A Movement for Civil Rights for ex-Muslims

Muslim apostates are the invisible victim group. And their fate can be worse than any other minority group in the world. Why?

Currently people who leave Islam can be shunned, threatened, beaten and killed. But these are only the Sharia law consequences. Killing apostates violates our freedom of religion, but this is ignored by U.S. legal authorities. Former Muslims are forbidden to work as translators of Arabic and Farsi for the FBI and other government agencies. Former Muslims are also never allowed to give advice about the history and doctrine of Islam. Only practicing Muslims may do this work. This is employment discrimination and is a limitation on freedom of speech.

Now is the time for ex-Muslims to let go of old ethnic and ideological grievances, network and form a solid basis for bringing the truth of their lack of civil rights into the public awareness.

We need a “starter” group that can create the steps necessary to form a basis for a permanent group with the long-range goal of obtaining full civil rights for Muslim apostates. There are many things to be done, the writing of brochures, position papers, group communications, and talks. I would like to inspire this movement. I can provide a focus and help in providing a “voice” for this movement but I can’t be its leader as I have never been one of you. And I have more work to do than I can handle at this time.

Ex-Muslims could be a powerful weapon against Islam. Currently, only Muslims are allowed to educate government agencies, think tanks, schools and other tax funded organizations. If we followed our laws and Constitution, then if Muslims are used for presenting the “truth” about Islam, former Muslims should present the rest of the facts. The total truth needs to be told from both the believer and the non-believer side. The same should happen to translations of Arabic and Farsi, if Muslims are hired, then former Muslims should be hired as well.

Another great advantage of seeking full civil rights for ex-Muslims is that this cause could attract both liberals and leftists to join in the effort. And young people, especially those looking for a worthwhile activist cause, would support us.

This is a necessary project for an oppressed minority that represents very powerful truth.

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