Bulletin of Christian Persecution March 6

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Egypt: Islamic lawyers charge a Christian convert with apostacy. He is in hiding and has been beaten in the street. 2/26

Egypt: Human rights, including freedom of religion, have declined in Egypt and other North African countries, according to a report from the State Department. 3/5

Egypt: The Foreign Ministry ignored an application from the Center for Human Rights to invite an international commission to conduct a census of Copts. 3/4

Ain Shams, Egypt: A Coptic jewelry shop was robbed and staff were beaten but the police won’t investigate. A Muslim man killed a Copt and beat his son. 3/5

Egypt: Authorities recently sentenced six Christian brothers to three years in prison for opening their café during Ramadan (video). 2/23

Abu Korkas, Egypt: Christian lawyer gets six-month prison sentence and a fine for complaining about an Islamist judge. 3/4

Egypt: An initiative seeks common law in the construction and maintenance of all places of worship, which are hard for Copts to carry out under current law. 2/26

Egypt: A Coptic boy who was kidnapped and hidden in a mosque for 9 months was returned to his family. 2/22

Egypt: Clerics are outraged after Al-Azhar agrees with a Vatican proposal to remove hatred of, and incitement of violence toward, Jews and Christians from school textbooks. 3/3

Louaize, Lebanon: Chaldean leaders met to discuss the persecution, genocide, and fleeing of Iraqi Christians. 3/5

Mosul, Iraq: Kurds seize land beyond the borders of their autonomous zone and into Christian Mosul. 3/5

Iran: The government has stepped up inquiries into Christian activities as conversions increase. 3/4

Turkey: The US State Department’s Human Rights Report on Turkey was released and the results are not good, but saying so could land you in jail for “insulting Turkish identity.” 2/26

Abuja, Nigeria: A Christian serving a three-year prison sentence for blasphemy against Islam was released. 2/26

Bauchi, Nigeria: Nine Christians have been brutally killed in sectarian violence after a curfew was imposed. International Christian Concern has called for an investigation. 2/25

Garissa, Kenya: A church is struggling 6 months after jihadists, who are still at large, destroyed the building. 3/5

Eritrea: Persecution of Christians increases as militant Muslims gain control in the Horn of Africa. 3/3

Sudan: Southerners are fearful that the indictment of Omar Bashir could jeopardize peace, which is tentative. 3/4

Juba, Sudan: People are displaced as a jihadist government militia clashes with the SPLA, a Christian militia. 2/25

Guinea-Bissau: Christians are fearful after the President and armed forces chief were killed in bomb blasts. 3/2

Kosovo: Wahhabism in the Balkans heats up anti-Christian rhetoric and violence. 3/4

Kosovo: Four states gear up for peacekeeping mission in Kosovo as UK troops are leaving and NATO troops are reported to be leaving and denying it, which could cause a crisis if the UN’s 6-point plan is not implemented. 3/4

Kacanik, Kosovo: An Albanian was arrested with a homicide vest and other weapons in a café in the Serbian province of Strpce, 2 weeks after a Serb was stabbed in the chest by Albanians. 2/16

Banja Luka, Bosnia-Herzegovina: Bosnian Serbs sue the UN and Holland for failing to protect them from Muslim Bosniaks in Srebrenica during the 1992-1995 war. 3/2

Belgrade, Serbia: A Serbian rights group files a complaint against the police for “numerous massive war crimes” in Kosovo. 3/3

Pristina, Kosovo: A Kosovo Albanian former rebel has been sentenced for murder and other charges after firing on a Serbian family. 3/4

Kosovo (?): The first Serbian victim of the organized Kosovo Albanian organ trade has been identified, as have his killers. 3/2

Kosovo (?): Son recognizes his missing father in a photograph in which he is under the gun of an Albanian separatist. 3/4

Kosovo: Wahhabis fund weapons for Albanian militants and set up Wahhabi cells across the Balkans. 3/2

Kosovo: Albanian police have been placed in charge of protecting Serbian churches, which Serbs are afraid of being killed for visiting. 3/5

Switzerland: Authorities are increasing security to “an unprecedented level” for the upcoming visit of the Serbian FM, whom Kosovo Albanians have planned to kill. 3/4

Istanbul, Turkey: A father sues the Education Ministry over an Armenian genocide DVD. 2/28

Padua, Italy: Immigrants have started patrolling the streets in the wake of a crime wave by Muslim immigrants in the Christian nation. 2/27

Brescia, Italy: Sharia exercised as a Maghrebi family is acquitted of beating and sequestering their daughter “for her own good.” 2/2

Vatican City: Church leaders meet to discuss ways to slow the exodus of Christians from the Middle East. 2/27

The Hague, Netherlands: The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia assigns collective guilt to Serbs, who feel that they are consistently denied justice. 3/2

Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan: Deadly military clashes erupt in Armenian-majority disputed territory. 3/4

Azerbaijan: The compulsory literature censorship system has now extended to the export of Christian literature, not just its import. 2/24

Bulgaria: Numerous southern villages are being converted to Islam by force. 3/3

Gujranwala, Pakistan: A Muslim mob attacked Christian worshippers, killing a woman and injuring 28 people. Authorities refuse to investigate. 3/3

Pakistan: Charges have been filed against the kidnappers of two young sisters, but the family fears that police will not cooperate. 2/27

Kasur, Pakistan: Two Christians were charged with blasphemy after being beaten. 3/2

Pakistan: Christians are fearful under newly-imposed Sharia law.3/2

Pakistan: Christians are denied representation in the Senate as their parties deny them tickets. 3/3

Sahiwal, Pakistan: A Christian woman was kidnapped by Muslim gunmen who attempted to convert her. 3/1

Pakistan: A Christian man is kidnapped and beaten by the Taliban, who attempted to convert him (video). 2/17

Faisalabad, Pakistan: A 13-year-old girl was kidnapped, raped for two days, and released, as part of a growing trend of kidnappings and forced conversions. 3/5

Kashmir: Young converts pray for the Pope after suffering horrors from Islamic militants. 2/27

Bangladesh: A pastor and his wife were terribly assaulted by Muslims outside their home: video. 3/3

Malaysia: Christian convert from Islam receives death threats and beatings (video). 2/17

Malaysia: Christians were allowed to use the word “Allah,” provided that it was qualified with “for Christians only.” They are banned from using three other words, and as of 3/4, “Allah” again. 2/27

UK: Hostility towards Christians and fear of Muslims are rising, according to a joint statement from Sam Soloman, Patrick Sookhdeo and Dennis Wrigley. 3/3

West Bromwich, UK: St. George Day is deemed ‘racist’ and banned. ‘Raceissues are increasingly common in the UK. 2/13

UK: The Catholic Church slams a new teaching code which forces Christian schools to promote Islam. 3/2

Montreal, Canada: “Take your knife and cut the throat of each Christian around you. No pity.” 2/12

Everywhere: The Persecution Report from Voice of the Martyrs Canada .

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