The Life of Mohammed


This is a quick read about the man who became the first ruler of a united Arabia and laid the foundation for the empire of Islam. But, it is not just a biography; it is a sacred text of how a perfect Muslim should conduct their life.

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The Life of Mohammed – The Sira

Mohammed’s life is an epic story. He was an orphan who rose from poverty to become the first ruler of all of Arabia. He created a new religion, new methods of war and a new political system including a legal code, the Sharia. Mohammed was the world’s greatest warrior. Today no one wages war in the name of Caesar, Alexander the Great, Napoleon or any other military leader. However, every year many people die because of Mohammed. After 1400 years, Islam is more powerful than it has ever been. Mohammed said that one day all of the world would live under his rule of law.

To understand Islam, you must know the life of Mohammed. Every Muslim’s desire is to live a life identical to his. His every word and deed are the perfect model for being a Muslim. Every Muslim is a Mohammedan. The religion of Islam is not about worshiping Allah; it about worshiping Allah exactly as Mohammed did. This book is unique. It is concise, but it is completely authoritative. The reference system allows you to verify all information.

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