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 You Only Need to Kill One

A Democratic congressman was at a public meeting that included a military officer. The question was asked: What is the most important function of the military today? The officer replied that fighting Islamic militants was the most important mission. The congressman quickly replied that it was not a problem and besides, we could not fight 1.5 billion Muslims.

The congressman shares a worldview with George Bush. George Bush made a critical mistake after the attack on September 11th; a mistake that created the presidency of Barack Obama. Bush could not name the enemy-political Islam. Then in the Iraq war he was only effective at the military war. Churchill and Roosevelt were great war leaders because they were able to conduct a military war and a propaganda war at the same time. A political leader’s task in war is as an ideological leader. The generals cannot do this job.

As a result, Bush won the military war and lost the propaganda war. Those who hated the Iraq war were drawn to Obama. This is how Bush created Obama’s success.

Bush is incapable of being an ideological leader. On September 12th he should have declared political Islam to be the enemy of all kafir civilization. In doing so, he would have only repeated what was in the Koran and the Sunna of Mohammed. Instead, his blindness made him create a logical impossibility-a war without an enemy.

Islam is the perfect war machine. It has both a military strategy, found in the Sira and the Hadith, and a brilliant war ideology. This perfect war machine has worked flawlessly for 1400 years and is working brilliantly today. November 4 th was a greater victory for political Islam than September 11th.

But no university teaches anything about Islamic war doctrine. West Point does not teach a single course on Islamic war doctrine or history. West Point’s Middle East professors are as dhimmized as Harvard’s professors (which is where West Point gets their teachers). Remember that Bush went to exclusive schools and received a good education. As a result he knows nothing about political Islam, any more than any of his classmates do.

Is it impossible to kill 1.5 billion Muslims? It is a military possibility, but kafirs do not have the political will for such a task. Besides, it is not necessary to kill Muslims. You just need to kill Mohammed. In short, we need to launch an ideological war to respond to Islam’s jihad doctrine.

And what would an ideological war look like? How about open debate without the usual politically correct, multicultural narrow-mindedness? How about a leader, such as a congressman, being able to speak about Islam’s jihad doctrine. (Of course, few of our so-called political leaders would ever speak against a potential voter. A notable exception to this is Sue Myrick of North Carolina who has formed an Anti-Terrorism Caucus.

An ideological war would include our schools, particularly state schools, teaching about the Koran and the Sunna. History courses that would include the Tears of Jihad, the killing of 270 million kafirs. Women’s studies that would include Sharia law. Religion courses that would teach the death of Christianity in Turkey, the Middle East and Africa. Military history that would include the great battles of Islam. Courses on slavery that would go beyond the standard-issue West Africa/white man on wooden ships.

An ideological war would include a media that actually used critical reasoning and connected the dots in the Islamic violence that wracks the world with 12,221 attacks since September 11th in 39 countries.

So, we don’t need to kill 1.5 billion Muslims, but we do need to kill Mohammed if we are not to go the way of Christianity in Turkey, which is now 99.7% Muslim. We will either fight an ideological war or die as a kafir civilization.

Bill Warner


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  1. Democracyistheanswer

    The golden idol of Mohammed has feet of clay and can be cut down with solid scholarship. The CSPI is to be commended for doing such a splendid job in this matter.

    I have seen over and over the one thing Moslems cannot bear: it is to discover that the Golden Rule is not found in Islam, and furthermore, that it is excluded by the two words “jihad” and “kafir”. These are discoveries of CSPI. Credit where credit is due.

    When Moslems realize the Golden Rule is not in Islam, they often launch into an attack on the irrelevancy of the Golden Rule(…most intriguing).

    The CSPi’s statistical methods revealed that Mohammed’s real goal was political and imperial, and that religion provided justification for plundering, rape, enslavement, ethnic cleansing, genocide and colonization.

    Thanks to CSPI I have come to realize Mohammed was more of 7th century version of Adolf Hitler than a man of god. Hitler also believed “god” supported his genocides and assassinations.

    The only problem I see in demolishing Mohammed’s halo is the fact that the Koran and Hadiths rest on very shaky ground and are more likely the result of the followers of Mohammed in the 150 following his death, than to come from Mohammed’s own mouth.

    The Mohammed stories in the Hadiths are widely thought to be inventions and legends created to justify jihad-genocide-imperialism.

    I think proving forensically that the caliphs wrote the Trilogy will convince intelligent Moslems that Islam is an opportunistic fabrication.

  2. X-Ray, Krabuk

    Mr. Warner,
    I have seen people like you attacked by the ignorant masses. I see more of it here.
    I want you and every Islamic apologist here to know that I stand with you Mr. Warner.
    Those of us who understand the reality of Radical/Political Islam must speak out for there is plenty reason to be afraid to.
    These people have not the courage or wisdom to seek the knowledge that you and others like you have.
    Others are behind you as well and were doing our work to expose the very real and active threat that our civilization faces.

  3. Sandeep

    After reading your article i am reminded about the “law of karma” which states that we need to participate in a righteous war,irrespective of the consequences.Because if we don’t,we’ll inherit the same kind of evil in this world,birth after birth,until we decide to fight.Anything we run away from,will surely come back to haunt & destroy us.

  4. Steve

    I voted for George W. Bush in 2000; sadly. Bush’s failure to identify the enemy is a huge moral failure. I would agree, Bush made it possible for a President Barack Hussein Obama. Not only did Bush fail to identify the jihadist enemy after the 9/11 Muslim terror atrocities in New York and Washington, he essentially declared war on Israel and the land of Israel. Bush, Powell and Rice made the Jews “occupation” of Muslim land an evil in the Middle East that had to be rectified.

    Thus Bush squandered seven plus years seeking to dismember and destroy our only ally in the Middle East. Beyond that, I fault the conservative movement, Republican party leaders and the American people for standing shoulder to shoulder with Bush as he has waged war against Israel and the land of Israel.

  5. Lara Braveheart


    1. Setup a copy of your article at From Political Islam: You Only Need To Kill One Kaffir Ideology: Corporate, Religious and Ethnic $&CFB Hypocrisy and Deception of the Science of War

    2. Copy of my comment to Red Quirrel on Islam’s Terrorism Jihad as ‘Tactics’ of War:

    This may be controversial; but I imagine you aren’t shy of controversy.

    I do not disagree with you that there are indeed horrors to Sharia law, depravities. And I also want to point out that their indeed are certain aspects that are not what the average person may consider ‘evil’. For example Sharia banks who applied their refusal to participate in usury have not experienced the problems of Western Corporate Fascist Central Banking Exponential Function of Debt Usury Meltdown problems.

    Another example was Mohammed teaching (granted not followed by many Muslims) on the importance of loving procreation (as opposed to hateful slave and cannon fodder breeding procreation). He had certain guidelines that children should be conceived out of love, and commitment, and because children were wanted, not needed as slaves or indentured servants.

    And having said that I certainly don’t think that Britain should feel obliged to accept any immigrants her citizens don’t want..

    But to get back to Terrorism/Jihad. It is my opinion if you dig deeper ‘Jihad’ is simply another ‘tactic’, just like ‘terrorism’.

    According to the most blunt study ” 1986 Vice President Bush TAsk Force on Terrorism study ” The root cause of terrorism is overpopulation. More specifically overpopulation colliding with scarce resources and the conflict resulting over those scarce resources, manifests as ‘terrorism’.

    A a few more indepth economic – energy – population , scarce resources studies and the consequences of the exponential function growths and collision of these issues, I setup at; should you be willing to consider the plausibility of the argument.

    You may also be interested in the Pentagon and CIA’s perspective on the issues of overpopulation and the lack of political will to address the causes, resulting in the terrorism and resource wars consequences. Copy at


  6. eloivsdiablo

    Well it’s plain to see, Warner, you have nothing to offer. What do you think will happen when we start to ‘kill’ their prophet? Have you any idea? Did you not witness the outcome of the cartoons? I made a suggestion that people of the free world out number the muslims four to one and it is this fact that really needs to be banged into the muslim psyche, but you have your own form of censorship going on here, haven’t you? Along with your ridiculously outdated advise, get out of the way you pompous little coward…

  7. ZZMike

    “… with 12,221 attacks since September 11th in 39 countries.”

    Sorry to belabor the obvious, but America is not one of those countries. And there is a reason for that.

  8. Rick Carney

    Thanks for this great article! Indeed the demise of Mohammed would truly turn the tide for the west.

  9. Ramachandra Abhyankar

    Absolutely brilliant!

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