Making Islamophobia a Crime

The APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) some members of the UK Parliament who have issued a document that defines Islamophobia. Their goal is to make “Islamophobia” a crime. Islam is defined as whatever Muslims want it to be.

The APPG claims free speech will not be affected as long as the speaker in question does not cause harm. “Harm” is defined as anything that offends a Muslim, even if it is a fact. 

Although the document is only a committee report, many British city councils are implementing the report as law. This is totalitarianism. This is Islam. 

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  2. admin5

    Thank you Bill
    Great analysis and definitions for us to explain our strongly held beliefs and fears.

  3. […] are implementing the report as law. This is totalitarianism. This is Islam.  VideoMaking Islamophobia a Crime Soviet Britain is making it impossible to talk about IslamTweetShareForwardSubscribe to my […]

  4. Daniel

    If “Islam is defined as whatever Muslims want it to be,” then this can also be a great tool for ANYONE to say that they’re offended by ANYTHING. Anyone can say that they’re a Muslim and say that they’re offended by anything another person, who claims to be a Muslim, says. Remember, Muslims are “allowed” to lie whenever they want, so why can’t anyone else lie about being a Muslim and about being offended?

  5. taipan_ho_tung

    Living in Britain, a white member of the indigenous population, I am almost afraid of commenting anywhere online. The “police” have a whole department devoted to watching social media to pick up anyone offending the hate crime laws. In London 900 officers are employed just to “detect” hate crime – which is whatever the so-called minority “victim” says it is. It’s already here. Meanwhile the police are complaining they are not paid enough or have too much work to attend real crimes like burglary. Even without this pernicious proposal I have already been subjected to a false allegation of racism and harassment by a North African immigrant – why? for challenging her nuisance activities in a block of flats. With no investigation the police assumed she was telling the truth. It took a lot of work to put the record straight. Even then they would not prosecute her for making false allegations. In Britain I feel rather like I suspect a Jew would feel living in Hitler’s Germany. You need to keep your mouth shut, adopt a low profile and hope you fall beneath the radar. Oh – and treat any member of the community we are speaking of (you are not allowed to use the “I” word) like masters, metaphorically walk in the gutter to avoid bumping them on the pavement. Of course you will never succeed in avoiding trouble. Eventually they hunt you down and bundle you off. I am seriously considering leaving my home country as it turns into a leftist totalitarian state. At present we have a Conservative government in power (though you’d never know it sometimes) but if the left get in at the next election it truly will turn into a Soviet state for anyone not of the right colour or political persuasion. A cowed population. Leave the country? Problem is – where can you go that’s safe? Even the US is stealthily being subjected to attack, but probably safe for at least the foreseeable future. Maybe if I was one of the immigrants streaming in from the south I’d be welcome?

    • admin5

      Thank you for sharing this. Wow. Something to quote that is personal experience.

  6. nicodemusfamily

    This makes me so mad . Why do the people we entrust with our protection, betray us. The only reason i can think off . Is that Islam will give our sick, perverted leaders, greater power . Ultimate Power ! The kings of old are on there way ,& they crave POWER, WEALTH & LUST. With ” witch” Islam will deliver . Absolutely sicking !

  7. NCKen

    Your readers are not Islamophobic, You’ve made them IslamoWOKE. For years Muslims in greater DC have been ‘grooming’ powerful people and marrying their sons and daughters into these families, often members of Congress or their staffs. Suspect if we surveyed key state houses, the same tactic would be found. Add to this the recent surge of observant Muslims elected to congress and to state general assemblies, and we see a political pincer movement at play. Have you seen any warnings and indications along these lines.


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