Ask Any Question About Political Islam – June 2022

Here’s a recording of our CSPII “Ask Anything about Political Islam” Webinar, June 19, 2022

A panel of five CSPII members answers the following questions:

  • How should we talk to the politicians in my country about the rise of power of Political Islam?
  • How do we approach churches about Political Islam?
  • How should Hindus deal with Political Islam?
  • Why are Western women ignoring the suffering of women under Islam?
  • Is the call to prayer religious or political?


The CSPII (Center for the Study of Political Islam International) is an independent non-profit research and educational organization. Our concern is with the ideological doctrine of Islam that relates to Kafirs (non-Muslims), and, therefore, is political. We define this part of the doctrine as “Political Islam”.

We analyze Islamic primary doctrine, and its continuous, harmful political impact on individuals and governments. We use scientific methods, rational thought and fact-based reasoning to show how the influence of Political Islam exponentially spreads within non-Islamic countries, creating the economic, legal and sociocultural foundation to turn them into Islamic ones.

CSPII informs and educates about the existential threat Political Islam poses to our civilizations with the aim to peacefully prevent its domination over people’s lives.

Learn more or join us.

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