Bhutto – Business as Usual

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A Muslim teacher at Georgetown University expects that the United States will have at least 30 Muslim mayors by the year 2015.. (A hat tip to acocoran at
The Muslim Brotherhood has members in all large U.S. cities, many trained in Saudi Arabia. Who are they and what do they stand for?

Bhutto–Business as Usual

The assassination of Benazir Bhutto, the corrupt and incompetent former Prime Minister of Pakistan, is business as usual. Political assassinations are as Islamic as bowing to Mecca. See Iraq for an almost daily affirmation of the assassination politics.

Islamic “democracy” includes assassinations of opponents. This is another example of how duality works in Islam. Islam does not copy anything from the kafir without adding Islam. Kafirs and Islam use the same words such as democracy and peace, but Islam has an opposite meaning for the same word. Islamic women’s rights include beatings; Islamic peace includes killing.All Islamic politics are based on Mohammed’s politics. Here are some of Mohammed’s ideal political examples that he established for all times and all Islam.

Who Will Rid Me of Ashraf?

Al Ashraf, a Jew, wrote a poem that criticized Mohammed. Mohammed asked for volunteers to assassinate Al Ashraf. The plotters asked Mohammed if they could lie and deceive the Jewish poet. Mohammed told them to say whatever was needed to do the job. The lies played on Al Ashraf’s sympathy and willingness to help others. The Muslims were able to use their knives and kill the “enemy of Allah”. When they returned to give Mohammed the news of how they had killed his intellectual opponent, he was praying.

The Killing of the Jew–Abu Rabi

Some of the Muslims were jealous of the praise given to the assassins of Al Ashraf. Mohammed gave them permission to kill another Jew, Abu Rabi. They attacked him at night using their swords. When they returned to give Mohamed the news, they argued over which Muslim was actually the one who gave the death stroke. Mohammed asked to see their swords. One of them actually had some food on it from the thrust to the stomach. Mohammed gave him the credit for the assassination.

Another Enemy of Allah Killed

One of the kafir leaders who opposed Mohammed was targeted for death. The assassin went to see the leader and volunteered for his army. As they walked and talked, the Muslim killed him with a knife. When he returned and told Mohammed, he was given a stick. Later he went to Mohammed and asked him why he was given the stick. Mohammed told him that on Judgment Day all of those with such sticks would get an automatic pass into Paradise.

Another Opponent Assassinated

A leader of a coalition of tribes who opposed Mohammed received the same treatment, except the assassin cut off his head. When the killer returned to Mohammed, he gave Mohammed the head of his enemy. He also was given a special stick for Judgment Day.

The Attempted Assassination

Mohammed sent assassins to kill another political opponent. They could not do so, but they were able to kill some kafirs and kidnap one man. They returned and told Mohammed how they had killed one man as he slept, by thrusting a bow in his eye into the back of his head. Mohammed laughed so hard that you could see his rear teeth.

Assassination of opponents is the way of Islamic politics. But, Muslims are not supposed to kill other Muslims. But what is a Muslim? Muslims kill each other all the time. The first step is to declare that the other person is not really a Muslim, because of whatever reasons need to be dreamed up. Now the opponent is not really a true believer and they are fair game.

When the media and politicians are shocked at Islamic assassinations, they show their ignorance of Islam. Islam uses violence as a sacrament to make all others submit. Out of the first four caliphs, three were assassinated.

Assassination is Sunna (the model behavior of Mohammed). All Islamic political leaders live in fear of assassination. Only dhimmis are shocked at this.

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  1. Lawrence Yarborough

    The nation of Islam is Evil and deserves a pigs death

  2. Deborah Lowery

    Very important facts that we, as Americans, need to know. Excellent article!!!!!

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