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This is a review of Bill Warner’s books and is written in Malaysian.


Do you care about world peace and the truth of world history? If yes, the books written by Bill Warner about political Islam are important to you. You will see that world history and acts of violence or terrorism in the world was related to political Islam.

Islamic terrorist organization Al-Qaeda appeared several years after the use of information technology became increasingly popular everywhere around the world. In Indonesia, the Internet entered in 1995. Then five years later, Islamic terrorists started to carry out their bloody action in 2000. Various bombs exploded in various places in Jakarta and other major cities, including 3 major bomb attack on the island of Bali. America was attacked in 2001, that is considered a major terrorist attack when the two twin towers undermined by two commercial jets which are controlled by Islamic terrorists. After Al-Qaeda, also appeared later, ISIL, Boko Haram, al-Shabaab and some other terrorist organizations.

It seems that the world actually become less peaceful after a more developed information technology. Is it? Why? Islamic terrorists use information technology to brainwash their followers to imitate what Mohammed – who claimed to be a prophet in the 7th century – did.

Warner’s books are important from a historical perspective. It doesn’t mean that history should be rewritten, especially the history of Mohammed, since Mohammed’s history has been written completely by the Muslims themselves only several years after Mohammed death. The historical record of Mohammed covers what he is doing daily, until what he is doing as a warlord who controlled the whole land of Arabia at the end of his life. But this so complete historical record is not consumed by many people, even by ordinary Muslims, let alone the Kafir (non-Muslims).

Warner’s books becomes important because  he summarizes what is recorded in the three main sources of Islam (Warner calls it the Trilogy): the Quran, the Hadith, and the Sirah. Warner explains it in such way that is easy to understand by anyone.

Although each of Warner’s books quite able to explain what Islam is and who Muhammad is, but it would be better to read all of the 15 books for whom who seriously in an effort understanding Islam and Muhammad.

This book which is written by Michael J. Rock . Mr. Rock is a former Muslim since 1997 who then diligently wrote many articles that criticize Islam with pseudonyms in various media in Indonesia. Even now, he is one of the administrators in the Facebook discussion forum: He now resides outside of Indonesia and continue to use a pseudonym to protect his safety and his life from Islamic terrorists.


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    The Page (Forum Apakabar & Majalah Superkoran) mentioned above has already unpublished by Facebook (at the beginning of July 2015) due to violation of “Facebook Terms” (according to Facebook notification). The administrators of the Page was unable to receive any explanation about the “Terms” violated by the Page. In fact, the Page is managed to fight for the humanity. There is no doubt that the administrators of the Page hate everything that teaches mass killing, beheading, rape on non-moslems or kafir, anti-democracy, anti-free speech, anti-education, anti-science, dehumanization of women, pedophile, etc.

    Now the administrator have already created a new Page: SuperHalaman

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