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When Muslims assassinate Kafirs who offend Islam, they are following Mohammed’s perfect example.  Any Muslim is permitted to carry out the death sentence, vigilante justice. This is why there was an attempted assassination at Pam Geller’s Garland, TX event.

But what is the perfect Sunna on assassinations? There are five examples of Mohammed ordering people to be murdered because of what they said about him. There was a Jewish poet, an Arab poetess, dancing girls who sang satirical songs, a tribal chief who was planning to fight Mohammed and another Jew who offended Mohammed.

So the next time a Kafir who offends Islam is killed, it is because of Mohammed’s standing orders.

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  1. Cole

    I thought it worth mentioning – that there is an issue to do with the word ‘ignorant’ in the tolerant Islamic/Koran verse 25 63.

    In Islam anything outside of Islam is ignorant – for example the ‘age of ignorance’ before Islam [then Islam rode in with its special knowledge {from the Roman period} to save the day] – but ignorant is also used to describe those who are not Muslim – so that the non-Muslim is described as being ‘ignorant’ and also as ‘living in ignorance’

    Today mistakenly those who criticize Islam are referred to as ‘ignorant’ – hence these efforts to force westerners to attend mosques – the object being that they would no longer be ignorant of Islam – and further there is the one-upmanship – where people who are non-Muslim say – I’m not ‘ignorant’ of Islam – unlike you/the Islam critic. But in truth all who are not Muslim are ‘ignorant’ or ‘ignorant of it’. That is those who claim to be made superior by their ‘knowledge’ of Islam – are being made fools of. As the same language – the mainly Leftwing use against the critics of Islam – is the same language Islam uses to describe them.

    You can even connect the ‘living in ignorance’ concept to the ‘reversion’ in Islam – where it is believed that everyone is born a Muslim – so that [in a stroke of arrogance] – a person doesn’t actually convert – they move away from their ignorance – to Islam. A promise of its smoke and mirrors supremacy.

    Believe me – you do not have to do anything to be on the wrong side of this religion – you are on the wrong side – if you are not a Muslim.

    The key is in Koran 9:29 – focus on ‘what is forbidden’ – easily overlooked – for words like ‘fight’. ‘What is forbidden’ is the prism with which the world is viewed. Then there is the instruction to ‘fight’ those who do the things which are forbidden – which could be interpreted as any type of fight – to overturn western laws [under the guise of fighting racism] for example. With the intention of achieving the conclusion of that verse – which is something Muslims have achieved in places like Egypt, Pakistan and Iran – but struggle with here in the west – that is to get non-Muslims to accept a subjugated status. The anti-Islamophobia campaigns would be aligned to this end – no doubt – where ex-Muslim are called “Islamophobes” – suggests its real intent to be about implementing the sharia.


    Surat ‘Āli `Imrān
    … (to keep faith) with these ignorant (Pagans).” but they tell a …

    …He said, “I seek refuge in Allah from being among the ignorant.”

    … , lest you be among the ignorant.”

  2. June Skelton

    Thank you yet again, Bill, for the enlightenment. Those recorded incidents are shocking enough but that a Muslim in 2015 can read the relevant verses and not immediately burn his “holy” books gives food for thought.

    Dr. Warner, you sure are aptly named.

  3. anti-statist

    Bill, this was truly an excellent presentation!

    • samcginty

      Yes, it was!

    • Tazmanian Devil

      The Arizona protest against Muslim intolerance DOES make some sense if you think about how Jihad is able to continue, unnoticed and seemingly benign in America under the radar and before our very eyes.

      It takes advantage of our good and accepting nature.

      As we ARE a melting pot and we DO celebrate diversity we are more than used to looking the other way and accepting the oddities and differences of others in the name of peaceful co-existence and getting along and playing well with others.

      Well, as that is just what we do as part of being Americans the Jihadists have found that to be our Achilles heel.

      They are religiously perfectly trained to take advantage of our tendency to ignore people’s peculiarities because the Prophet encouraged deceit and even outright lying to conceal one’s Islamic nature in order to avoid possible persecution.

      So you have the host society more than willing to turn a blind eye to others oddities and to welcome those newcomers to our shores being challenged with the perfect assault plan by an invading force which is more than willing to conceal its true nature and pretend to be just like the host culture’s natives.

      Until they no longer need to conceal their true nature and can then oppose us openly.

      And the recipe for conquest is complete.

      And the invading parties are so amazed by our stubborn adherence to our code of conduct that they have openly called us sheep people, sheeple.

      Well, how best to open the eyes of the sheeple who have been so resistant to even look at the invading force?

      I’d say this is rude on purpose. To make Americans realize that Muslims are not the cute, cuddly, tokens at work or the nice couple down the street or the cool guy you hang with at school.

      They have learned to be dualistic as the Koran is dualistic and they are content to go along allowing us to believe they are Kafir-Muslim until the day they are revealed to be Muslim-Kafir or even simply Muslim.

      And every Muslim is a Jihadist.

      And there is every hope that tonite’s protest and contest will be a showdown which reveals that when you scratch the surface facade away from American Muslims the odds are you will see the Jihadist beneath.

      And that is the wisdom of this entire event.

      To force them to reveal themselves for America to finally see so that we will rise up as one and FINALLY do the things we need to do to preserve our nation and our freedoms from Islamization and Jihadist conquest.

      Before it’s too late.

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