Ask Any Question About Political Islam – Part 1

  1. How to deal with people who are ignorant about Political Islam, but do not want to learn?
  2. How to show people that Islam is more than a religion?
  3. How does Sharia differ from Western law?

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  1. Paul Kiernan

    Anybody know athe reference for where it states no penalty for killing a non Muslim?

  2. jeffhall4

    I have a “sticky situation” question.
    Many are considered “Good Muslims” but if a person claims to be Islamic and does not follow jihad, does that not mean they are Kafir? To proclaim you follow Islam but not “all the bad stuff” is that not the same as being a KKK member but not having problems with blacks or jews?

  3. michael845760

    Very informative! Thank you so much for producing this content and making it readily available to those of us who oppose Islam.

    KC, USA

  4. Bernie

    In showing that Islam is more than a religion that in doing so we are not persecuted or prosecuted in what we say? Why is speaking truth so Islamaphobic or consider to be hate speech when this is not what we are doing. Media doesn’t help Politicians don’t help No Authorities help. So how or who can we speak loud enough to??

  5. Bernie

    How is it that recently a mass shooting occurred in America The media rants about it being racist
    That it racial ideology That white supremacy is real that it’s the cause of the hatred etc etc
    Yet anyone who speaks the same way about Islam they’re Islamaphobic hate speech comes to mind and people are condemned for referring that Islam teaches the ideology of hatred towards the Kafir. H oh can we wake up Govts politicians media that speaking of Islam is no different to them speaking about this mass shooting? How can we educate these people without us being persecuted or prosecuted

  6. Duncan Thorburn

    Three Mixes of Questions really:
    1. Muhammad’s Paedophile Sex Life, which feeds into Sharia Law: Why is it okay to have very young Paedophile Sex, of both Sexes to a Male Adult, yet NOT when they have Pubic Hair Gay Sex? What are the ages of from: Early young Child, to what age? and from what age is a Gay Male Executed, from Tall Buildings?
    2. Poetry Contests of Two Waring Groups met before Battle, is there a History of this? Who was the Poet long dead before Muhammad, but in the Quran?
    3. Is there any History of the Medina Hill Bandits, that became Muhammad’s Muslim Gang, before becoming Bandits, what ingredients of these Bandits were they? From where? What Crimes? What Ages? What History?

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