Hijra, Islamic Migration

As it does with everything in life, Islam has its own views about migration. For us migration is for an individual’s gain—a better job, for instance. But for Islam, migration was the beginning of Mohammed’s success. He preached the religion for 13 years and converted 150 Arabs to Islam. After he migrated to Medina, he became and politician and jihadist, which led to every Arab in Arabia becoming a Muslim.

After Mohammed’s death, Islam exploded out of Arabia in its second migration. When Islam settles into a society, the society becomes all Islamic (with a couple of exceptions—Spain and the Balkans). Islam does not assimilate, but dominates. This is because of its Sharia law.

The purpose of migration is to start jihad and the purpose of jihad is install the Sharia. Under the Sharia, the other religions are subjected to taxes, domination and humiliation. After enough time, everyone will become a Muslim.

Today in the West, we see the beginning of the annihilation of our civilization due to the deference we pay to Islamic migration and Sharia and we refuse to see the true nature and goals of Islam—complete domination of all aspects of our society.

Хиджра, Исламская миграция
Как и со всем вообще, у Ислама есть свое отношение к миграции. Если для нас миграция есть процесс, выгодный человеку, например, лучшая работа, то в Исламе, миграция является началом успеха Мухаммеда. Он проповедовал религию в течение 13 лет и привлек к Исламу 150 арабов. После того, как он переехал в Медину, он стал политиком и джихадистом, заставив стать мусульманином каждого араба в Аравии.
После смерти Мухаммеда, Ислам вырвался из Аравии, совершив вторую миграцию. Когда Ислам устанавливается в обществе, оно превращается в исламское (за исключением Испании и Балкан). Ислам доминирует без ассимиляции. Причиной является шариат.
Цель миграции — начать джихад, а цель джихада — установить шариат. По законам шариата, другие религии подвергаются налогу, притеснению и унижению. С течением времени каждый человек становится мусульманином.
Сегодня на западе, мы видим начало уничтожения нашей цивилизации из-за нашего преклонения перед исламской миграцией и шариатом, и отказа видеть истинный характер и цели ислама — полное подчинение всех аспектов нашего общества.

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  1. republicman

    Bill, as usual a great talk! I will forward it on to as many people as I can. I love you Bill.
    One leg from Chattanooga.

  2. sealthrob

    RGZ. I wish I could diagree with you, because what you say is so horribly sad but unfortunatly I must admit that I can’t but agree whole heartedly. It’s just so hard to get to grips with the fact that we might be seeing the end of our civilization especially when you have children. But the way things are going it’s unavoidable at least for those who still have eyes to see and ears to hear.

    • Mark.Stead1

      Dear Sealthrob, I have been in many situations where there appears no hope. Yet here i am still standing. The battle against Islams ideology is far from over. In darkness- Light always shines brightest. Keep strong,learn and share what Dr Warner has taught, invaluable tools to get the message out there. When you come against resistance, just dig deep, be polite and stay calm. Have resolve and push through. When you reveal truth – it sets people free.

  3. zinnrg

    Dr. Warner;
    Thanks for all the additional and concise information.
    But I fear that as long as our own politicians have sold us out just as politicians of the Western European nations we are lost.

    Our own POTUS / resident Islamist has almost completed his transformation of this country.

    I firmly believe that what you have just taught us will for naught. The people are more interested in their ability to live day to day and make do that they just won’t understand nor accept the big picture.

    Their church leaders promote the Golden Rule as if it is the answer to all things good including making friends with the stealth enemy. For most no news is good news and they don’t want to be bothered by some kook with conspiracy theories.

    I thank you for the books I have and use, and again for these videos, and will continue tilting at the windmills as best I can, but will admit to some disillusionment for our civilizations future due to the absolute lack of veracity with, our government, halls of higher learning, the MSM, and the apathy of the general population with their “let George do it” mind set.


    • Mark.Stead1

      Dear RGZ, Men Must Rise and will Rise. We are more than just resistance, we are the Future. We will stand for our Wives, We will stand for our Sons, we will stand for our Daughters. The Victory is already Ours. Where is Islam’s sting? All men die, that is the destiny of all men. But run the race, fight the good fight, be relentless with the knowledge and understanding that through Christ, our eternal life is secure.

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