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You Only Need To Kill One

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 You Only Need to Kill One

A Democratic congressman was at a public meeting that included a military officer. The question was asked: What is the most important function of the military today? The officer replied that fighting Islamic militants was the most important mission. The congressman quickly replied that it was not a problem and besides, we could not fight 1.5 billion Muslims.

The congressman shares a worldview with George Bush. George Bush made a critical mistake after the attack on September 11th; a mistake that created the presidency of Barack Obama. Bush could not name the enemy-political Islam. Then in the Iraq war he was only effective at the military war. Churchill and Roosevelt were great war leaders because they were able to conduct a military war and a propaganda war at the same time. A political leader’s task in war is as an ideological leader. The generals cannot do this job.

As a result, Bush won the military war and lost the propaganda war. Those who hated the Iraq war were drawn to Obama. This is how Bush created Obama’s success.

Bush is incapable of being an ideological leader. On September 12th he should have declared political Islam to be the enemy of all kafir civilization. In doing so, he would have only repeated what was in the Koran and the Sunna of Mohammed. Instead, his blindness made him create a logical impossibility-a war without an enemy.

Islam is the perfect war machine. It has both a military strategy, found in the Sira and the Hadith, and a brilliant war ideology. This perfect war machine has worked flawlessly for 1400 years and is working brilliantly today. November 4 th was a greater victory for political Islam than September 11th.

But no university teaches anything about Islamic war doctrine. West Point does not teach a single course on Islamic war doctrine or history. West Point’s Middle East professors are as dhimmized as Harvard’s professors (which is where West Point gets their teachers). Remember that Bush went to exclusive schools and received a good education. As a result he knows nothing about political Islam, any more than any of his classmates do.

Is it impossible to kill 1.5 billion Muslims? It is a military possibility, but kafirs do not have the political will for such a task. Besides, it is not necessary to kill Muslims. You just need to kill Mohammed. In short, we need to launch an ideological war to respond to Islam’s jihad doctrine.

And what would an ideological war look like? How about open debate without the usual politically correct, multicultural narrow-mindedness? How about a leader, such as a congressman, being able to speak about Islam’s jihad doctrine. (Of course, few of our so-called political leaders would ever speak against a potential voter. A notable exception to this is Sue Myrick of North Carolina who has formed an Anti-Terrorism Caucus.

An ideological war would include our schools, particularly state schools, teaching about the Koran and the Sunna. History courses that would include the Tears of Jihad, the killing of 270 million kafirs. Women’s studies that would include Sharia law. Religion courses that would teach the death of Christianity in Turkey, the Middle East and Africa. Military history that would include the great battles of Islam. Courses on slavery that would go beyond the standard-issue West Africa/white man on wooden ships.

An ideological war would include a media that actually used critical reasoning and connected the dots in the Islamic violence that wracks the world with 12,221 attacks since September 11th in 39 countries.

So, we don’t need to kill 1.5 billion Muslims, but we do need to kill Mohammed if we are not to go the way of Christianity in Turkey, which is now 99.7% Muslim. We will either fight an ideological war or die as a kafir civilization.

Bill Warner


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