An Ethical Basis for War Against Political Islam, part 2

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An Ethical Basis for War Against Political Islam: Part 2

This newsletter is one of a series on the subject-Newsletter #2/18

The Origin of the Politics of Islam

Mohammed preached for 13 years in Mecca and only acquired about 150 followers. Following the death of his protector and uncle, the wealthy class of Mecca ran him out of town. He left with his followers and went to Medina, a town located less than a hundred miles from Mecca in what is now Saudi Arabia. There he preached for another year and obtained a hundred or so more followers.
In order to support himself and his followers, he sent men out to rob caravans from Mecca and generously distributed among them the wealth they brought back, keeping a portion for himself. Part of the wealth obtained from these raids were captives which Mohammed also distributed among his men as slaves and in some cases as wives. Slaves who agreed to convert to Islam were freed. Mohammed was never motivated by money as much as by power. He considered money a tool that could be used to fund jihad and to support his followers.

At the same time, Mohammed moved from the strictly religious or spiritual practice of Islam into a profoundly political mode. Suddenly the new Islam became popular. It was not simply a religion that would assure the poorest of the poor a place of honor in a gilded paradise, but a political system that could provide them with wealth, sex and power, all to be had for the taking from the kafir.
The word of Allah, as received and reported by Mohammed, is divided into two records. The Koran of Mecca was based on religious precepts. The Koran of Medina, however, became clearly political in scope and direction.

The belief that only Muslims are protected by Allah meant that kafirs were not afforded the usual considerations of morality, such as equality, honesty and compassion. Examples we see from Mohammed’s life show that kafirs can be mocked, raped, cursed, threatened, tortured, killed, robbed or enslaved to advance the cause of Islam.

This dual system of ethics paved the way to jihad: a holy war undertaken as a Muslim duty and are reflected in the Islamic world view:

dar al Islam, land of submission
dar al harb, land of war

In contrast, the prevailing kafir world view is that all people at some fundamental level are equal, although they are not necessarily the same. Not all people are of the same ability, although all deserve to be treated fairly, compassionately and honestly. The ultimate ethical statement is referred to as The Golden Rule: “Treat others as you wish to be treated.” In this view “others” and “self” are equal and all of humanity is to be accorded the same consideration. This is the ideal. We frequently fail to live up to the ideal, but is the ideal nevertheless.

The dual ethics of Islam are not as simple as separate set of ethics for the kafir. What makes political Islam so effective is that it has two stages of ethics for the kafir. It has the ethics of the Meccan Koran (written early and religious), and the ethics of the Medinan Koran (written later and political). Islam can treat the kafir well, but as an inferior (Koran of Mecca), or treat him as an enemy of Allah (Koran of Medina). Both actions are sanctioned as sacred in the Koran. Islamic apologists always refer to the Meccan ethics.

The Two Civilizations

Ethics are of primary importance. Ethics determine how you treat someone else. The ethic of unity is the basis of democracy, the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

It was the Golden Rule that lead to the end of slavery. All civil rights was based upon the Golden Rule. Notice this is about politics, not religion. The Golden Rule goes beyond religion.

There are only two types of ethics-unity and dualistic. And so there are two civilizations-those based upon ethics of unity and those based upon dualistic ethics.

This is the crux of the matter. Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and most atheists subscribe to the Golden Rule. A Hindu has the same ethics as a Christian. Both are workers, hold family in high regard and don’t lie, cheat or steal. Of course, some do, but they can be judged, shamed and condemned on the basis of the Golden Rule ethical system.

A Muslim is not subject to the Golden Rule, and so does not feel shame at the suffering of the kafirs. Take slavery, for instance. Christians can be shamed over slavery. Islam has a 1400-year history of slavery, including running the slave trade that sold the Africans to the Christians. There are no Islamic books that recall the slave trade in any detail and express any regret.

There has never been a book written where a Muslim recalls the historic suffering of jihad and has remorse or shame. Every history of jihad is glorious. Mohammed killed and enslaved the kafirs and established the ideal pattern for all Muslims. Mohammed never felt remorse or shame, so a Muslim feels no remorse or shame over any suffering caused by jihad.

This lack of regret or sorrow is what should be expected of a dualistic ethical civilization.

The kafirs cannot unite on the basis of religion, but we are already united on the basis of an ethics of unity. We just need to understand our common ethical ground. If we understand that we are all members of a unitary ethical civilization, we can also unite to defend ourselves against the attack by the dualistic ethical system of Islam.

Bill Warner

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5 Responses

  1. hammar

    islam is the opposite of Christian faith. the koran is the opposite of the Holy Bible. muhammed is the opposite of a priest or the Holy Father the Pope. muhammed was a killer, rapper, and not a good person. All muslim prayers don’t have any faith or worth. Prayers said only to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost give faith and hope to the world. All must pray in Jesus name to give faith to muslims so they can convert and find themselves before they condemn themselves to Hell. Hell is very real and devil is working thru this condemned faith which is islam.

  2. Democracyistheanswer

    The rationale for war against political Islam is the same as the rationale for war against any supremacism: the defence of pluralism, freedom of expression and the human rights of the individual.

    Democratic countries joined before to successfully oppose fascism, Nazism, global communism, even white supremacism.

    Islam is global, supremacist political movement.

    It can only exist in the absence of an independent judiciary, and the absence of free speech and pluralism.

    When you have a “perfect”, “complete” revelation, no addition or deletion is possible.

    In-depth analysis of the Koran and Hadiths increasingly show they were invented by the caliphs to motivate troops, subdue populations and benefit the ruling classes who promoted their own version of imperial Arab supremacism.

  3. Leslie White


    Where is Part 1 of the “Ethical Basis etc.?”

    I am posting your newsletters, articles, and posts–either in their entirety or excerpts from them– that teach the duality principle of Islam as much as possible, that is, making certain not to overwhelm the reader, at my blogs.

    The intent is to bring readers to the “Political Islam” site.

    To achieve that, I post cogent excerpts that I hope will catch the reader’s attention and send him/her here.

    Will48: I like your poem and agree with your postscript.

  4. Will48

    Dear Sir,

    Please allow me to commend you on the good and very much needed work your are doing for establishing the ethical basis for War against the Islamic Supremasist Conquest.

    It is very important that we, the People of Free Thought, stand united against it – religious and not, Leftists and Right (yes we have to somehow make the leftists see the Reality for them to take part in the effort).

    While thinking about it one evening I wrote the following poetic lines (I made a few changes later). I think many thoughts there are similar to your important and profound work. Please see if you can find any use for them at all.

    Thank you.

    Free People of the World, Unite!
    Against Jihadi Genocide
    Free Will and Candor will Prevail
    Against the bloody Muslim Hell

    We Choose the Freedom of the Thought
    To Muslim Beast we Bow Not
    Each individual is precious
    Responsible he’s and courageous

    Let the Thousand Flowers blossom
    Fear Not the vile Colossus
    We will smash it into dust
    Overcome the Lies we must

    Against the darkest Muslim Night
    We Choose our Might and we are Right
    We’re Free as long We Do No Harm
    We care and tend for our young

    We stand Opposed to the Oppression
    To weak and gentle our Protection
    The wicked Lies reject we must
    In God of Truth we put our Trust.

    P.S. Ultimately I think our inability to acknoledge the reality will force us into War. The better way would be the sustained propaganda effort trying to subvert Islam into our moral system. It wouldn’t be Islam anymore, but it’s our purpose anyway.

  5. Pieder Beeli

    “The kafirs cannot unite on the basis of religion, but we are already united on the basis of an ethics of unity.”

    Every significant movement has a religious core. Marxism”whose rate of blood spillage has exceed Islam’s–has an atheistic core. The US has a functional humanistic core.

    Further there is no such thing as religious neutrality. The founding of the US is based on a unitary (Judeo-)Christian ethic. We are CREATED equal. Appreciation for God’s preeminent claim on individual liberties over governmental jurisdiction is key to the original definition of an American.

    “It was for freedom that Christ set us free” wrote the Apostle Paul in Galatians 5:1. This liberation by Christ was prophesied 700 years earlier in Isaiah 61:1

    The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me,
    Because the LORD has anointed me
    To bring good news to the afflicted;
    He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
    To proclaim liberty to captives
    And freedom to prisoners;

    You can read about the Levitical inspiration of the Liberty Bell at

    Christ came to usher a spiritual freedom. Christ abolished the reign of sin that ruled over the heretofore Adamistic kingdom. But these soteriological concepts bear non-neutrally on political liberty. It makes a difference to know that Christ is for political freedom of conscience.

    To unite, the kafir need a vibrant religious core. There is none finer than faith in Jesus Christ, the Great Liberator. An articulate Christian president can extend an effective welcome to Jews, humanists and others to unite against the oppression of Islam. Such a presentation will elevate the humanity in all soulful, freedom-loving kafir.

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