John Walker..The American Taliban may PBUH…His name is in paradise with 72 virgins aiating him
    Who created the TALIBAN ? Of course It is your Great Reagan..Yeah go on….Praise him…You Amercians does not know a thing of what is going on in this world.
    Obama is the Greatest USA president of all Time..Why?? Becasue he was a muslim and he knows what is going on and his objective it to ISLAMISED USA.
    Allahu Ahkbar…Allahu OBAMA…Both are GREAT.

    Somalia, what so bad…We have pirates that protected the GREAT African Horn from western powers.
    You must have read the book by Ayaarn Hirsi Ali -Infidel..that she spokes so harsly on her own country.
    She was a hoax and has been rebutted by Holland and the Great Tariq Ramadan. S
    omalia is the twins of Saudia Arabia nin every way of lifes and we followed the GREAT commandment of SHARIAH LAW.
    BTW…SHARIAH LAw will be implemented in DEARBORN maybe in less than 10 years from now.Your great OBAMA and Liberal will ensure it is acheived.
    The Eygpyt Muslim brother hood will acheived and rewrite the constisution and replaced it with SHARIAH LAw.Once SHARIAH LAw is implemented..
    May Allah ahve mercy on kafirs and the people of the Book. That is why We muslim loves OBAMA and your Liberals so much..May Allah keep guiding the democrates.

    Bangladesh , Been there and it was a paradise…. We used to go to Burma AND RAPE THE BURMESE buddhist so that when they retaliate..our Rohinyas is now in the
    spotlike and as usual The great Obama and Clinton and UN Ban came to our side and proclaimed ” Rohyigans are the worst persecuted people on the face of this earth.
    Now you see how evil the budhist are. Like I said before..We have infiltrate your media from CNN,BBC, TIMES,Ny times, MNBC , AP.RT..jounalist..etc..to propagate ISLAM
    all over the world….We have only last media to take care of..FOX…yeah..the murdoch empire we are after….He is gonna go down and then we muslim have
    acheived the greatest coup of all time….To spread ISLAM by media information…Look at your campus all over USA..They are all so liebrals and so pro Islam..
    This is the great Allah at work and I beleive this is MIRACLE. sO CONVERT ROWLAND and all you islamophobic &^%**.Bill wARNER can testified to this in Tennesse where
    the Mosque issue was finally accpeted to be built….Thanks to Liberals….

    “We christians have the capacity and higher calling of being good and that’s why our number is rising 2.8 billion and counting.
    If the west is losing its christianity, Asia(china,taiwan,s.korea, singapore and many more) are becoming more and more christianised,
    the rise of Christianity in Sub-saharan Africa is astonishing and mind blowing (1million converts annually).Let’s not even talk about south America
    The only reason islam has high figures is high fertility rate and polygamy
    So keep killing yourselves (shia vs sunni), and keep deluding yourself.”

    All please rowland….Go read my comment on september and october issues..I have discussed this at length that ISLAM converts is by the Millions
    in western countries yearly. 2.8 billion xtians…c’mon…I think you mean 2.8 Billion Muslim…FYI..XTIAN is DEAD..decomposed in Europe.
    I have been to Europe countless times..All churches are now mosque..Go asked the DUCTCH , the Norwegians, Swedes..and of course British…
    EUROPE is a DONE DEAL and now Ilsamiisation of EUROPE is accelreating at a infinite speed with no return. You will see it in your life time rowland.
    Let me quote you .. ” Keep deluding yourself ”

    You mentioned Asia..Well I guess reader likes to know where I am from
    Ok…I am from ASIA…I am not a white, blaCK OR ARABS,,gO figure out.
    Since I am born and live among them…I know thier mentality and I have the advantage of a western mind too and I knew how a whiten trash thinks

    becasue i knew your langauge, culture -hoolywood , literature..etc…..
    Let me tell you this..Yes..the asians especailly from china,taiwan,s.korea, singapore and many more are becoming xtains for a reason..
    and it is to know girls…it is fashinables to know so called xtain boys and girls because they think both can get so called ” good ” mates…
    When I was young..it was the in thing..30 years later..Its the same….
    They are infactuated with western ideas and culture and of course they will come to know xtainity….But…But..Truth be told rowland…
    They have not the slightest idea what the Muslim world has before them..They are cluless of whats gloing to become of the western civilaization.
    We muslim is slowly and surely destryoing all things west….and when we acheive this..and All white people has been arabised and be muslim..
    They will convert en mass…That is why whatever happen in the EAST is not a concern for us..We destryoed the west and the EAST is a walk over.
    The east has been intoxicated by the west media..They beleive everthing coming out from the west…During the old days..The west is very anti muslim.
    We muslim knows it and we change tatics and starts to infiltrate your media….I can say we have done a good job..if not excellent.
    Do you read any anti islamic articles in china,taiwan,s.korea, singapore..etc…..No….why ??? because we have a noose on your media.?
    I have already convert many china,taiwan,s.korea, singapore,,etc.. to ISLAM becasue i showed them books of Karen Amstrong and John Eposito…
    The china,taiwan,s.korea, singapore and many more..keeps showing the good things oif muslim and bad thing like sex crime of Catholics…
    You are wrong rowland..We muslim now has been teaching the xtains this message…The koran also mentioned Jesus ,moses , mary..etc…and they
    all convert to Muslim…..of course..we have have hate crime in this china,taiwan,s.korea, singapore..etc

    “Europeans will react when the wool is pulled off there eyes and as history suggests,
    Europeans act or reacts very nastily 2 world wars, inquisitions, 30yr wars etc. ”

    oh please rowland…Do you know that Geert Wilders and the xtian parties have lost recently in Holland elections ?
    Donyour home work rowland and afce the facts…ISLAMOPHBIC is a crime in EUROPE ..All European politicains is a full flegde liebrals..
    Now you know why OBAMA is so liked and worshiped in EUROPE…..Birds of the same feathers..Flock 2gether…

    Now alas….rowland..what say you…Be takers or be TAKEN..

  12. Ralph

    I am going to discuss the mentality of those people who have militarily fought in groups for Muhammad and his successors during violent jihad over centuries of time.

    My perception is that Muhammad and his Islamic violent-jihad successors — and other unjustified devastators like Genghis Kahn and Joseph Kony and many others — throughout history snared new fighters from populations along their routes of devastation and thereby became increasingly powerful. The new fighters were somehow persuaded to torture, mutilate, rape, enslave, murder other people. In the minds of the new fighters, these acts somehow became justified. The new fighters had been terrorized and continued to be terrorized by the devastators. They then terrorized other people in order to save their own lives, and possibly also because they heard the devastators give them promises of future rewards. As long as they kept acting under commands from the devastators, their own lives were preserved.

    I remember a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI Miami) TV fictional episode in which a treacherous murderer used a gun to intimidate an innocent bystander into actually murdering another innocent person with a knife in order to potentially steer law-enforcement personnel away from the treacherous murderer. In this predicament, the intimidated innocent bystander had at least three options (he chose option 3):

    1) verbally refuse to murder the other innocent person, and then probably (but not certainly) be murdered by the treacherous murderer, and die with a clear conscience, and then let the treacherous murderer do the murdering of the other innocent person by himself
    2) verbally agree to murder the other innocent person, but then actually strike out at the treacherous murderer with the knife in self-defense and possibly die in the process or possibly escape and possibly preserve all three lives, with a clear conscience; or, if the treacherous murderer couldn’t be stopped, then let the treacherous murderer do the murdering of the other innocent person by himself
    3) verbally agree to murder the other innocent person and then actually do it; and then possibly (but not certainly) remain alive but with a conscience that was not clear, and with probable follow-up indictment by law-enforcement personnel.

    It seems to me that Muhammad’s fighters have faced similar situations. They have had to become mentally converted to a selfish way of thinking before they would become Muhammad’s devastators. Otherwise, they would have refused to become murderers, torturers, enslavers, rapists, mutilators for Muhammad and his successors; and then they would probably have been tortured and murdered, but with a clear conscience.

    It seems to me that people need to stop fighting for Muhammad and devastators like him — simply because it is the unselfish thing to do. That is the way the golden rule works. Selfishness is not a part of the golden rule.

    I remember reading or hearing — in a documentary about World War II concentration camps — that the Nazis threatened to kill ten additional prisoners if any one desperate prisoner ran into the electric fence in order to commit suicide or otherwise try to escape. Probably devastators in other eras have issued similar threats to the devastated ones — because a devastator is an expert at mental manipulation of the devastated ones.

    It must have been a terrible thing for people to encounter the devastators, and I think the choices for the devastated ones were not easy.

    I think choices for many Muslim people worldwide today are also not easy, because they are still dealing with their devastator, even though he is quite dead and powerless. They are still dealing with their devastator because he continues to live on through other Muslim people who feel bound to imitate their devastator.

    Let us discard all the devastators of history onto the scrap heap; and let us cling to the true God and seek to live at peace with all the peoples of the world who uphold the golden rule and judge themselves by it.

  13. R_not

    I actually believe that the ones who partake in interfaith dialogs are feeling more good about themselves than caring about whether the results of the dialogs are improving islam and its adherents. They might think they can ‘change’ the moslems by making the moslems like them.

    It is safer not to have to read the message of islam. If they found out that the message dehumanizes them and then calls for their deaths or subjugation, while lying to them… they might have to do something and feel the pangs of the sharp tongues of the moslems while in their stealth jihad.

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