An Act of Sedition

An Act of Sedition

In the news: “Newly elected Detroit congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib, is going to use Thomas Jefferson’s Koran for her swearing-in ceremony.”

Let’s get the facts straight.

Fact: It is not Jefferson’s Koran. It is Mohammed’s Koran.

Fact: Jefferson owned a Koran to understand and defeat the Islamic Barbary Pirates. How many members of Congress have read the Koran & Sunna from cover to cover or have any idea what is written on these pages?

Fact: We have evidence of our forefathers’ reference to the Koran: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson to John Jay, March 28, 1786

Fact: Tlaib is swearing her oath on a Koran in which over 20% written in Medina is about violent jihad.

Fact: Tlaib is swearing her oath on a Koran that has 17% of its text from Mohammed’s time in Medina devoted to Jew hatred.

Fact: Tlaib is swearing her oath on a Koran that says that Muslims are superior to all and the non-Muslim (Kafir) is lower than animals. It also says a Muslim is not the friend of a Kafir.

Fact: Tlaib is swearing her oath on a Koran that says wives can be beaten.

Fact: Ms Tlaib is disingenuous when she says ““I believe in secular government…“ According to Islamic doctrine, a Muslim must be governed by the Allah-inspired Sharia, because Kafir (man-made) secular laws are not worth following. So either she is not a good Muslim or she is using taqiyya, sacred deception, to advance Islam.

Fact: Tlaib is swearing her oath on a book that declares our U.S. Constitution is NOT the highest law of the land.

In short, Rashida Tlaib, by swearing her oath on a Koran, commits an act of sedition.

An Act of Sedition
Подстрекательство к мятежу
Новостной заголовок: «Новоизбранный конгрессмен из Детройта Рашида Тлейб собирается использовать Коран Томаса Джефферсона для своей церемонии приведения к присяге».
Давайте кое-что проясним.
Факт: это никакой не Коран Джефферсона. Это Коран Мухаммеда. Факт: Джефферсон овладел Кораном, чтобы понять и разгромить исламских варварских пиратов. Сколько членов Конгресса читали Коран и Сунну от корки до корки или даже имеют представление о том, что написано на этих страницах?
Факт: у нас имеется упоминание Корана нашими предками Корана: Джона Адамса и Томаса Джефферсона Джону Джею, 28 марта 1786 г.
Факт: Тлайб дает клятву на Коране, в котором более 20% текста, написанного в Медине, посвящено жестокому джихаду.
Факт: Тлайб дает клятву на Коране, в котором 17% текста, написанного во времена Мухаммеда в Медине, посвящены ненависти к евреям.
Факт: Тлайб дает клятву на Коране, в котором говорится, что мусульмане превосходят всех, а немусульмане (кафиры) — ниже животных. Там также говорится, что мусульманин не друг кафиру. Факт: Тлайб дает клятву на Коране, в котором говорится, что жен можно избить.
Факт: Тлайб лукавит, когда говорит: «Я верю в светское правительство…».
Согласно исламской доктрине, мусульманин должен руководствоваться шариатом, вдохновленным Аллахом, потому что светские законы Кафира (искусственные) не стоят того, чтобы им следовать.
Так что, либо она не хорошая мусульманка, либо использует такийя, священный обман, для продвижения ислама.
Факт: Тлейб дает клятву на книге, в которой говорится, что наша Конституция США не является высшим законом страны.
Короче говоря, Рашида Тлайб, дав клятву на Коране, совершает антиправительственную агитацию.

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  6. 70weeks

    and the other atheist who refused to swear on a bible but on some book from the Library of Congress. The founders would have expelled both of these women for not being willing to swear their oath of office on the holy scriptures. America is rapidly turning into a nation dedicated towards paganism and is clearly rebelling against the covenant that the nation was founded upon…God is not mocked and what a nation sows will be returned on its head and people…

  7. nelrarta

    Thanks, Bill. What about the women that was sworn in to the US House from Minnesota? Did she swear in on a Koran also? Perhaps we a lot more of this reteric before people will start waking up.

  8. sylvanite

    Thanks for fixing the link Dr. Warner.

    I am not surprised by her comments. I knew about her and her background last summer. She is Sarsour’s twin. There is a thread over on Breitbart that has gone over 70 thousand comments so far. That’s the most I have seen on BB since I started posting there last Spring. The majority are not favorable to Ms.Tlaib. There seem to be a lot of people who understand what Islam is up to and are not happy about it. Remains to be seen what will happen in the next 2 years. It is obvious that Tlaib isn’t about to introduce bills or legislation to benefit her constituents back in Detroit.

    The only thing that will satisfy her and her constituents, is, the destruction of the US, it’s Constitution and replacement with the Quran and Sharia!

    Quite a few Americans are getting the same impression.

    Keep up the good fight and work Dr. Warner.

  9. cody927

    When I heard the clip of this vile Muslima standing up and calling the POTUS a “motherf****r, that pretty much says it all about how far down the sewer this nation has descended. She said, amongst the applause of her witless drone supporters, “we’re going to impeach the MF’er.” Except she didn’t say “MF’er”.

    Impeach Trump…then what?. Gonna impeach Pence too?. You do know he’s a self-avowed Christian. Heck, he’s worse than Trump as far as being the enemy Crusader. What then, Muzzie?. Haven’t thought that far ahead, huh?.

    I don’t know which is worse, this filth and her disgusting diatribe or Nancy Pelosi twisting herself in knots trying to mitigate and gloss over her rant.

    After all, Marxists and Muslims have to stick together in their concerted efforts in the CEI (Caucasoid/Christian Eradication Initiative)…for now. At least till the Muslims take over; then the usefulness of the morons on the Left will have served its purpose and they can either convert to Islam or lay their brainless head across the chopping block; the only good thing that would come out of all this.

    I can only imagine what twenty years from now will be like…assuming the country still exists and is not the USSA, United Shariah States of America.

    Between the godless Cultural Marxism of the Left and Islam’s taqiyya-laden Stealth Jihad, we’re stuck in the middle of sewage and shit.

    But, it’s not going to turn out the way you may think. I know what’s coming. I just don’t know exactly when.

  10. Mzungu

    She needs to be watched very closely and other members of congress need to be informed of these things so that she can be thwarted. This is one politician, like Obama, that needs to be opposed at virtually everything. Having said that the Devil can work through any weakling and twist the meanings of our Holy Bible and say thus and thus and thus is just as bad. This woman though is a walking violation of the separation of ‘big religion’ and state in which doctrine is made law. I was VERY disappointed in the American people and their mindless choices in this last mid-term election; very schizo.

  11. kframer

    Links still don’t work. Who do we contact to voice our disgust?

  12. P M Mac

    My question is: Did she actually take the proscribed oath; ‘To protect, defend and uphold The Constitution of The United States’ or did she use something else?

  13. Laurence

    Thank you Bill. I hope you do a video on this.

  14. Daniel

    What can we do to stop this? Or, how can we draw enough negative attention to it so that everyone is aware of what’s going on?

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