An Ethical Basis for War Against Political Islam, part 1

This newsletter is one of a series on the subject—
An Ethical Basis for War Against Political Islam:Part 1
Newsletter #1/18

Know the Enemy—Sun Tsu, The Art of War

Before we start, we need the right words if we are to have the right thoughts.

Islam claims that all who do not submit are kafirs (unbelievers). A kafir is hated by Allah and Allah plots against the kafir. Over 60% of the Koran is devoted to the kafir. A kafir may be killed, robbed, raped, enslaved, tortured and mocked. Every mention of the kafir is negative, demeaning, insulting and hurtful. Unbeliever is a neutral word. Kafir is the worst word in the human language.

The second word we need is dhimmi. The original dhimmis were Christians and Jews who got to keep their religion, but lived in a totally Islamic culture. Today a dhimmi is a kafir who apologizes for Islam.

The story of Islam starts with the Jews since Islam is a Jewish heresy. The Koran endlessly adapts Jewish stories such as those of Moses and Noah to show that Mohammed is the prophet of Allah. The Ten Commandments is a good place to start looking at Islam.

Ten Commandments—Religious
Do not have any other gods before Me.
Do not make an image or any likeness of Me
Do not swear falsely by the name of the Lord.
Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy
Ten Commandments—Ethical
Honor your father and your mother
Do not murder
Do not commit adultery.
Do not steal.
Do not bear false witness against your neighbor
Do not covet your neighbor’s property.

They fall into two categories—religious and ethical. The only religion that follows all the religious commandments is that of the Jews. Christians do not follow the Sabbath commandment and some would argue that the Catholics and Orthodox sects use images and violate the image commandment. Hindus, Buddhists and atheists don’t follow any of the religious commandments. There are no two religions that agree on the Ten Commandments.

Humanity can not agree on religion.

But let’s look at the ethical commandments. Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and most atheists agree that lying, theft, murder, sanctity of family, and lusting after other people’s property is bad behavior.

Upon reflection, all of these prohibitions prevent harm to others. We don’t harm others and we don’t want to be harmed. We all want to be treated well and this is the best way to treat others, hence the Golden Rule:

Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

The Golden Rule is an ethic of unity. Everyone is treated the same. One ethical system for all people. This has been said in many ways in many cultures. But there is one doctrine that does not agree with these ethics—Islam.

Islamic Ethics
What are Islamic ethics and where do we find them? Everything in Islam is based upon the Koran (what Mohammed said that his god, Allah, said) and the words and deeds of Mohammed (called the Sunna). A Muslim repeats endlessly, “There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet.” The Koran repeats again and again that Mohammed is the model or pattern for the ideal Muslim. A Muslim is not someone who worships Allah. A Muslim is someone who worships Allah exactly like Mohammed worshipped Allah. So every Muslim is a Mohammedan. There are absolutely no exceptions.

And where do we find Mohammed’s words and deeds?

1. The Traditions (or Hadith) are collections of everything Mohammed did and said. The best and most honored Hadith is by Al Bukhari.
2. The Sira is the biography of Mohammed and is written by Ibn Ishaq. The Sira is to Mohammed as the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are to Jesus.

There was not enough information in the Koran to create Islam. The Sunna (Hadith and Sira) define almost all of the doctrine of Islam.

The collection of Koran, Sira, and Hadith is called the Islamic Trilogy. The Trilogy contains the complete political doctrine of Islam. Christians have two sacred texts—Old and New Testament. Muslims have three sacred texts. For 1400 years, all three of these texts have only been read by Islamic religious and political leaders, but today these texts are easily understood.

The Trilogy overflows with ethical statements. (These are all from the Bukhari’s Hadith)

Bukhari 9,85,83 Mohammed: “A Muslim is a brother to other Muslims. He should never oppress them nor should he facilitate their oppression.”

Bukhari 8,73,70 Mohammed: “Harming a Muslim is an evil act; killing a Muslim means rejecting Allah.”

Bukhari 5,59,369 Mohammed asked, “Who will kill Ka’b (a Jewish poet), the enemy of Allah and Mohammed?”
Bin Maslama rose and responded, “O Mohammed! Would it please you if I killed him?”
Mohammed answered, “Yes.”
Bin Maslama then said, “Give me permission to deceive him with lies so that my plot will succeed.”
Mohammed replied, “You may speak falsely to him.”

A Muslim should be a brother to other Muslims (not the rest of humanity). A Muslim should not kill another Muslim. A Muslim may lie to kafirs to advance Islam.

So for Islam the ethical statements are:

Do not kill another Muslim
Do not steal from another Muslim
Do not deceive another Muslim

Islam states that a kafir can be killed, robbed, raped and deceived if it will advance Islam. A Muslim does not have to lie, cheat or kill a kafir, it is an ethical option.

Islam divides the entire world into Islam and kafirs and has two sets of ethics, one for Islam and another for the rest. The Golden Rule has the equality of all humanity as its basis. It is not: Do unto some people, as you would have them do unto you, but do unto all people as you would have them do unto you.

Islam denies the universality of the Golden Rule because Islam starts with the division of the entire world, all humanity, into two different groups—Islamic and non-Islamic. Every aspect of Islamic ethics is based upon this separation. Having two distinct groups leads to two different ethical codes. Said another way, Islam has dualistic ethics.

Deceit, violence and force are optional actions against the kafirs. Believers are to be treated as brothers and sisters. Islam’s ethics are based upon:

Good is whatever advances Islam.
Evil is whatever resists Islam.

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10 Responses

  1. Selma Soss

    I have been aware of what Islam stands for since well before 9-11. There was a feeling they gave me that they were evil and their society, so strict and barbaric. I never felt that they could be trusted. My feeling is that if we as Americans and the United Kingdom, and other western societies, don’t come to terms as to what Islam really is, – that their goal is to set up a caliphate all over the world, we will never have peace.

  2. Sassi

    It goes without the saying : You are a xenophobe, because you know nothing about Islam.

    -When you learn about evil, you ought to start to hate it, not come to moderate terms with it.-

    It goes with saying : No, I am not a xenophobe, since I do not fear the unknown, the more I learn about evil, the more I understand the legitimate hate, the thinking people ‘negotiate’ with it.
    Then It turns to a real fear (the true danger), not just irrational hystery.
    But not one that should paralyse you and you rather resign to (that’s all they want), but instead make you alert and watchful and careful and prepared to strike right, despite the traitorous police and politicians and political correctness.

    In one great book (sci-fi about muslims = yeah, it does exist, some people are before-seeing, sadly, sci-fi Is about the future ways), when defeating muslims… you infiltrate and lie and behave as them (Al-Taqiyya) and then put the knife in their backs (as them). The moderate anti-islamist say it is putting ourselves to their low levels and it is uncivilised. The seasoned ones say : You do not throw away the weapons of your enemy, but use them against them, to destroy them.

    The point is to survive, not just literally with your bodily functions, but as you were born, like a free civilised human full knowing your rights and your restrictions. Your history, your blood, your culture, your humanity. The islam is here, and it is foolish to pretend it will leave no aftermath even if we are able to stop it now… /the key is to win the war/ It may be the third millenium, but that makes no determination for all people to act as proper Homo sapiens sapiens. (because : Human says – Cogito, ergo sum. = I think therefore I exist. But on the other hand, Muslims says = I am a Muslim, therefore I am.) It matters not, whether he acts as paedophilic, murderous, dangerous, hateful, fanatical and low form of life without a brain and soul, as long as he follows the path of the Prophet /murderer, paedophile, dangerous hateful fanatical and low-life of brainless and soul-less copycat of Bible = then it is alright for Islam/.

    > It is the same as lines about crows and doves.
    -The crow sits beside crows, and the doves dodge. The dove sits beside doves. Later there are all more and more lesser doves, so what the single one can do ? But the dove needs! to act as crow, it needs to survive, so instead of cooing it starts to caw. The crows let it sits beside them… BUT when the crows fly away, it returns to cooing and being the dove and maybe in brighter future still it will sit one day beside the doves.
    (Because, yes, Even if the dove IS capable of cawing, it will never truly become the crow, the crow is its natural enemy, and maybe the dove mean them no harm, the crow will always treat the dove as something prey worthy.)

    So are our people of free minds and manifold souls able to maintain their humanity and faces even After the Aftermath ?
    Let us hope so…
    Many say, they rather die than to live as forced muslim of slavery.
    No, it is not honourous, it is not admirable, and mainly it is not wished upon or constructive; ever.
    If there stay no fighters for freedom and human rights (don’t forget to Islam = Freedom is the terrorism of West), but willing to fight to death and until there really isn’t a bit hope…. until then we must believe AND act to the last second.

    And when the ultimate defeat in a face of Doom come to meet us, at least we can be sure, the muslims won’t be that far behind us…. “After they killed all non-muslims, they will be at each other throats.” They won’t be able to live in peace and harmony for too long, it is not natural for them. The headiness from victory will be short-lived and eventually the will destroy everything along with themselves. ….
    Yes, the crows lived happily ever after, until they realised there is no manifold food for them anymore and had to kill themselves in order to survive. /Not the smartest, nor even the strongest, but the most prone to changes will survive… but then, it too necessarily dies. (Ch. Darwin)/

    Simple math for essential schools = Plus and plus gives you more pluses. Minus and minus gives you more minuses. Plus and minus gives you an annihilation. In sense to preserve the Life one must keep the pluses in advantages. If not, it all collapses into a black hole.
    They will slay themselves, inevitable when their idol consist of rapist, murderer, paedophile, unprogressive, fanatical, dogmatic, not-freely-thinking abomination of human being.

    Sure, the naive and incompetent hope it will be alright, like after the World Wars, like after tsunamis, like after any blood-soaked revolution, famine, deserts and dead lands and rinderpests…
    Yes, big tragedies, loads of dead and forgotten people, lost languages, forbidden histories, and banned existence of cultures…. but with nowadays globalisation and modern technologies and weapons of mass destruction, it is not pessimistic, not even realistic, because beyond this point the view of world are not reality, they are simple facts, that the Earth won’t be able to hold much more anymore and simply dust off us as a plague. There is only so much one can endure, be it living thing or a Star’s creation. With the way the muslims lead the wars even despite the smallest pettiest pointless pretex, they are destined to die by their own hands /because there is trully no Allah to protect them, if they keep the masquerade they are practicing./
    So there really is no point to convert to islam, because either way it is the way to Hell, whether with the resistance or without it.

    The question is – DO we let them or finally stop making excuses to wait for politicians and army and maybe neighbours or our kids or next generations, or the other nations…. All but us…

    then maybe we really reached our peak for civilisation and are judged by trial (by our own passivity, ignorance and stupidity) to end our stay here on Mother Earth.

    “If you want to let others fight for your own freedom, then you had never deserved one in the first place.” (M.R.Stefanik)

    I deeply apologise for all the mistakes, typed it too fast, in early hours and not a native speaker….

  3. Martel Sobieskey

    Please change the title to: “An ethical basis for a war against Islam”. The word political neutralizes your message.When people think of politics they interpret it as a legitimate and protected right. Islam is an enemy invader your very excellent triology proves this a million times over. The villian is Islam period in any of the various disguises it wishes to soft peddle itself during its infiltration stage.
    To retierate it is an error to say political Islam when the enemy is Islam plain and simple. So called moderate Islam is our primary ideological enemy and it fully supports bloody jihad as you well know, as well as immigration jihad, sexual jihad, economic jihad, lawsuit jihad, education propaganda jihad, etc.

  4. Wayne

    Islam is not compatible with Western Society. The longer we wait to do what we must, the more painful it will be.

  5. Trudi Bell

    I agree with Arjuna Fan. I used to be naive and take Muslims at face value, I have since discovered that the face they show me, is not their real face but one of deception. The more I learn about Islam, the more convinced I become that it is an evil religion, one that must be fought at all costs.

  6. Arjuna Fan

    @”aliosman” In response to your comment I would just like to say that, the more research I do about islam the more I can boldly proclaim with 250% conviction…..Rubbish! You’re not to be debated with, you’re to kindly leave places where you’re not welcome. “We’re not gonna take it!” Ooooh the storm is comin’! muhammad said “war is deception” Because of what islam teaches muslims, WAR is inevitable.

  7. aliosman-china

    yes kafir in arabic means unbelievers.also allah never hates kafirs bcs he created all kafirs and muslim. only he offered punishment or Remuneration against their action.and he gave some duration for all people from birth until matter kafir or not-kafir, if a man has gun and aim to kill other person all the peope have the right to defend .the story of islam starts from adam not jews as you misinformed.

  8. ahohman

    try to gajn allies to evaluate our position in a worldwide situation which considers the terrible effects of war versus our ability to exist in a world of islamic hate.

  9. Elizabeth Noble

    First of all, the realization that Islam has a politics must be accepted by the majority of the people. Then we can begin to examine the politics which will lead us to the point that there is a war and we are way behind in its fight.

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