Pew Research: Muslim Belief

Pew Research did a worldwide survey about what Muslims believe and practice [I call this sociology, Muslim-ology]. Their data was used to create a global picture of Islam. This survey shows us that 40% of Muslims are devout. They not only practice the Five Pillars, but go further and follow the Sunna of Mohammed.
Devout Muslims want the Sharia, not our laws. Many want Sharia to apply to the Kafir as well. Nearly one in five devout Muslims wants Kafirs to be attacked to defend Islam.
The demands for more and more Sharia will never cease. We need to understand that the Sharia means the end of our civilization.
Pew data:
Mohammed video:

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  1. sylvanite

    Hit the nail on it’s head as always Dr. Warner. As for the Pew research Study, that is an eye opener for even me. I’ve been aware of Islam’s intentions for a long time. Reading the numbers and categories was sobering to say the least. Full of superstition, medieval beliefs and all around hatreds.

    Resist and educate!

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