Asking Hard Questions

Muslim political candidates do not get asked tough questions. This is a wrong headed attitude. Why do we act nice when it is time to be an adult? It is time to ask Muslims about the Islam they practice and how that will affect their service, if elected.

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  2. cody927

    Are people in Tennessee really this weak and stupid about Islam?.
    I live in rural Pa. and folks here don’t seem to be that daft when you talk to them about it.

    May I relate a story that occurred up Pa. way earlier in the year?

    A hateful, Anti-Christ, Muhammadan woman was elected into the Pa. State House last Nov. Her name is Movita Johnson-Harrell. An American Black woman who converted to Islam from an all-Black district around Phillie. She threw an absolute fit because a Christian House Representative from another district, Stephanie Borowicz, stood up and said a prayer in the Name of Christ (likely because this lady is also a dreaded Caucasoid). Of course, she and her Muhammadan acolytes had to have their Quran recital in order to compensate for all the “hate” they had to endure at hearing the Name of Jesus Christ (talk about a nation on the downhill slide). Of course, The filthy, Marxist, anti-theistic, traitorous Democrats stood with the Muhammadans over their own.
    The Muslima threw a conniption, yelling “hate”, “racist”, all the typical Marxist name-calling BS. Hate for professing the Name of Christ. That’s a new one. This woman is obviously possessed by another Spirit, and it’s not the Holy one. This is what Islam does to people. Turns them into demonic haters and full of rage.
    I wrote a letter to Stephanie Borowicz telling her I supported her and don’t dare apologize to these hateful creatures. SHE NEVER DID!!!. SHE IS ONE OF THE FEW WITH A LITTLE SPINE.
    This was some months back and I have not heard anything lately, so I guess the dust finally settled down

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