Winning the Jihad War

The Kafirs lost 50 to 1 in the Orlando nightclub jihad.

The reason for choosing to kill homosexuals is found in Islamic doctrine. The Koran condemns homosexuals, but offers no penalty for the crime. The Hadith (traditions of Mohammed) calls for a death sentence.

But this latest jihad killing is just one of thousands that have happened around the world. Why are we losing? We are losing the war, because we keep offering reasons to excuse Islam for the jihad.

Jihadists are never lone wolves. Every jihadist has a perfect partner in the jihad in Mohammed and Allah.

Don’t see, don’t tell. Actually, we have a stupid motto of: “If you see something, say something.” But if you report a problem about a Muslim, it will be ignored and you can be called a bigot.

We accept Sharia as another set of religious laws, like Jewish law. However, the Sharia contains evil in the form of jihad, hatred of Kafirs, killing homosexuals and apostates. All of Sharia is contaminated with evil.

We call jihad extremism. But 24% of the Koran of Medina is about jihad. If it is in the Islamic doctrine, then it is not extreme, but normal.

We call jihad imams extremist. If an imam talks about the doctrine of jihad, he is not extreme, but speaking about doctrine.

We say that Islam needs reform. How do you reform a Koran that is complete, perfect, universal and eternal?

Those who talk about political Islam are called Muslim haters, but we just talk about a political doctrine.

We cannot criticize a religion (except Christianity). Well, political Islam is not a religion, it is a political system.

Our politicians back tying the hands of law enforcement. Clergy defend Islam and refuse to complain about the killing of Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists.

So, how do we win? Our strategy: It’s the Islam, stupid! We need to attack a political doctrine by knowing it and use the right language. Every Muslim shall be held accountable for all of the jihad, Kafir hating actions and words of Mohammed and Allah. We must defeat political Islam by using political attack methods of humor, irony, ridicule and criticism of a political system.

It’s the Islam, stupid!


Победа  в войне с джихадом

Кафиры проиграли со счетом 50 : 1 в джихадистском нападении на ночной клуб в Орландо.

Причину выбора гомосексуалистов для убийства, находим в исламской доктрине. Коран осуждает гомосексуалистов, но не велит наказывать за это преступление. Хадисы (традиции Мухаммада) предусматривают смертную казнь.

Однако это последнее джихадистское убийство является лишь одним из тысяч, которые происходят в мире. Почему мы проигрываем? Мы проигрываем войну, потому что продолжаем искать причины для оправдания Ислама за джихад.  Джихадисты никогда не были одинокими волками. Каждый джихадист имеет идеальных партнеров в джихаде в лице  Мохаммада и Аллаха.

Не видишь, не говоришь. На самом деле, у нас есть глупый девиз: “Если видишь что-то, скажи”. Однако, если вы сообщите о мусульманах, то вас будут игнорировать, а возможно назовут фанатиком.

Мы приняли шариат как другой набор религиозных законов, как подобие иудейских законов. Однако шариат содержит зло в виде джихада, ненависти к кафирам, убийство гомосексуалистов и вероотступников. Весь шариат поражен злом.

Джихад мы называем экстремизмом. Однако 24% мединского Корана о джихаде. Если это находится в доктрине Ислама, то это не экстремизм — это норма. Мы называем джихадистских имамов экстремистами. Если Имам говорит о доктрине джихада, он не экстремист, а просто говорящий о доктрине.

Мы говорим, что Ислам нуждается в реформе. Как вы можете реформировать Коран, если он полный, идеальный, универсальный и вечный?  Тех, которые говорят о политическом Исламе, называют ненавистниками мусульман, но мы просто говорим о политической доктрине.  Мы не можем критиковать религию (за исключением христианства). Так политический Ислам является не религией, а политической системой.

Наши политики отступают, связывая в руки правоохранительных органов. Духовенство защищает Ислам и отказывается подавать жалобы на убийства христиан, иудеев, индуистов и буддистов.

Так как нам выиграть? Наша стратегия— “это всё Ислам”, глупа! Нам нужно атаковать политическую доктрину, зная ее и используя правильный язык. Каждый мусульманин должен нести ответственность за весь джихад,  ненависть к кафирам и слова Мухаммада и Аллаха.  Мы должны разгромить политический Ислам  с помощью насмешки, юмора, иронии, высмеивая и критикуя политическую систему.

Это же тупой Ислам!


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  1. John C

    An excellent article Bill. Sadly, the media and the Politicians seem to stupid or Politically correct to realize it and take the necessary steps to stop it.

  2. […] From Bill Warner at Political Islam , Winning the Jihad War […]

    • bloozman66

      Dear RCH

      It saddens me to see your dismissive reaction and how you polarize the situation to an “us against them” situation.
      That is exactly what they want.
      I am not a text, I am not a history’s, I am not verified or unverified 1400 year-old-saying.
      I am a human been reaching out and clearly trying to connect and I’d like to see those extremist barbarians come for me.
      I will defend a people (Chirstian, Jew, Arab, Muslim, American, European) even if I know that there is one good person.
      I would defend their reputation against anyone who says “All Americans Are Bad”, and I would say no that is bull and you know it.

      In the Talmud (like Hadith) the famous and revered Rabi Ben Yohai is quoted to say about the Goyim (Gentiles) “Even the best of them should be killed.”
      Do you see me thinking every Jew thinks like this or believes this??? Off course not, that would be wrong and foolish to think it.
      I don’t give it a 2nd thought and I treat people with the respect that they project.

      Please go to bloozman66 on Instagram and get to know me better. I am for Donald Trump big time. I believe your leader should serve your countrymen first, just as I do think that other governments should not be interfered with other countries and inserting deposing leaders.

      Despite some short comings in your media, which lies to you a lot (why I listen to Alex Jones), you guys have amazing kindness and wear your hearts on your sleeves. I lived in Melbourne Florida for 7 years, some of the best years of my life. When 9/11 happened, my American boss came in and told me “Omar, if anyone gives you an S$%t you come and let me know and I’ll set them straight.”, which I love and repeat to anyone who bad mouths Americans.

      Yes those barbarians who commit attorcities and hurt the innocent are horrible and despicable.
      The person who killed the 50 innocent human beings in Orlando is despicable.
      They are just as horrible as the same people who committed the atrocities in 9/11 and the US government who stood down and caused the death of 3,000.
      They are just as horrible as the President who lied about WMDs and illegally invaded country on his own crusade or Jihad killing millions of Iraqis and left depleted Uranium causing so much disease and radiation poisoning. It really hurt when he joked about not finding WMDs in the press conference. 1 Million people died.
      They are just as bad as the Obama’s administration who smuggled Guns through Fast & Furious to Mexico to then sell weapons to the mercenary fanatic barbarians in ISIS, which is causing this whole mess and the deaths of hundreds of thousands.
      These are all human beings, and the death toll caused by Iraqi Invasion alone is higher than anything done to the United States. Can you imagine let alone 50 souls dead, but 3,000,000 souls. Can imagine the lives the dreams that got wiped out and snuffed. These were leaders who had apparently been elected by the people, and their people did not hold them accountable. That does upset some.

      Can you imagine how the poor Palestinians feel, literally invaded and treated so badly like they were in apartheid and the world watches on without pity because the media is so one sided about the history of the horrible things that happens to them. Sometimes I wish their were black, then maybe the world would feel more guilty about the atrocities that are carried out against them.

      What happened in Orlando reminds me so much of what happened in occupied Palestine 1994 when Barouch Goldstein and Jewish Doctor and right wing extremist originally from New York walked into the Mosque of the Patriarch (Abraham) and unleashed machine gun fire on Muslims as they were praying killing 40 of them. The saddest part that there many Israelis who were cheering and clapping and calling him a saint, the made a shrine of his grave (until Israel finally disallowed it after some years), and the Western media barely noticed it and covered it up, and Steven Spielberg came to Israel literally days later to shift focus on his new film Schindlers List to ironically shift the focus atrocities committed against the Jews in world war 2. The tolerance and the conscious decision to be ignorant of these events is very bad. This is like fuel for those barbaric idiot recruiters and the solidarity should always be there between where we show how stand against any violence.

      But then I learned how the system is rigged and it’s not really the people who were in control, well that is until the “The Donald” kicked down the saloon door. 😉

      Jesus said, “he that is without sin among you, let him first cast the stone at her”
      None of us are perfect but we should work together as a single race.

      As I have said, I lived 7 years in the US. I have AMERICAN, European, and Asian Friends here. We live in place where we have people from 200 countries co-existing. I play guitar and love blues and rock. I teach kids Rockband class, two of which are amazing kids from New Orleans. I have a 5 cousins who is 1/2 American (Colorado) and 1/8 Sioux Indian. I have another adopted cousin who is from Vietnam. We all get along. We denounce violence of any kinds, and we have recently setup a Ministry of tolerance and a Ministry of Youth to ensure all the people here are always looked after and respected.

      You are all welcome to visit me in Dubai and I would love for you to be my guest.

      Maybe I am an anomaly, but I know I am not, but I think the world is better for it. If those extremist barbarians want to take me out, they can come and try.

      I think that all the Faith’s don’t need promotion or crusades any more. We are in an Information Age where anyone can do their research and choose their faith, and his or her faith is between them and God and no one else.

      I did finish listening to the 2nd half of Bill Warners interview, and did realize how he emphasized POLITICAL Islam and how he separates it from the faith, and I am reflecting on that and do see how it causes the radicalization and diametrically opposed to many new legal and human rights frameworks in the modern world. Putting pride aside, as we all should do, I have to agree with some of what was said and that certain hypocritical behaviors must desist and the practice and the preaching should be more aligned to the reality of the moden world. This is something we should all do. I also like that he highlighted the different countries and the variations of Shariah practice in the legal framework, which shows steps in the positive direction. Don’t forget guys, these are countries only a few decades old, and people that have been constantly colonized, destroyed, and surge gated for almost most of the 20th century.

      Let’s work together. Let’s understand each other.
      I’ve lived and visited the USA.
      You are welcome to come visit the UAE.
      All the best & Good Night Everyone (We are 9-12 hours ahead)

      • Shino

        You know, up until you mentioned liking Muslim-hating Donald Trump, I actually thought you were the real Deal.

      • Jawhite

        When you come to realize that Jesus is the Son of God I will trust you. Until then your just a good cop Muslim.

    • temorford

      Omar from Dubai,

      Your ignorance is only surpassed by your arrogance. Your praises are hollow flattery .
      Your arguments are so full of holes, frankly it was a chore to even complete the reading.
      You understand quite literally nothing about the United States of America, and certainly nothing about its people.
      Even if you did, you would most likely be unable to comprehend the meaning of what you did know.
      The reason for that is because you are submitted to Islam, and we in this country will never be submit to Islam.
      It is a matter of national character, as we have a totally different way to accomplish affiliation.
      Employing rights protected by our Constitution, we can freely commit ourselves to ideologies and causes.
      The major difference being, our commitments can be revoked if the foundation proves false, or development misguided.
      Your commitment can not: there is only one way out of Islam!
      And if you ever come to the full realization that you are irrevocably a self condemned salve, the consequence will be mental destabilization.
      Then your radicalization will be complete…

      • temorford

        My sincere apologies to bloozman66 (Omar from Dubai), although he probably never read my response and may never read this, all not being properly linked to his posts.

        I was wrong! I was mad and afraid, and feeling helpless in the face of the horror of the events, and struck out blindly.

        I have since received a better education, or should say am receiving a higher education. And was reminded of this post, and felt ashamed of what I had said. it was the wrong thing, to the wrong person. Sorry…

    • Shino

      I’m a bit confused. You talk about uninformed Kafirs…are you saying that you are an Atheist, an Infidel or belong to the acceptable People of the Book (Christians and Jews)?

  3. bloozman66

    Dear Bill, a Muslim here and infowar listener. While a lot of the rhetoric that I have recently heard has internally upset me I have taken upon myself to soul search a lot of what is being said and do my own research.

    I have a high respect for the development of the United States in its systems, and especially the individual rights and liberties and I do think that is an amazing foundation.

    I do not like Political Correctness (I love George Carlin), but I do believe in being respectful of others and not polarizing people into being opposing mobs.

    Yes reform is badly needed in Islam and ignorance of blind practitioners who are uneducated is a problem that needs to be solved.

    While summarizing certain positions may be helpful, glazing over 1400 years of history and evolution of practices is a little too ambitious and misleading to your readers.

    One example would be the trinity of the Holy Book (Koraan), the prophets life (Peace Be Upon Him) life and the Hadiths. You failed to mention that there strong Hadiths and weak ones and that there is much debate over the accuracy of them.

    It would also be fair to speak on how the legal systems are developed and how a ruler can take a precedence setting decision based on new situations.

    It’s also important to be clear about contexts of verses. Some of them refer to specific historical incidents.

    It’s important to understand that every faith evolves. Let’s not forget the Spanish Inwuisition, Catholic Church pedophilia cases and cover ups, and the list can go on. The thing is that the west took its time in its evolution, even in the acceptance homosexuals, but now it wants every to accelerate when it is ready. Sodam & Gamirah are also mentioned in the bible.

    The other problem is also, many of the Islamic counties have been control through colonies, famine, overthrows of leaders, placement of crooked leaders, and creation of wars with armament from the west, with your biased media (presstitutes as Alex jones likes to call them). This breeds hatred, ignorance through lack of education, and causes a rift in civilizations.

    It’s important to differentiate between Islamic teaching & spirituality, Islamic empire history, Arabic or other cultures, and the twisting and abuse of people of Islam. Much like the pope sent crusaders to kill and murder a lot of innocent people many years ago, which I would like to Iš Iś I’m sad to say.

    It would also be good to hear the positive points of Islam if you would be will to be balanced in your enlightenment of others. Such as stopping the barbaric killing of infant girl in ancient Mecca.

    A woman’s right to inheritance 1400 years ago, which was not practiced in the west until 100+ years ago.

    The fact that 0 of the Islamic Banks were involved in the 2008 meltdown and 0 went bankrupt.

    Equality amongst rich/poor/black/white 1400 years ago, if compared the rest of the world.

    We believe in all the prophets of the Christianity and Judiasm. In the end of days we believe that the prophet Jesus (Not Mohammed) will lead us against the Anti-Christ.

    The word Kafir is for unbelievers and not Christians or Jews. Christians and Jews are called “The People of The Book”.

    There is much to debate in a scholarly manner, a lot of reflecting to do by Muslims and everyone, and research, which I look forward to in the coming days and engage you genuinely so that we may all learn.

    But let’s not be guilty of oversimplification.
    We are all one people and should work together even if it leads to healthy disagreement.

    I’m from the UAE and we have women in special forces, as police officers, fighter pilots, ministers, CEOs, bankers, board directors as well as Sheiks.

    But our culture accelerated in a mere 44 years as a country. We literally went from a fishing village with tents and huts to the country it is today, including Dubai. Not everyone is and can do this including the United States.

    The United Arab Emirates is the single largest donating country in the world as well where now are helping 5,000,000 people to Read in Ramadan.

    God, Allah, Jahova Bless (Same We Believe) & Peace & Love To You All My Brothers Sisters
    And I am very sad to hear about the tragic events in Orlando.
    Your loving brother Omar from Dubai.

    • dshipp28760

      This is to Bloozman66: Please find the book ‘Seeking Allah and finding Jesus’ . I think you will find it interesting reading.

  4. anti-statist

    Dr. Warner, this presentation was truly 10 of 10! Thank you for bringing your exceptional abilities to bear on this monumental subject, and for presenting it here.

  5. kafir

    Bill Warner is a total hero to all Kafirs. This man needs to become an adviser to Trump when he becomes president.

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