Terminology of Islam-Naming

Of Interest Jihad is jihad. The hadith are as important to Islam as the Koran. Muslims and USA politics Terminology of Islam-Naming Naming, nomenclature or terminology is a first step in knowledge. Words shape how we think and reflect our … Read More

The Battle That Changed the World

Mohammed and the Unbelievers The Battle That Changed The World CHAPTER 12 FIGHTING IN ALLAH’S CAUSE-BADR I428 Mohammed heard from spies that Abu Sufyan, the chief of the Quraysh, was coming from Syria with a large caravan and thirty or … Read More

Obama and Slavery

Slavery still stalks the American consciousness, its wounds yet festering in many hearts. If Barack Obama were to set his mind to it, he could heal much of the damage this peculiar institution wrought on our national soul. This is … Read More