Blow Back

Last Friday, Tommy Robinson became a political prisoner in “Soviet” England.  He was arrested during his live-stream reporting of the sentencing of rape gang who kept young girls as sex slaves.  Tommy was rushed to jail, and subsequently the UK government issued a media ban on the event. UK soon discovered it could silence the British press, but it couldn’t silence the world. So, they lifted the ban.

The UK censorship represents a heavy handed move by the Establishment to gag Tommy from reporting truth about the politics of Islam in Britain.

But the truth proved more powerful than the UK’s mainstream media ban. The blowback from the British court’s initial censorship of Tommy’s arrest and incarceration has produced world-wide sympathy for him and a concern for the state of free speech in the West. The English courts inadvertently made Tommy a symbol for free speech. Their call to silence became a wake up call.

The British government’s response was more like the totalitarian tactics of a Communist country or an Islamic nation than a supposedly free Western society. Their action to silence the press indicates a desire to operate in secret and exposes a government that no longer trusts its own citizens. If a country no longer trusts is own citizens or cares what they think, it is no longer a representative government.  When a government doesn’t listen, and acts independently of the people, it is a tyranny.

This gang rape trial smears the political Elite’s migration fantasy. The British government is complicit in a failed social experiment and wont’t admit it. Instead, they want to cover it up. These political crimes of coverup are on par with the crime itself. But the attempted coverup failed. As the people of the UK become more and more sick of the lies, sick of cover ups, sick of pretending, sick of a government that won’t listen, there will be continued blowback. All is not lost.

Tommy is the working class hero for the forgotten men and women of England who have now been galvanized into protest. We can only hope this will ultimately lead to the organization of new political party, one that is formed on a strong platform of freedom of speech and individual liberty. Britain is attempting to silence critics of Islam at every turn. This is dhimmitude, submission to Sharia. We must refuse to stand for it.


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  1. gfmucci

    Britain has gone off the deep end in their being rabid defendes/promoters of Islam. My concern is that that country is now irredeemable – a lost cause – the end of free speech – a reversion to King John at Runnymede tactics, but worse with a distinct poisonous Sharia flavor. No Magna Carta will come of this.

  2. bobfincher

    Coming from the second capital in England, the arrest of Tommy Robinson was just another stones throw away and another nail in the coffin of free speech. Even listening to those in the know who state ‘Tommy knew what he was doing’ are grabbing the wrong thistle. Tommy has got too popular and is really looking like he can carry some weight within the trade of journalism. He has let his plans be known and unfortunately his opponents have got him cornered in a prison cell for the moment at least. We, the common man and woman on the street are behind him and wether it is the Tories or Labour in power their days are numbered. There is a party For Britain. Watch this space!

  3. dick_silk

    If you’ll recall, “tyranny” was the reason the Colonies rejected the Crown back in 1776. I see nothing much has changed in over 241 years. Hypocrisy is a mind-ripper and a soul-stealer. It’s the perfect soil in which to grow Sharia Creep.

  4. djackson_iii

    This is a great read! FREE TOMMY!

  5. 4scottishthistles

    For Canadian readers, rallies across the nation have been called for Friday, June 1st, 2018.Details are below the quote. If you are unable to attend, I encourage you to write a letter to one or more of the addresses provided.
    “Explain why white men accused of pedophilia are allowed to be photographed and questioned by reporters on court steps, while Pakistani Muslims are not. Explain why a police force that took three decades to start dealing with Muslim rape gangs was able to arrest and incarcerate a journalist within a few scant hours. Explain why a man can be arrested for breaching the peace when no violence has taken place. To the British government: explain your actions, or open Tommy Robinson’s cell and let him walk free. The arrest of Tommy Robinson is a hammer-blow to the fragile base of people’s respect for British law. The reality that he could be grabbed off the street and thrown into a dangerous jail – in a matter of hours – is deeply shocking.” ~ Stephan Molyneux ~

    Despite mass demonstrations of support for Tommy all around the world, there has been a total media blackout on all of the protests and statements of support. To spread the truth about what has really happened, there has been a call to rally outside British Embassies or High Commissions and Consulates around the world at noon on Friday. To the best of my knowledge, there is no co-ordinated effort to organize this in Canada (I am going out of town unfortunately) but ACT! For Canada urges each of you who cares about Tommy to round up your friends, make signs (see images below) and rally for his release.

    Below are the addresses of the British High Commission (Ottawa) and Consulates in Canada:


    5100-150 6 Ave SW
    Calgary Alberta T2P 3Y7


    1 Canal Street
    Dartmouth NS B2Y 3Y9


    2000 McGill College Avenue
    Suite 1940
    Montreal, QC H3A 3H3


    80 Elgin Street
    Ottawa ON K1P 5K7

    Quebec City

    1150 Claire Fontaine, Suite 700
    Quebec City QC G1R 5G4


    777 Bay Street, Suite 2800
    College Park
    Toronto ON M5G 2G2


    1111 Melville Street, Suite 800
    Vancouver BC V6E 3V6


    2500-360 Main Street
    Winnipeg, MB R3C 4H6

    (Source: ACT! For Canada-May 30, 2018)

  6. Carole72

    He is an amazing man and it seems at last the people of the UK are waking up to what is happening to our nation!
    I have been trying to voice this for several years while all the time things were deteriorating, even my family couldn`t see it, which has been very frustrating!
    I agree entirely with the `Blow Back` article above and am sharing this as much as I can!
    Well done Bill Warner!

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