Winning with Precise Words: A guide to understanding Islam

It is very difficult to have the right thoughts if you don’t have the right words. Almost all of the words used in talking about Islam are subjective. What do words like moderate Islam and radical Islam actually mean? They are subjective terms. We need to use the objective names that are found in the doctrine of Islam.
The logic and correct naming must come from Allah and Mohammed, the Koran and the Sunna, the Trilogy. Just as there are two Korans, Meccan and Medinan, there are two kinds of Islam and Muslim. Instead of moderate Islam/Muslim, it is Meccan Islam/Meccan Islam. Instead of radical Islam/Muslim, the correct name is Medinan Islam. Don’t say terrorist, say jihadist.
Don’t get involved with Islam, the religion, only deal with political Islam, the Islam for Kafirs.

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  1. anti-statist

    Thank you Dr. Warner for this excellent presentation!

  2. anti-statist

    Thank you Dr. Warner for this very informative presentation!

  3. samcginty

    Thank you Dr. Warner. Keep up the good work, sir.

  4. Mike

    Excellent rational analysis based on fact based reasoning. Islam is not understood by the political leaders of the West, and what is more troubling is that they do not WANT to understand, for understanding and exposing Islam to critical thought will change their world view. Our political leaders are weak. We need to support brave leaders like Mr. Warner; I appreciate the exposure of the truth about our history and struggle, and I will fully support a grassroots movement to educate Western Civilization on waking up from our materialistic, conformist slumber. We are in a fight for survival. Believe that.

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