Last Night of a Damned Soul

Radio Interview with Bill Warner July 10, 2008, 12:00 PDT, 3:00 EDT on the Web, BlogTalkRadio. From the Bookshelf The Last Night of a Damned Soul by Slimane Benaissa. Slimane Benaissa, an Algerian Berber living in France, is an … Read More

The Esposito School

Chief of the Dhimmis Sun Tsu speaks of two kinds of enemies in The Art of War. There is the “far enemy” and the “near enemy”. Islam defines itself to be the far enemy of all kafirs (unbelievers). The near … Read More

Of Interest June16, 2008

OF INTEREST Steve Emerson and his Investigative Project are great American heroes and know more about the Muslim Brotherhood than probably any else in the world. Seriously. The Muslim Brotherhood is our greatest far-enemy. They are educated, westernized, extremely political … Read More

A Weapon of Mass Instruction

From the Book Shelf This is a book review, but I would like to use it to illustrate another point. I know Andy Bostom, the author, and Rebecca Bynum, the host of the site that published this review. Both people … Read More

The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism

From The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism By Bill Warner | 5/16/2008 AndrewBostom’s new book, TheLegacy of Islamic Antisemitism, is a historic work. It is a complete encyclopediaof both the doctrine and practice of Islamic Jew hatred. Jew hatred … Read More

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