A Task for Christians

Christians have the one method that will solve the problem of Islam. Conversion.
Here is a way that Christians can work together in an effective method.

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  1. Carole72

    TO: vlamp66 I entirely agree with everything you say! Christians often seem to pick out certain phrases from God`s word and run with it missing further explanations on the subject! We have to fight and stand up against evil as God tells us to do!
    There is so much in Islam that is wrong ,barbaric and evil!
    Our leaders don`t wan`t to know this, maybe it is fear of what may happen if they admit it is an evil ideology and anything but godly!
    What has happened to the British Isles, we have got timid and too comfortable! We don`t want anything to rock the boat. We had more backbone in WW11 otherwise where would we be now? I am in my senior years and not in good health so am very limited in what I can achieve now! However I try to inform and bring awareness of what`s happening here and in Europe and around the world! God help us! I pray the Lord Jesus returns quickly before it gets much worse!

  2. nigel.poore51

    Hi Bill,
    I love your site.
    In response to those Christians who overly harp on about “love” and loving your neighbours and enemies etc, l think we need to get this into perspective.
    First of all, we have to remember Gods command not to allow people of other gods into your country.
    Secondly, any foreigners in the land were commanded by God to comply with Israelite customs and festivals dictated by God.
    Thirdly, we are commanded to obey Gods commands.
    What we have with Islam is invaders into our Western countries, a religion in direct contravention to Gods commands.
    So, with this said, instead of standing up to slave traders (enemies of Christian principles), should we have “loved” them?
    Similarly should we stand idly by and “love” Islam and its people who are raping and pillaging our girls and using our Judai Christian Laws against us by stopping Christian education in schools because it is offensive? And as such be complicit with sending thousands of children to hell through lack of knowledge?
    Should we have “loved” Germany in the two world wars? Or, should we stand up for what is right?
    “Love” in its right context is pointing wicked people to the road of salvation.
    Yep, l wonder how loving the off track Christians would continue to be seeing their sons or daughters raped or murdered by the Islamic mindset.
    I am a Christian too and l am not going to “love” an Islamic person raping or grooming a white indigenous girl as is the norm in the UK by Islamic grooming gangs.
    Ha! Does anyone in their right mind think you can stand idly by and do nothing?

  3. Mzungu

    The anonymous response is well thought to a reflexive extent but misses the big picture primarily the faith picture. BW said ‘convert’ Muslims. This is terse way to put it but to well-grounded mission minded Christians we understand. We were all converted. Points 1 and 2 are Jesus’ summation of the law and the prophets since he was the fulfillment of The Law. Remember Jesus was not speaking to Oxford Divinity school grads. There were royal smart educated men but there were also laborers who were Apostles. The Holy Spirit moves in mysterious ways and filled in the gaps that both levels of early church leaders lacked. “Put the net down I am going to make you fishers of men.”- Jesus

    For Jesus’ audience the command was to show brotherly love to us gentiles (Muslims are semites in the historical sense but they are also gentile). They have their words for us and for the most part Islam is a mockery of Almighty God due to its origins. “Love the Lord. Love your neighbor” took care of a Christian’s relationship with the triune God. Next, the Great Commission took care of the Christian’s relationship with the world. Those are the 2 commands period end of discussion.

    You’ve got to reach out beyond yourselves and know in your heart the tragedy that ALL Muslim lives will have 1 birth and 2 deaths. Christians have 2 births and 1 death. Hell is real and it is never-ending torment and if you truly love your neighbor and they are Muslims you must find a way to just say “I am here if you have any questions about Christianity.” Christ is visiting these people in their dreams in many cases… “Who is that man I see dimly that pointed at me and said in my language ‘you are mine’?”

    The first command from God to Man was “go populate”. The 2nd command from God after Noah was “go populate”. Now the 3rd overarching command is “Go and make disciples of all nations…” The time is drawing near of Christ’s return after that Heaven’s gate will allow no more immigrants in the present sense.

  4. day

    Bill, with all due respect and appreciation for your efforts – which I think are important and valuable, when you begin an assertion with the statement that “Christians have two commands”, it is an extreme misrepresentation of Christianity to follow up with the statements you make in this video. I’m pretty sure you know, as will 99% of people reading this, what the two commands of Christians are. But, in case there is any doubt, they are as follows.

    1. Love God.
    2. Love your neighbor – which is explicitly stated to include your enemies.

    We can debate the sources of the Bible, exactly what Jesus did or did not say, even what it means to “love” in any given circumstance; but, in my opinion, if we lose sight of the centrality of these commitments – particularly the second – we, as Christians, as putative followers of Christ, no longer have anything special to offer the world.

    • vlamp66

      hey day,

      i want to speak to this..you say the professor is wrong in this somehow and i disagree with you..

      Jesus said defend your faith..

      i will point out many times that god went into battle with those in the bible..he commanded they build the Ark as that was the seat of God…the Ark was stolen many times in hopes of the army losig the battles with it..

      there are many times where the followers god and christ stood against what was evil.

      islam is evil and wicked they go against anything that is christian they will not hesitate to kill you in the name of allah..

      i say fight for your faith ..dont just let them kill you in the name of allah..

      jesus was in the markets defending his faith when he turned over the stalls and chased out the merchants…
      i dont believe jesus ever said let whoever wants to kill you kill you.
      read what god says in the bible about wars and killing..

      jesus said stand against evil.if you say nothing and do nothing you give your consent.

      i dont consent to islam i dont consent to the kiling of innocent ppl.. i dont consent to rape…i dont consent to their forced conversion..i dont consent to their blashemy of my god and jesus christ..i will not stop praising my god and jesus…

      god says there is a time to fight..jesus said there is a time to fight.

      god stnds on the side of right not the side of might..look at tiny little israel and realize this..tell me thats not god holding his ppl up!! they are jews and christians fighting just to exist…israel is helping the ppl and the government to those countries continue to try to destroy israel..even though the palestinian authority is shouting death to israel and attacks them israel is giving medical aid and food and water to those palestinian ppl living in the gaza strip..the pa has no plans to help its citizens they displaced but they want them to fight for them..

      speak for yourself you dont represent anybody else..go talk to the american pastor being held in turkey prison on made up blasphemy charges..ill bet he has a lot different opinion of islam and its practices..in fact go live there and see how well you do..

      and in reality this is a war just like any other war..take out the little bit of religion.its not really a factor anyway..
      americans and europeans are christians..we have armies for defense..we have been in many battles for the ability to be free from tyranny and oppression..islam is a war on everybody that is not islamic/muslim..thats it..theres no religious aspect to it..they use religion as a weapon because its the go to when they are caught in the evil acts theydo. all made up by muhammod.

      if europe and the us did not fight hitler we wouldnt be here to debate this…this is not anything religious its all political but the muslims cry religion beause its the way to make all others feel guilty while they continue with evil..islam is oppression and tyranny.

      finally we are not brothers with islam in Abraham..they love to trot this one out but it is blasphamy..

      after sarah heard ishmael mocking isaac she went to abraham and said you should send the bond woman hagar and her son ishmael away..abraham had fathered ishmael with hagar.
      abraham was troubled by this and asked God. god said do as sarah has commanded but do not fear i will provide for him and he will be the father of many…abraham sent hagar and ishmael away as sarah commanded.
      a little further you read where God is telling Abraham to bring isaac to the place of sacrifice..if you read it carefully it says ..bring your ONE AND ONLY SON ISAAC to the place of sacrifice..god never reconized ishmael as ever being anything..infact no other records were kept of ishmael hes never mentioned in the bible again..
      God then makes his covienant with abraham and isaac..

      this is how they deceive the followers of christ..in doing this they blasphemy God..for the record God is never called Allah..he is refered to as ABBA.notice the spelling of this word it is the same backward and forward..the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning. God says he is the beginning and the end.

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