An Ethical Basis for War Against Political Islam, part 6

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Denmark is all in a twiddle about letting female judges wear a headscarf.
The more important question is how can Muslims become judges in a kafir legal system when their first allegiance is supposed to be to the sharia?

A Saudi reformer wants to have the sword removed from the Saudi flag. Is he denying the Sword verses in the Koran?

Like music and singing, maybe a dance or two? They are haram (forbidden) in Islam according to Sharia even though many Mohammedans continue to break this law.

This newsletter is one of a series on the subject:

An Ethical Basis for War Against Political Islam Newsletter #6

Who are the Kafirs?
The kafirs are condemned to Islamic Hell because we don’t accept Mohammed as any kind of prophet or leader. We are the dhimmis, the slaves, and the slain of every continent. Unfortunately, the kafirs are the ignorant, the unknowing and the frightened. We don’t know anything about the 270 million dead killed in the name of Allah. But consider the rest of our vast ignorance:

Almost none of our diplomats and “experts” have never read any of the Trilogy, nor were they taught the doctrine of political Islam in college.
Jews and Christians do not know about the Arabian Annihilation (the elimination of all Jews and Christians from Arabia).
People don’t know that white women were the slaves of choice among Muslims for 1400 years.
Our media and intellectuals do not acknowledge rape of the kafirs as a weapon of war.
Christians don’t realize that they lost half their territory and 60 million people to Islam in Turkey, Syria, and North Africa.
Political Islam destroyed half of Hindu culture.
Political Islam annihilated most of Buddhist culture.
Islam destroyed all of the native religious culture of Africa in Islamic areas.
The theory and history of jihad are not taught in any military academy, foreign service school, or law enforcement school. The majority of our military, state department, and law enforcement personnel are ignorant and in denial.

These facts about political Islam are like a dead elephant at a tea party. It’s not the elephant that is weird; what is weird is that no one refers to it. No one talks about it.

And the important thing about the kafirs, intellectual response to Islam is the same: we have done nothing; we know nothing. It is this nothing that must be explained.

The Acceptance of Ignorance
We know more about Mars than we do political Islam. Mohammedans have been killing, enslaving and raping for 1400 years and we ignore it. Why don’t we even know we are ignorant? Denial. Profound denial.

We accept violence and fear from Islam. Any author who writes a book critical about Islam can share Salman Rushdie’s fate-a death sentence by Islamic clerics. Here is the sick part: we don’t protest. We show no outrage. How can we have come to this? Have we no sense of decency left? No honor? No shame? No common sense? Kafirs, accept violence and fear from Islam without protest. This acceptance of violence is the sign of a profoundly molested psyche. Kafirs are the battered wife and molested child of Islam.

Violent molestation can cause complete denial.

Molestation of the Mind

Islam’s explosive jihad that destroyed half of Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism was pure violence. Now let’s look at what manifests after violent molestation. The YWCA Rape Crisis Counselor Training Manual shows the following reactions are common among victims of rape and child molestation.
Disbelief: the victim has an incredibly hard time believing that the attacks took place.

Kafirs are in absolute denial that a history of political Islam even exists.

Fear: fear is the tool that the abuser uses to control the victim.

Islam has used fear against intellectuals since day one. The first person Mohammed had assassinated was a poetess who mocked him. Any public critic lives in fear.

Fear the attacker will return
When will the next attack occur? (Answer: when we give up looking for it.)

Guilt: the victim finds a way to blame him/herself.
It is our fault. We have not treated Islam in the right way. When we have better social policies, life with Islam will be good.

Branded: the victim does not want others to find out about the crime.
Find a white person who knows that his ancestors were slaves for Islam or that Muslims paid top dollar to purchase a white sex slave in the Meccan slave market.

Humiliation: the victim feels shamed. The things that led to the abuse are hard to talk about.
The victims of jihad in the American immigrant community do not want to talk about the brutality that made them flee to America. Survivors are not bold. They are a beaten people.

Lack of control: during the attack the victim was helpless. This helplessness extends to dealing with the problem.
Where is the person who is optimistic about what can be done to deal with political Islam?

Anger: anger toward the attacker can be healthy. But frequently the anger turns inward.
Notice the rage and hatred in politics since 9/11. Everything is personal, hateful, mean, and spiteful. We don’t discuss ideas; we assassinate character.

Powerlessness: things will not get better.
Pessimism in all things is the note of the day.

Kafirs are the abused children of Islam.

The Abuser
Look at the traits and characteristics of the abuser.

Denial: the abuser denies that the abuse ever took place.
Find a single Muslim who accepts any of the crimes committed in the name of Islam. Anyone killed by jihad was killed in self-defense.

Inadequacy: Abusers come off as arrogant and overly self-confident.

A Muslim is never, ever wrong. Muslims are the best of people according to the Koran.

The word islam means “submit.” The abuser expects submission on the part of the victim.

Inability to understand or recognize the problem: the abuser is the last person to admit he has a problem.
Islam never has any problems. All of Islam’s problems are due to the kafirs.

Manipulation: the abuser wants to make the victim feel guilty.
Islam is the victim. Mohammed was always the victim. Study the Palestinian/Israel politics.

Obsessed with weapons
Have you ever noticed all the swords on Islamic flags and seals? The AK-47 rifle is even woven into Muslim rugs now.

We are all like abused children. Can we say that we fit the profile? Let’s look at Islam’s children one at a time and see how they manifest their abuse.

Bill Warner

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  1. Osama bin Laden is a moderate muslim.

    Is this a correct statement? Let us consider the facts, the evidence as some may say…

    PS. Wow. Fantastic article. This is where I wrote a post and included your article. Impressive. Somewhat shocking, but at least now we know why they have such a difficult time defining who the enemy is…

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