Bulletin of Christian Persecution Feb 27

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Dhaka, Bangladesh: Christian and human rights activists say that doctors likely fabricated a medical report which concluded that there were no signs of (gang) rape in the wife of a pastor whom local Muslims have now threatened for pressing charges. 2/20

Baniarchar, Bangladesh: Christians seek justice in the case of a church which was bombed, killing ten. 2/17

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina: The 41% Christian minority is angered at a decision to teach Islam to kindergartners, as they view it as “an obvious attempt to Islamize the city.” 2/10

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina: A “radical, potentially violent parallel society” is emerging as Saudi petrodollars bring radicalization of Bosnians, who “are only interested in opening [themselves] as an Islamic society.” 2/25

Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina: Bosnian Serbs have been ordered to pay $41.8 million to rebuild mosques destroyed in war. Albanian Muslims have not been asked to rebuild the 112 Serbian Orthodox churches which they systematically ransacked or the 10 Orthodox cemeteries they defiled, possibly because they have . 2/20

Egypt: a bill which would legalize unofficial marriage contracts was vehemently opposed, not because MPs had a problem with the actual bill, but because it was proposed by a Christian MP. 2/23

Egypt: A Christian mother has won the right to appeal a law which automatically gives custody of children to a Muslim parent is one parent converts to Islam. This has implications for the children’s religious freedom since they would be legally Muslim if their father is and conversion from Islam is very difficult in Egypt. 2/20

Kano, Nigeria: Five were killed after three churches were burned by Muslim youths in retaliation for the burning of two mosques.The incident began with a broken-down truck and a riot ensued. 2/21

Kano, Nigeria: The attacks in Kano continued after a curfew was imposed. At the time of the report 11 people were killed and 14 churches, 8 vicarages, one mosque (which contradicts the previous story), and many Christian homes were razed to the ground. 2/23

Gambia: Two missionaries were sentenced in December to a year of hard labor for sedition and other charges after emailing a letter of support to a prayer list. 2/17

Nineveh, Iraq: Three Assyrians were fired from their jobs for not voting for the pro-Kurdish Ishtar slate (party). Recent developments substantiate a report about threats of economic sanctions against Assyrians by the Ishtar slate. 2/20

Lampedusa, Italy: 300 migrants torched the island’s for Identification and Expulsion. This comes after 700 migrants broke the Centre’s fence and fled last month. 31,700 migrants invaded on Lampedusa last year. 2/19

Rome, Italy: An Iraqi archbishop pleads with foreign leaders not to abandon the Christians of Iraq by creating a “security vacuum” when allied troops withdraw. 2/23

Kosovo: Serbian authorities are investigating the trafficking of organs taken from Serbs by Albanians during the war of 1998-1999 in light of new photographic evidence. 2/23

Lipljan and Donja Budriga, Kosovo: two Serbs were beaten and another shot. The police seem to be complicit, but are investigating the second incident. “Attacks on Serbs occur daily in Kosovo.” 2/18

Beirut, Lebanon: Two dozen bishops met at a conference to discuss the tragedy of the situation of Iraq’s Christians. 2/22

Chak, Pakistan: A woman whose father rented five acres of land to a Muslim farmer is fighting the tenant for her land. The farmer’s lease was up, but he forged documents stating that he owned all 11 acres of the land, which was left to her. Police refuse to investigate. 2/17

Punjab province, Pakistan: Murder, kidnappings, gang rape, head injuries, and slavery. 2/24

Pakistan: The Pakistani Christian Congress has filed a petition with the UN to grant refugee status to Pakistani Christians who have suffered “threats to convert to Islam or die by Islamist elements” like the Taliban. 2/25

Sargodha, Pakistan: Police opened fire on Christians who were protesting a police robbery of a widow. 2/26

Sahiwal, Pakistan: The hearing of the case of a girl who was kidnapped a year ago and is chained-up is set to be tried due to numerous petitions by a prominent lawyer. 2/22

Mogadishu, Somalia: Two nuns who were abducted at gunpoint in Kenya and taken to Somalia were freed, but are still traumatized. 2/23

Somalia: Two homicide bombers attacked “African crusaders,” i.e. African Union peacekeepers, during a church service, killing 11. 2/23

Sweden: Jihad on the elderly (video). 10/25/08

Malakal, Sudan: A jihadist militia arrived in the town and refused to leave despite U.N. attempts to persuade them. They are clashing with the South Sudan’s army and militiamen. 2/24

Malatya, Turkey: Links to the mastermind of the Malatya murders are being pursued in order to determine the size and the structure of the “deep-state” conspiracy. 2/24

Istanbul, Turkey: New evidence has come to light indicating that two or more perpetrators were involved in the abduction, rape, and murder of Giuseppina Pasqualino di Marineo a.k.a.Pippa Bacca last year. 2/18

UK: Two Muslim “sex pests” who sexually assaulted three 13-year-old girls last year were set free after pleading guilty. The article says that they merely touched the girls inappropriately, but they were both charged with rape. 2/10

UK: British women (and little girls and old ladies) pay a high price for multiculturalism as rates of rape and other violent crimes soar. 2/11

UK: Religion or Belief: a Practical Guide for the NHS, has been written ostensibly in order to comply with human rights, but it actually serves to push Sharia norms like no jewelry and no staff meetings where alcohol is served.1/11

UK: A Muslim blogger has launched a smear campaign, possibly at the bequest of an Anglican Evangelical, against Patrick Sookdhdeo, Christian leader, director of the Barnabas Fund and the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity, and author of many books. The Barnabas Fund asks for your prayers. 2/15

UK: Baroness Cox tabled serious concerns about the human rights violations of non-Muslims in Egypt, as well as Nigeria and Sudan in light of the UN resolution against defamation of religions. 2/25

Hoboken, NJ, USA: A 4-volume Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization , which was set for release this month, was pulped for being “too Christian.” “They also object to historical references to the persecution and massacres of Christians by Muslims, but at the same time want references favorable to Islam,” says the editor. 2/11

Everywhere: Christians are being persecuted worldwide (video).

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