A Defeat for the Muslim Brotherhood

A Model for Winning

The Muslim Brotherhood was handed a tactical defeat on June 4, 2013 in Manchester, TN. The FBI and DOJ (Department of Justice) appeared at a meeting called by AMAC (American Muslim Advisory Council — Muslim Brotherhood) in Manchester, TN. It was to include a talk by a US Assistant Attorney General and an FBI agent in charge. The meeting was due to a joke posted by a Coffee County Commissioner on Face Book. The DOJ Assistant Attorney General Killian said in a newspaper interview that the joke might be in the category of a hate crime.

Over 1200 people came from all over the US to a meeting in a town of 10,000. The web had buzzed about free speech in Manchester and talk radio chimed in.

In the course of the presentation by Killian, several in the audience began to shout our retorts to him. At first some in audience tried to shush them, but the momentum began to build and the shouted challenges increased in numbers and volume. It should be noted that the shouts were factual and knowledgeable. An example: when it was mentioned how hard it was to be a Muslim refugee: “Free medical care, welfare and scholarships tough to take?” When Killian said that DOJ protected voter rights, the shouts were to the tune of: “You mean like protecting the Panthers in Philadelphia?”

There were also knowledgeable shouts about Islam: “We don’t care about the religion, it’s the politics. No Sharia.”

When Killian mentioned Eric Holder, the room erupted with thunderous boos. People were angry about the Feds. The FBI agent presented a better face, but he got blow back as well. Chants of “Ruby Ridge” and “Waco” rang out. This was a “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore” attitude.

There has been both praise and condemnation of the crowd. But to understand it, you had to be there. There was a palpable pent up anger about a long string of corruption out of the Obama White House: the IRS scandals; Major Nidal Hassan’s jihad called “work place violence”; vacuuming up everybody’s phone records; and more. They felt that the Feds were here to talk down to them, not to answer questions.

The Feds came to talk down to them since they are considered rednecks. Those rural white people who are not politically correct are called rednecks. Rednecks are the only under-class who have no protection or advocacy. They are the only group that can be mocked, ridiculed and made the butt of jokes. The worst of the ghetto blacks are forbidden to be called the equivalent of redneck, the N word. There is no RN word. Nope, they are rednecks, trailer trash, crackers, white trash and worse.

Another measure of society’s hatred of rednecks it this: if the shouters in the audience had been black, the media would have said that they were: “Speaking truth to power”. They would be reported as victims against oppression and fighters for social justice. But rednecks are called bigots and ignorant haters.

Why did the rednecks have to come and oppose political Islam? Simple, our leaders will not do the job.

The leaders in the pulpits of America are professionally ignorant cowards. Ministers and rabbis go to Family of Abraham events with Muslims and tip toe around any criticism. They cry over the Crusades and believe whatever they are told by Muslims. Over 100,000 Christians were murdered last year and there is an ongoing jihad against Israel, but not a word will be spoken to the Muslims about the Islamic crimes. Tears will be shed over graffiti on a mosque, but not one mention of Christians being machine gunned at Christmas services in Egypt.

What university has ever held an event where the jihad doctrine of Islam is discussed? Critical thought and fact-based reasoning are not allowed in their forums and curricula. The history of the deaths of 270 million Kafirs has no place in history departments. Sharia cruelty is not taught in feminist studies. No word about Islam may be spoken without approval from the MSA (Muslim Students Association, a Muslim Brotherhood front.)

Will law enforcement and the military protect us against political Islam? They do not even recognize the existence of an Islamic threat doctrine. All information about Islam in terrorism training must be approved by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Will the media protect our civilization in a civilizational jihad? Not just no, but hell no! The media is Islam’s mouthpiece and a savage opponent of everyone who opposes Sharia law.
What about American business? Islamic business fuels civilizational war with unlimited funds, just as the Koran commands. As an 11 year veteran counter-jihadist, I am unaware of American business support for the counter-jihadists. There may be small donations, but no systemic funding. Muslims get billions, and our fighters get a thousand. How will that work out?

Well, if the preachers, rabbis, professors, reporters, military, politicians, law enforcement and business are absent in a civilizational war, who shows up? Isolated warriors such as Spencer, Geller, Bostom, and others are the front line fighters. Oh, and Tennessee rednecks.

The Tea Party types and conservatives say that we should always be polite. My personal experience is that I have presented talks about political Islam that are very civil and polite for years. It doesn’t make any difference. I am still called a bigot, hater, Islamophobe, racist and merchant of hate. I have been told by community leaders that it is people like me that stir up the terror. They say I am an unpleasant man who frightens people. The Southern Poverty Law Center says that I am one of America’s top 10 bigots. “Doing it right” is judged to be immoral. Being nicer may not be the way to win a civilizational war.

Our society has become so wimpy and politically correct that there is no longer any righteous anger. We have become a nation of pleasant liars who are never angered at society’s outrages. We are ever so polite to those who destroy our civilization. We are a nation of zombies, but polite zombies. There have been over 20,000 jihad attacks since September 11, 2001, but you don’t want to mention that since someone might become uncomfortable or be offended.

For years we have watched as Muslims and dhimmis (apologists) have put on a multicultural love fest with Islam. In every case Islam has dominated. This was the first time in 11 years that the Kafirs dominated the information battle space in Tennessee — the first time.

How do we dominate the information battle space without shouting? Analyze what went right at Manchester. Here is what we and the rednecks did right:

  • We showed up. Now is in this case we had 1500 show up, but we cannot use massive attendance as a usual tactic. However, a normal AMAC event would have put out chairs for a 100 people. We don’t need but a dozen people to dominate the meeting with information.
  • We knew the doctrine of political Islam. We knew when people were lying or telling a half-truth.
  • We knew the event was happening. We had intelligence and knew who the players were.
  • We opposed the lies by voice, leaflet and signs. This is what rednecks bring to the party—rednecks are not politically correct and speak their minds. (That is part of the reason that they are hated.) They don’t give a hoot what the media/government/church types think. This spirit must be carried into every meeting. We must speak up and speak out. This is hard for those who are ruled by being “nice”.

We must learn how to co-opt the events without shouting. We must be organized and show up at every public event where Muslims come together with their ignorant dhimmi (apologist) partners. All of these events should become information battles. We should show up with signs and leaflets. If they will not allow signs, then bring cloth banners which can be put into bags and backpacks. We must do these things politely, but with authority like a warrior. And forget about the question and answer session for scoring points – the Q and A is always: write down your questions and we will select the ones we want to answer.

We must invite the Muslim Brotherhood and all of their supporters, such as government agencies and ministers, to our own events to explain their position to us, not in their power position of speaking down to us, but in a round table event centered on fact based reasoning.

The Manchester event was a rough hewn victory. We must learn lessons from it and then show up for every battle against this civilizational jihad.

Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
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  1. Ken

    Thanks, found your videos on YouTube. it has helped to motivate me to restudy the Koran I purchased. I had started but read the lies in the forward and really felt that if they would lie in the forward that the whole book would be full of lies. After seeing your videos, The Islamic Dilemma, I am back to reading it with the help of the videos to know were the lies are.

  2. Carl C. Lamb

    I have been preaching your ideas for some time now. How we, the people, sit on our laurels, and let this tragic thing happen. We had better awaken as we are being led down the path of utter destruction. I take solace that I am in the deep winter of my life, and hopefully, will not see what is to happen to this great nation in the not too distant future. Being made to feel guilty if you criticize Islam will get you nothing but slavery down the road. Had we forbidden entry to this country those people that did such damage on 9/11 we would not have had that happen. We continue to let these people into this country, and believe me, they have but one goal in mind. Their philosophy is either converted to Islam, or death.

  3. Mike Porter

    Holy cow Grek Tragedy, at least remove the quotation marks when you copy and paste something. Allow me to be Jesus-like and convey to you some important guidance since you don’t seem to be able to figure it out yourself. Leaving the quotes in your response makes it quite clear that you’ve never generated an original thought in your life and are only echoing the talking points of your comrades. Now, given that you’ve demonstrated the extent to which you’re so easily led, it’s also quite clear that your use to anyone is only like that of a roadie to a rock star. So for your own good, you need to appoint me in charge of all your affairs so that you can concentrate on drinking the Koolaid being poured out by your narcissistic advisors. But be extremely careful. Don’t forget the last time a socialist leader ordered his flock to drink Koolaid. Remember…?

  4. Grek Tragedy

    Seems like bunch of thugs went in there to intimidate Muslims and take their civil rights. Not an unusual event in the civilized state of TN. Has been happening to the Blacks for centuries. I guess another Sherman is needed to straighten things out down South.

  5. Mike Porter

    I also attended the event in Manchester, TN. But I didn’t arrive early enough to reserve a seat and attend the meeting that took place inside the facility. However, there was enough activity occurring outside such that no one could mistake our intentions to reveal the truth about Islam. To all who read this and to those that wish to continue this fight, I urge you to consider my message in depth and follow up with your own research.
    Islam is based entirely upon the following of law!! But the law cannot save you!! The law will not grant you entrance into heaven!! The only power possessed by the law is that to convict and to shame!! And it is this shame that Islam wants to inflict upon us so that we will submit to their particular means of redemption. One of the strategies they are implementing is intended to mute their opposition. And there is no quicker method of muting an individual’s voice than through shame. If they achieve this, there is no stopping them. Followers of Islam want to impose religious laws upon the land claiming that doing so leads to moral ascendancy and favor in the eyes of God. But the reality is that this is a disguised attempt to achieve domination. One will not enter into heaven by demonstrating good behavior. This is not how it works. God knows the hearts of mankind. God knows that even an evil person can follow the law. It’s the heart that determines whether one enters heaven. Followers of Islam do not believe that Jesus was the Son of God. Followers of Islam do not believe that Jesus was sacrificed by God himself to atone for our shortcomings. The crystal clear teaching is that salvation is by grace through faith alone. Therefore, the Islamic faith will not lead one to heaven. Given these facts, it is clear that Islam is meant to serve a purely political purpose. It is meant to organize a group of people so that they can act in a unison manner to pursue a collective agenda. But it also provides a method of control. And this is the primary intent. Were it not for its devotion to a deity, it would not even meet the criteria for being labeled a religion. All people, and especially Christians, must wake up to this reality. Give the followers of Islam no compassion and no consideration. Everything one needs is freely available through Christianity”especially forgiveness. The persecution they claim to be experiencing at the hands of the American citizen is the voice of a wolf speaking through a sheep skin. Never forget: the law will not save you! And therefore, the only benefit of Islam is the dominance it provides to their leaders.

  6. Garth

    Here in Britain we are so much further down the spiral of Islamic appeasement that we have little freedom left. However, well done to all the attendees at this meeting. I wish we could have achieved enough such victories here in the past that we could have avoided being where we are now. In most large towns and cities non muslims really are oppressed now; in many ways. Mr Warner, we could all debate the state of Western European culture but there is a simple, yet crucially important question that needs to be answered as regards our cultural demise: –
    Who gains from Islamisation and why are our leaders allowing this to happen?

  7. Sweetness

    I LOVE the idea of inviting CAIR or ISNA or the MSA to a round table discussion. Sounds so so sweet and economical. 🙂

  8. Greg Sabine

    Thank you for showing the moral courage it will take to defeat the darkness of political Islam.

    Your work is emboldening others and making a difference.

    Greg Sabine, teacher
    Brockton, MA

  9. yogiman

    Sorry I couldn’t make it, I wish I could have been in Manchester at that meeting.

    A point to consider: This was a different USA until the government formed the Department of
    Education and brought communism into their education.

    Why should all children be taught the same subjects all over the nation when there is many differences in the lives of the people in different areas and different thoughts of the people over the nation?

    Communism is to teach everyone to think and act the same. Under the control of the government, of course.

  10. Bonnie Moon

    People came to America to free themselves of tyrants, and to worship God freely. Muslim Brotherhoods and all groups who are here to destroy America will find they are fighting patriots, good men and women (many veterans) who did not give their blood and lives to have their freedoms taken by groups who have never known why we cherish the Republic we are NOW having to defend again!

  11. classicus


    You write:

    “your mine has been sealed, that is why you can’t understand the meaning JIHAD IN ISLAM.” [sic]

    What a surprise to learn that the girl-killing warriors of Boko Haram actually use computers. If all things Western are infected with infidel filth, contact with the Western world seem to be forbidden. But if Boko Haram can afford to let you write to Political Islam, then things must be desperately slow in the Nigerian jihad just now, and that’s to the good.

    So, by all means, please unseal the mine for us. We’ll turn our minds to the Augean task of mucking through what you have to say.

    Go ahead, tell us what we don’t understand about jihad. Make it good though, we’ve seen just about every Islamic obfuscation there is.


  12. Michael Hughes

    Great idea Bill to invite the enemy to meeting and ask them to explaine sharia and Mohammad doctrin with as many reporters and TV crews as possible.

  13. Alexis

    My husband was at the meeting, sitting in the first row.

    Christians need to know that Islam is a Christian heresy, going back to the early Church and the Nestorian heresy. Islam was a sort of syncretist blend of that heresy, the traditions of Judaism and local pagan ideas. We need to be stronger in our knowledge of our own Christian history & theology to fight their lies.

    And as you write, we need to come to every ‘meeting’ like this one and speak truth to power. I’m tired of being “polite”. Christians – brush up on apologetics and be ready to defend the Faith. And brush up on what the Bill of Rights is really all about (natural rights, God’s law & gift) and go forth armed with truth!

  14. Greg Sandlin

    Bill – You nailed it. We must stand firm. They will continue to call names: ignorant, fearful & racist, but we have the truth and history on our side.

  15. Rosine Ghawji

    Excellent article . It was for sure an historical meeting. A message was sent to the establishment , Islam is not a religion It is a political dogma aimed at imposing the Sharia Law.

  16. Murtala

    your mine has been sealed,that is why you can’t understand the meaning JIHAD IN ISLAM

  17. Mary Cook

    Dr. Warner is an intelligent man regarding the Islam Sharia Law
    When a 9 year old in Syria was beheaded because he did not want to follow their religion.
    Women are treated with beatings and attacked by their Muslim.
    The young girl was shot in the head by the Taliban
    because she wanted to get an education.
    In Saudia Arabia a school of women were burnt to death.
    If this the Tenants of Islam?
    We do not want this in America and those that do are condoning all their vicious attacks on women and children in their own country .
    Murdering Christians it does not even register with the news media or our government, if a Christian were to murder a Muslim they would be tried and sentenced to death.

  18. Bill Hemrick

    Bill your words speak volumes. We are fighting a battle some say we can’t win, and as long as Obama is in power that may be true. But what kind of America would this be if our Founding Fathers felt that way?
    They fought and won a war against the most powerful country in the world at that time and returned to their homes victorious.
    We are not fighting a powerful foe when it comes to Obama, we are fighting a common thug from Chicago. Our tactics must be different from our founders. What those tactics will be will be determined by Obama himself.

  19. Danny Owens

    You have got your Facts right, you just don’t the Truth. Remember that Bill.
    This is one of your Best articles yet.
    I was there also, and will be at ever one of their Propaganda, Government sponsored Events I can make–To oppose them with the Truth.

    Have you thought any more about a Gideon type of an Army?

    Danny Owens—June 11, 2013

  20. Bruce Avilla

    Bill, this is the most direct-hit article on the June 4th event I’ve read – and I was there myself. It’s all true. The confrontation was bruising, but…necessary! Every one of these future “Getting along with Cultural Diversity” gatherings need to be approached like our redneck citizen’s brigade at Manchester. The “shout” heard ’round the world…

  21. Carl Meadows

    America is in a war with radical Muslim fanatics whether they know it or not and they had better wake up to this fact and wake up fast. Your tatic to start countering their ever growing menance is absolutely on the money!

  22. Lily Darcey

    Excellent article. As usual, you are always spot on with regards to mainstream media and Islam, the cult of hate, terror and death! God bless, give you strength, and protect you as you continue to educate people about the reality of Islam!!

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