A 35 Minute Interview on Political Islam

Topics include: Islamic Golden Age; the future of Islam; reforming Islam; the slave trade; Islamic dualism, poverty and Islam; why Macron will not be able to create a European Islam; the difference between opinion and facts; what I like about Islam and the difference between our civilization and Islamic civilization.

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  1. hbey54

    Thank you Bill for the excellent presentations
    I have been watching you for some time and find you factual and sincere and super informative
    please keep up the good fight
    Qld Australia

  2. Martin

    Book referred to seems to be “The Legacy Of Arab-Islam In Africa: A Quest For Inter-Religious Dialogue“ by John Azumah

  3. Eric

    Thank you Dr. Warner for this interview and all you do to inform people of the danger Islam poses to the west. I believe you stated you are a pessimist as to Islam changing or reforming, I would say that makes you a realist in the sense that Muslims believe the Koran is the perfect will of Allah and therefore cannot be changed or reformed. We should not judge a system on it’s abuses but on the teachings and character of it’s founder which you certainly have done with Islam, thanks again.

  4. Preemption

    Thank you Sirs for more teaching and insight into the Anti-Christ religion. Dr. Warner as you’ve said we in the west suffer from a battered wife syndrome. If we don’t get over it soon all hell’s going to break loose on us. We’ve become Fat and Soft, Gods got a way of changing such things over-night. An awaking is coming and its going to hurt. There’s still some tough and undeceived ones out there but will it be enough. Its all in Gods hands now.

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