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Measuring Mohammed

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A collection of newsletters and interviews examining the different aspects of Political Islam.

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Measuring Mohammed

Measuring Mohammed examines different aspects of Political Islam in order to make the doctrine understandable for the non-Muslim. The religion of Islam is of no concern to the non-Muslim, but the politics of Islam affect all people.

Measuring Mohammed:

  • clarifies the dualistic nature of Islam
  • examines how Islamic politics affect the non-believer
  • describes the impact of Sharia on non-believers
  • examines the life of Mohammed, the perfect Muslim
  • reveals the secrets of the Islamic doctrine of slavery
  • shows how to see the world through Islamic eyes
  • describes the different types of jihad
  • discusses how to talk about Political Islam
  • explains how to defeat Political Islam

Topics include dualism; Sharia; jihad; Kafir; slavery; debate; defeating Political Islam.

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1 review for Measuring Mohammed

  1. MurrayS


    CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have given kafirs the keys to Islam’s “Pandora’s box”.
    Those keys are clearly understandable to any reader of the first 33
    pages (Doctrine) of your invaluable new book “Measuring Mohammed”.
    I appreciate your dedication to your apostolic campaign to teach
    kafirs (us) what doom is in that box.
    I’m hoping this knowledge will inspire the world finally to seriously
    oppose and ultimately overcome Islam for the good of humanity.

    As a retired physicist who, like you after 9/11, I delved deeply into
    all areas of Islam. I gave many talks on it, but never made the
    dualistic connection that is so fundamental to a Muslim’s
    understanding of his faith. Once an old Muslim privately told me
    after one of my talks on Islam that, “You know more about Islam than
    most Muslims, but you don’t know how we feel about our faith.”; now I
    do. I ask myself, how could I have missed the quantum correlation you
    have explained in “Measuring Mohammed”? Thank God you found it and
    are sharing this vital knowledge clearly with us.

    There are two levels of logical understanding: (1) Common logic
    (reaction to events), and (2) Fundamental logic (understanding of
    “Measuring Mohammed” explains both, and is presented as a true
    scientist would to kafirs.
    We are all deeply indebted to you and your crusade against Islam.

    Thanks Bill

    Toledo, Ohio

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