Bill Warner and Robert Spencer Interview

This is the first time that Spencer and I have been together. We both enjoyed ourselves in a great interview.

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    I am reading Mohamed Measured at the moment and this has enriched my understanding of Islam by leaps and bounds. I think this video was in a great format, good questions, well answered, and from two perspectives to add nuance, and I like the host being an apostate. I think interviews with apostates (maybe their names need disguising of course, and their faces may be blurred out) but hearing from apostates I’m sure is another in-road into wkaing up the, sadly, generally unwakable western public. I am passing the link onto open minded people I know (which is not many sadly).

    I think it would also be good to hear from a christian cleric – if you can find one who is on-side – and have their perspective of why the church is the West is so limp and anaemic about its own faith.

    And maybe there is a political leader – not the ones the media demonise in the press but a relatively neutral but respected one – who is on-side who can criticise his own kind on the issue and give insight into why regular politicians no longer stand up for their own people and perhaps get away with it because it cannot threaten their career any longer. Maybe a sort of Pat Buchanon or someone such as that for example.

    Just ideas. I feel as frustrated as you guys must about Islam and the insideous way it is being allowed/encouraged to eat away our society by the powerful Left. I feel we are experiencing how how Islam destroyed the first West (the Roman Empire) all over again.

  2. rooare

    Thanks for this great presentation on Islam. May God watch over and protect you for all who speak truth about Islam are in danger from Islamists.

  3. anti-statist

    This is truly a great presentation. I appreciate this young Indian woman for both facilitating, and presenting Bill and Robert in such a cogent and effective way!

  4. Bernie

    Dr Warner. Once again a well presented discussion of Islam
    More interesting in the Q&A I was pleased to see and hear Nr Spencer. I find him interesting to listen to A well educated man on Islam. I’m hoping there will be more of these kinds of discussions You are both correct in saying that the people must be educated in Islam to understand and defeat its intentions to destroy civilisation as we know it

    Thank you gentlemen for an interesting program

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