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The Foundations of Islam

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This course covers the whole scope of Islamic political doctrine. When you finish this short course, you will know and understand the foundations of Islam, Mohammed and Allah.  And you will understand the Koran.


The Foundations of Islam

The Foundations of Islam was taken from the Trilogy Project and explains the three basic texts, the Koran, Sira, and Hadith, that form the Islamic “bible.” When you finish the Foundations course, you will see the complete picture of the doctrine of Islam.

Paperback Book Set

The four (4) book set includes:

The Life of Mohammed - The Sira
The Life of Mohammed – The Sira
Hadith CSPII
The Hadith – The Traditions of Mohammed
A Two-Hour Koran
A Two-Hour Koran
Sharia Law for Non-Muslims

Four (4) 6″x 9″ Paperbacks
Pages 112, 104, 108, 68

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112, 104, 108, 68


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3 reviews for The Foundations of Islam

  1. ssuuddoo

    very helpful, thank you +:) greetings and blessings from Azerbaijan

  2. dknollhoff

    This is a must purchase for anyone who can read and is interested in saving our western culture from political Islam. Currently I have purchased and reviewed the materials from Lesson 1. I could not put the materials down. Very educational. Eye opening and convicting. I plan on pursuing the other 3 lessons plus his additional materials as they become available. Dr. Warner is a God-send. His materials are fantastic, honest and in depth. During the evening, when I am off work, I can’t wait to pick up where I left off and begin more learning.

  3. funky samurai

    I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful this package truly is. If you care about the future of western civilization, then you will purchase this package and study its content to the fullest extent. I sincerely believe that everyone NEEDS to know this information. Dr. Bill Warner is in all seriousness a hero of mine. That which he is doing is one of the most commendable actions that I have ever seen one undertake. Whether you decide to extend your education on the matter beyond this package is up to you, but this is the best way to begin your quest towards enlightenment. God bless you, Dr. Warner.

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