Boots on the Ground Activists

The way to defeat Political Islam is to educate Kafirs about the facts of Islamic political doctrine.

This interview is with Dave Vance, who has worked for some years opposing Political Islam. Dave shares his experiences, tactics and concerns as an on-the-ground activist, educating people about Political Islam.

And we examine how we are doing educating the public twenty-one years after the jihad attacks on the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon.

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  1. Cynthia

    Thanks Bill! I have a growing library due to you and several others on Islam. Frustrating part is so many Americans just don’t want to know about the colonization and political jihad going on all around them. Spiritual warfare is very evident but we are called to keep telling the truth.

  2. armykel47

    Bill Warner,

    I always enjoy every email/video I get from Political Islam. I post them to 40 of my messenger friends,, I’m in the process of compiling concise documents on the dangers of Islam, which I intend to send to Ronna McDaniels (Chairwoman Republican Nat’l Committee), though I don’t expect much of a response. The National Republican feel good meetings/get togethers, has denied speakers such as Pamela Geller and John Guandolo. I make posts on emails I get from John Guandolo to in an effort that President Trump might read them.

    My goal is to stick this critical Islamic information in the face of key Republican leaders, such that, they’d have to accept or deny its existence. Force them to act accordingly. Getting it in their face is the issue. I have specific mailing addresses, that’s the best I can do. I can attend special political speaking events, in an effort to get in front of them.

    I have limited, concise documentation/pamphlets from, I have John Guandolo’s last email entitled “In the Shadow of 9/11: Only Patriots Can Win The War Now”, I have most of your books which I can draw from, a book called “Reliance of the Traveler” to draw from. I want to keep everything short, concise, poignant. It will take some time, not more than 30 days.

    Best Regards,
    Patrick Kelley

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