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When my talk was announced recently, the “virtuous” progressives call a critic a bigot. They did not produce a single fact, but said that a leftist group claimed that I was one of the chief Muslim bashers. Which is very odd since I don’t talk about Muslims, just Mohammed and Allah. I am an opponent of political Islam, not Muslims.

They charge me with presenting a “slanted” view of Islam, which is true. Three different views of Islam are demonstrated by the reaction to the day that Mohammed beheaded 800 Jews. Muslims see it as a day of victory; apologists see it as just another historic event. My view is that of a Kafir – beheading the Jews because they said that Mohammed was not a prophet – was an evil act. If you speak about Islamic political doctrine the apologists say you are a bigot.

A clergyman weighed in to say that I do not appreciate the vibrancy of Muslim culture. He is right. I only care about political Islam. I would hope that he would care about the brutality of Islam about Christians in Africa and the Middle East, but he is silent about that evil.

A community college president said that I should be forbidden to speak. This is symptomatic about schools becoming centers of ideology, not fact-based reasoning.

Why all of the insults? It is the only weapon of the ignorant.

Фанатик, расист, ненавистник, исламофоб.
Когда недавно было объявлено о моем выступлении, “добродетельные” прогрессисты решили изменить свою обычную грязную тактику. Они не представили ни одного факта обо мне, но сказали, будто какая-то левая группа утверждает, что я являюсь одним из главарей ненавистников мусульман. Это весьма странно, потому что я не говорю о мусульманах, а только о Мухаммаде и Аллахе. Я противник политического Ислама, а не мусульман.
Они обвиняют меня в том, что я даю “скудное” представление об Ислама, что является правдой. Весь Ислам показал себя, когда Мухаммад казнил 800 иудеев. Мусульмане считают это днем победы, апологеты видят в этом просто еще одно историческое событие. Мое мнение, мнение Кафира: обезглавить иудеев только потому, что они сказали, что Мухаммад не был пророком – это акт дикости. Но стоит вам заговорить об исламской политической доктрине, как апологеты начинают утверждать, что вы фанатик.
Священник решился сказать, что я не ценю динамизма мусульманской культуры. Он прав. Меня заботит только политический Ислам. Я хотел бы надеяться, что его заботит жестокость Ислама в отношении христиан в Африке и на Ближнем Востоке, но он умалчивает об этом зле.
Директор общинного колледжа сказал, что мне следует запретить выступать. Это симптоматично для школ, которые становятся центрами идеологии, а не рассуждения, основанного на фактах.
Зачем нужны такие оскорбления? Они являются единственным оружием невежд.

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  1. dick_silk

    Anytime a university-related individual suppresses freedom of speech, s/he needs to be suppressed in kind.

  2. dymphna

    The eternal “cleansing” of non-Muslims on the Indian subcontinent continues. The Arabs coming out of the desert took advantage everywhere of local frictions and factions to divide and slaughter. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, etc., have been decimated over and over again, temples destroyed and their best and brightest killed.

    But these sub-par desert tribes represented a revolutionary barbarism – one so heinous that anyone who studies it in any depth begins to believe that Evil really is an entity. We have not evolved to deal with it; if anything, the repeated slaughters have left us weaker and dumber.

    Islam is akin to a spirochete which eventually kills its host, but not before it leaves an individual with his brain eaten out in the tertiary phase. In many places where Islam has a deep hold or a wide influence, that tertiary stage seems to have been reached. I hope I am wrong, but if they keep slaughtering the courageous and the intelligent, do we not actually lose ground?

  3. dymphna

    Bill: was just reading an essay on our blog by an Israeli talking about the inability of EU governments to keep Jews safe. I wanted to turn away, and then I remembered your essay: THEY RELY ON OUR FEAR TO MAKE US TURN AWAY…

    …I’m no less heartsick, but at least now I can bear it a bit better. As Viktor Frankl said, we can bear anything if we know the reason WHY…

    Thank you…

    Gates of Vienna

  4. pdb_net2

    I learned from your existance through an article in the “Huffington post” ( ) and a site about “political islam” sounds both good and bad to me. Personally i’m an atheist and a “left” guy (i think liberal capitalsim is criminal) and from that perspective i’m not only anti muslim but anti religion and anti liberal capitalism. If you think from that perspective the term “political islam” raises some suspicion to me. The suspicion being that people like me consider any religion political ( a non-political religion is a guy sitting in a closed room having his own personal conversation with what ever god he’s talking to ). This makes the term “political islam” sound retorical me, with discriminating intent. But i could be wrong in that, and as is the term is totally acceptable. As always in history good ideas are being hijacked and the of course the totally reasonable criticism of Islam is no exception. So enlighten me Mr. Warner, are you a rightwing christian capitalist trying to make Islam look bad, or a dirty communist like me?

    • zander

      The personal is political. Religion is deeply personal. I would call atheism an answer to a religious question as Dr. Bill has so eloquently put it. Islam has a Meccan portion which is non-invasive, shall we say. It’s like a ‘here is how we love our creator and life’ book. The second part, the Medinan Koran which begins the chronicling of whacking off heads of those who won’t convert gets very detailed about what more to do to whom and with those who will not submit. This is more blatantly the political portion of Islam as it centers around how to treat the ‘politic’ [L. for the people] under the auspices of Islam for the political empowerment and advancement of the warlike so -called religious system. It’s really a system I like to call the Borg, designed to envelop and destroy other civilizations. It adapts not, tolerates not, incorporates not ~ other than by hostile take-over. Stealing ~ yea, they got their alphabet from Syrian Christians. They lifted all the lovey dovey bits of their handbooks from religions which preceded them, including paganism which always seems to get a bad rap ~ it’s humanism has endured despite the many bloody religious which have surpresed paganism through the centuries a la Camille Paglia. . But the whacking, the enslaving and the rampant paedophilia ~ Islam pretty much pioneered that in an organized mass scale.

  5. Sir Loin

    Greetings Bill
    You are much better than cheese, I want to clone you and sell you as rat bate. Just your head will do, keeping true to tradition because you bring out all the rats that live in and around us. I see and I hope all others will eventually see, with you as bate, we do indeed have an infestation.

  6. michael

    Yes, it is truly bizarre to see the left, with fascistic fervor, defend Muslims that despise everything, I mean everything, that the left say it stands for. It’s a typical example of how the left always side with the enemy of the West.

    • zander

      Well, said. Gavin McInnes says they are looking to taunt authority figures by endorsing increasingly outrageous things as a form of childish defiance. The hysteria over the ‘chalking’ where SJWs said they needed a safe space away from areas where ‘Trump 2016’ had been written in chalk on some stairs on a campus where some of these nutters attended is a good example. He says their defying Western civilization as a whole as a form of defiance of patriarchy. In other words, teen rebellion just got GLOBALIZED.

  7. zander

    By the way, the Southern Poverty Law Center is completely discredited by the Elohim City fiasco where they pretended to be Nazi’s themselves to stir up hysteria & support for their [dubious] cause. I should like to call it the Looking down our nose at all Southern culture center ~ we shall teach you how to be ‘enlightened’ ~ never mind the many statistics about slavery: 1.4 whites owned slaves, 29% freed blacks owned slaves, General Lee owned ZERO slaves, Grant had tangential ownership in dozens ~ not the mention the financial interest of those who self identified as Jewish involved in the slave trade. The SPLC takes a jingoistic stance to whip into a frenzy from a standpoint of arrogance and self-righteousness fueled by the ‘wound currency’ of the suffering of members with which they identify. News flash ~ ALL RACES AND CULTURES HAVE EXPERIENCED SLAVERY & OPPRESSION. Most endure, die trying to escape and then try move on with their lives. The European slaves did not make a cottage industry out of whining about their BRUTAL enslavement at the hands of the Muslims, for example. These intellectually dishonest hysteria peddlers are the unstable ones. You’re on course. God bless you, Dr. Bill.

  8. zander

    Fascinating ~ they have no logical response to the meticulously documented information which you present which points to a direct and long-standing, not to mention STATED threat to our Western civilization so they resort to name calling. Kill the messenger. The self-loathing of the West could be its undoing. Personally, I think the tides are turning. No one could be a better living factual presentation of the dangers of Political Islam than ISIS themselves and they are doing a bang up job. Even if people think they should hide their new found realizations about the dangers of Political Islam to their own Golden Rule/Renaissance/Post Reformation way of life, inside they are on the alert. ISIS is showing that there is nothing new under the sun in Political Islam. I hear murmurs among culturally raised [though non-practicing] Muslims I have known since childhood as neighbors of the need for some sort of reformation in Islam. These individuals grew up in Lebanon with their sisters going to high school in mini skirts, long flowing hair and go-go boots. Now every woman in the place seems to have a bag over her head. They don’t like it much either. But, in any event ~ Kafir centric must remain our focus. That is our duty. You know you’re over the target when you’re getting flak, Sir. Well done.

  9. cef

    To quote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UHDR).

    Article 19.
    Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

    Article 12.
    No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

    However, the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam (CDHRI) is a declaration of member states of which reaffirms the inequalities inherent in Islamic law.

    Where the apologists for Islam fail, is that they believe that they can both support the UDHR and the demands of a religion that opposes the UDHR.

    The principle is that the UDHR allows for freedom of worship but not freedom to contravene the UDHR.

    Oriana Fallaci said: “You can believe in rocks as long as you don’t throw them at me” which makes the same point.

  10. alopatin

    Dr. Warner, I’ve been reading and learning from you for years now. I’ve also observed the intellectual charlatanism and the the bigotry and fanaticism, bordering on insanity, of a good chunk of the liberal arts/social sciences professoriate. Whether they are idiots or not is hard to say, but they certainly have proven themselves useful to the stealth jihadists in our midst. So, to, have the ever-growing numbers of educrats; i.e., the ever-growing numbers of university and college staff devoted not to education but to paper pushing of various sorts. All three are corrupters of youth and a clear and present danger to classical-liberal values. Kudos to you, Dr. Warner. And a pox on your enemies, who dare not debate you.

  11. anti-statist

    Dr. Warner, I must say that it is more than mildly disheartening that you are treated so disrespectfully. The political correctness that has been embraced by America, and especially American colleges; is beyond deplorable! Personally, it doesn’t need to be said, but I will say it anyway, you sir are not unstable.

  12. disseo3

    Good job Bill. You sure have your hands full trying to keep the rest of us sane.
    Will keep you in our payers. God be with you.

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