The Near Enemy, the Silicon Valley Enforcers

We have two enemies in our struggles– the near enemy apologists for Sharia and the far enemy, Islam. The Silicon Valley billionaires now support Sharia by censoring its critics.

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  1. sylvanite

    I just found out what Dr. Warner is referring to when he says, The Near Enemy! Over the weekend, I posted a Meme to a comment on FB. It is a Meme of Hitler and a quote from his writings wherein he says that the only religion he admires is Islam. I wonder why? Probably because Mohammed was anti semitic? That’s been my guess….well FB took exception to my meme and told me it violates the Community Standards. So to punish me, I have been banned for 24 hours because I said and implied some thing negative about Islam. As if it needed me to give it bad publicity!

    When I signed up for this site, emails were sent to my address that landed in the Spam File. Google says emails from Political Islam do not meet Googles standards. Imagine that!!!

  2. anti-statist

    Thank you Dr. Warner for posting this disturbing info.

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