Annihilating Art and Civilization

When a jihadist attacked the Louvre Museum in Paris he intended to do more than kill people. He carried paint bombs. His intent was to destroy the finest art of Western civilization. Why art? Art that involves animals or humans … Read More

How to Reason about Islam

To reason about Islam, do not use the Koran and Allah, because the Koran is structured to be hard to understand. Instead, use the Sunna of Mohammed. The Koran says 91 times that Mohammed is the perfect Muslim and he … Read More

The Doctrine of Cowards

Why are so many Muslim refugees coming to the US? Why do so few persecuted Christians come? The answer is the position of the churches. The biggest door into US society is the church door. The Christians and Jews love … Read More

Just Like Killing Chickens

A jihadi said that beheading Kafirs, non-Muslims, is like killing chickens so he has no remorse. And why would he feel nothing? Could it be that he believes that Kafirs are worse than animals? Allah says: Koran 25:44 Do you … Read More

I, Islamophobe?

I have been called an Islamophobe. Now, what does that mean? A phobia is an irrational fear, but what is the Islam I am phobic about? Islam is the doctrine found in the Koran and the Sunna of Mohammed. What … Read More

Halcyon Doctrine

The Halcyon Doctrine is a thoughtful approach to the problem of jihad. The author of this piece is Alan Howell Parrot. It should be noted that the loss of the Kabbah terminates two of the five pillars of Islam — … Read More

Our Choice

Islam’s a religion of peace, so we’re told by elites so venal and so bold as to ignore what’s in that book or misquote what’s clear from just one look. Multiculturalism is pandemic now. All cultures, all people are equal … Read More

Vetting the Migrants

As Syrian refugees and other migrants are being brought to the US, we hear that we don’t need to worry about any nasty “terrorists” (jihadists, to use the right word), because they will be vetted. We are worrying about the … Read More

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