My Interview with the Apostate Prophet — Russian Language

An Education on Political Islam with Bill Warner: The Crusades and Jihad Обучение политическому исламу с Биллом Уорнером: крестовые походы и джихад Самая большая проблема возникает тогда, когда речь заходит об исламской истории и идеологии, в которых мы проявляем глубокое … Read More

Who Do the Angels Curse?

From the Daily Mail: “…a Sydney Muslim preacher declared it was a ‘major sin’ for a wife to refuse sex with her husband…a woman would be ‘cursed’ by angels for withholding marital intimacy. If the husband calls the wife to … Read More

The Left and Islam

Why are the Left and Islam such allies? They have much in common and work as a team, but the Left is more harmful to us. The Left sees the world through the lens of oppressor and victim. Muslims are … Read More

An Act of Sedition

An Act of Sedition In the news: “Newly elected Detroit congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib, is going to use Thomas Jefferson’s Koran for her swearing-in ceremony.” Let’s get the facts straight. Fact: It is not Jefferson’s Koran. It is Mohammed’s Koran. … Read More

Dualism – Why Is Islam So Confusing?

Islam seems very confusing since it is so contradictory. It is supposed to be the religion of peace yet practices brutal jihad when needed. Part of Islamic doctrine includes wife beating, yet there are hadiths that say not to hit … Read More

Allah Knows Best

Islam has many commands for Muslims that turn out to have negative health results. For instance, fasting during the month of Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars. Pregnant women do not have to fast, but a woman can be … Read More

Demographic Conquest

This UN Migration Compact is an attempt to make hijra (Islamic migration) a human right, while at the same time undermining a nation’s sovereignty. All Western nations should withdraw unless their goal is to establish Sharia. The seeds of this … Read More

Interpretations of Sharia—Does It Matter?

Apologists for Islam use desperate methods to make Islam look more attractive. For instance, some support Sharia by saying that Sharia has a long history of reinterpretation and so can be reinterpreted today so it is more compatible with Western … Read More

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