Can Muslim Fundamentalists Be Moral?

Today we have a guest columnist-Dr. Babu Suseelan. It is interesting that Isalmic morality is not discussed more often. Islam has a unique ethical system with one set of ethics for Muslims and another set of ethics for the kafirs.

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Dr. Babu Suseelan

All of us know daily occurrences of Jihadi terrorism, Islamic homicide bombing, beheading of innocent kafirs, and organized, repetitive, regular and predictable slaughter of Muslims by Shias and Sunnis in the name of Allah. In recent months we have seen Islamic bloodshed, mass murder, beheading, and homicide bombing in all countries with substantial number of Muslims. We have seen Muslims on a murder march shouting “Allah Akbar” in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Georgia, India, Philippians, Sudan and Chechnya. These are not a phenomena defined by the news media. Our judgments of reality based on daily occurrences tell us more about Islamic terrorism. Indeed, we take these destructive events for granted.

Beneath all the pictures and the prose on Jihadi terrorism and Islamic violence, we are still struggling to understand what is going on in the name of Islam. With all the freedom to discuss the subject of Jihadi terrorism, intellectuals on the far left and on the far right (anti-Zionists) are holding on to vague ideas about why Muslims resort to terrorism. They are ready to parade and promote bogus theories of economic deprivation, lack of education, and political interferences. Bogus intellectuals, Marxist Academicians and mindless media pundits resist incorporating a truly accurate understanding of the root cause of Jihadi terrorism. They merely transform their distortions and false myths into a new set of myths and willingly accept distorted perceptions in place of reality. They are rewarded by Islamo fascists in ways that they never quite understand. It is with Islamic false propaganda in which they place their confidence about the root cause of Islamic terrorism. Their faulty perception and irrational analysis are not sufficient to answer the public questions, doubts and fears on immoral acts and destructive acts of Muslim fundamentalists.

The general public must first be redirected from their eagerness to believe in such bogus theories, phony perceptions, and irrational analysis or they will stumble from one set of vulnerability to another set of immoral acts of Islamic fundamentalists.

Islam has a unique worldview. Islamic closed paradigm constitutes cultural patterns, beliefs, moral values, and social norms shared by the people of Arabia during the sixth century. For centuries, rigid, authoritarian and dualistic Islamic worldviews have been shaping Islamic behavior. The Islamic closed channel thinking is reflected in varied Islamic expressions as morality, social relationships, interpersonal communication as well as their ethical acts
Muslims have a sense of togetherness and a common identity. They have a conviction that they form a special group, as well as a sense of moral obligations and a set of beliefs in the Koran that holds that Islam is the only truth and non-believers are kafirs. Practically all Islamists share the view that Allah is the best superior being, the one those non-Muslims should follow. Faith in Allah usually accompanied by the belief that subjugation of non-Muslims is natural, morally right, and it is in the best interest of Islam to convert all infidels.

The Koran and the Hadith are two great driving forces in Islam both individually and socially. Islam provides a referent for the explanation of many events including ethical decisionmaking, rituals, and socially unacceptable acts including oppression of women, hostility against kafirs, honor killing, and Jihadi terrorism. It constitutes a system parallel to and in many ways opposed to ethical philosophy, and rational-humanistic systems.

For a Muslim, his life centers upon Allah and all his actions bear identifiable relations to Allah. As such, Islam forbids critical thinking, moral reasoning, and freedom of the will for Muslims. Equal status for women, self-examination and the expansion of ethical reasoning are not allowed. Islam does not allow introspection, creative imagination, aesthetic creation, humor and artistic expression or search for the expressions of the infinite. Muslims are not allowed the possibility of intellectual and emotional satisfaction through ethical and spiritual life outside of Islam. Islamic institutions assume important role to keep a firm hand over its non-rationality and direct its forces to restrict individual moral initiatives
Islamic fundamentalists consider Islam is a complete ideology related to all aspects of human nature concentrated on teleology, ethics, psychology and human behavior of all humans for all the time
Islamic moral principles are a one-sided mechanistic, reductionist, non-compromising, and closed. The closed, rigid, pre-determined and non-compromising Islamic paradigm and moral directives tend to place Muslims in oppositional position in relation to non-Muslims. The reductionist Islamic morality carries the assumption that moral principles of non-Muslims are inferior and should be rejected.

For Muslims, moral directives of the Koran and Hadith are the expression of ethics in operation. Muslims decide plan of action on the basis of Islamic values. Muslims believe that only knowledge of the Koran and Hadith can help individual Muslims solve conflicts between social and moral norms that create ethical dilemmas.

Islamic law reflects the will of Allah rather than the will of the moral majority or the will of a human lawmaker. Allah’s will reflect in Islamic law and it covers all areas of life including moral behavior. In an Islamic context, there is no such thing as a separate secular or moral authority and moral principles. Muslims believe and follow shariah. Islamic shariah means submission. Shariah seeks to establish that Allah is the divine lawgiver and no other law or moral principle may exist but Allah’s law and moral directives.

Islamic shariah includes both ethics and law. The Islamic law does not allow behavior norms based on individual conscience. The doctrine of shariah and jihad are fundamental because these are based on clear and authentic verses in the Koran and Sunna and it is considered pivotal for Muslims until all infidels are converted and Dar-Ul-Islam is established.

Muslims decide their plan of action on the basis of Islamic values and morality. Islam impels all Muslims emotionally to perform human acts directed towards Allah. Historically, there has been a very close connection between Islam and morality. Muslims consider duties that are primarily directed towards Allah and actions towards fellow believers and non-believers that are commanded by Allah. Immoral acts are practiced as moral duty such as slaughtering animals during Hajj, honor killing, Jihad war, beheading, limb amputation, stoning kafirs to death, Islamic feasting during Ramadan, oppression of women, child marriage and polygamy. These Islamic moral duties and rituals often lead to abnormal perversions and socially disastrous consequences.

Islamic religious practices frequently conflict with moral codes of many societies. Islam prohibits a Muslim living in a non-Islamic society to take moral action that may conflict with Islamic guidelines. Islam indoctrinates Muslims against the theoretical study of ethics, right civil conduct and moral action.

Muslim fundamentalists feel that there is nothing immoral about following the dictates of Allah or any immorality in forcefully converting infidels or issuing a fatwa against a kafir writing a book critical of Islam. Islamo fascists have no moral qualm in beheading an innocent non-Muslim journalist or hijacking a passenger plane in the name of Allah. Islamic fundamentalists committing immoral and heinous crimes against humanity should always weigh whether an action is morally right or wrong before the action is taken. Their commitment and love for Islamic guidelines cannot make a wrong action morally right. Even if Muslims are compelled to follow Islamic ethics that guide their actions, the difficulty remains regarding the need to compromise between their conflicting Islamic values to those of non-Muslims. Islamic fundamentalists should realize that knowledge of the Koran and the Hadith is insufficient in itself for knowing how to behave ethically. In this context, one is reminded of Kant who said that “morality….in no way needs religion for its support.” For Muslims, knowledge of ethics is needed for better moral action, not blind faith in Allah.

In view of the differences between Islam and morality, the question may be asked; can a Muslim fundamentalist be moral? A Muslim can be moral without Islam. A Muslim can do moral acts without emulating life style of Mohammed or his non-compromising preaching. They should follow the voices of conscience and strive for morality, ethical action, and harmony.

Morality implies adherence to social norms, laws, and civilized practices rather than blind obedience to invisible Allah. Muslims who are obligated to Allah should not obscure their obligations to morality and commitment to great intrinsic value of humans. Islam rejects ethical principles and moral practices of non-Muslims. Muslims seek answers by looking to and rediscovering irrational, outdated and illogical ideas and expressions from the past. Islam rejects differing worldviews, ethical philosophy and refuses to recognize changes in moral perspectives that emphasize the inter-relatedness of individuals and community and their mutual responsibility for one another.

The binary thinking and closed Islamic morality carries the assumption that non-Muslims are unethical, immoral and inferior and should be oppressed and forced to assume an Islamic identity. Non-Muslims are subjected to inhuman behavior as parts of a systematic destruction of kafirs. Islamic religious leaders promoting violence and terrorism against infidels express little shame, guilt, remorse, empathy or ethical concern. Jihadi criminals minimize or deny injuring victims by terrorism. They maintain feelings of uniqueness, tough mindedness by refusing to consider the feelings of non-Muslims. Muslims consider immoral acts and violence against infidels as not unethical but an opportunity to provide true Islamic awareness and a phase of Islamic identity development.

Do Muslims enjoy freedom? Freedom presupposes choice. If there is no choice, there is no freedom. Freedom is also not absolute. Ethics and moral action can exist only if freedom of choice exists. A Muslim or a non-Muslim can be moral if only he/she is free. Moral action is possible only if the freedom of the will and freedom of choice exist. In Islam, the will of Allah is final and dominant. Islam has forbidden freedom of choice, critical thinking, rational evaluation, and moral decision making if it conflicts with predetermined directives of the Koran
Philosophically, Muslims are un-free since they are imprisoned in the closed, non-compromising, authoritarian and reductionist Islamic dogma. Freedom also involves the capacity and opportunity to make moral decisions. Muslims are un-free because they are prevented or prohibited from doing conscientious moral actions if it conflicts with Allah’s will. Islam imposes inner limitations and Islamic religious leaders restrain them with external limitations. All these Islamic inner and outer restrictions prevent Muslims from doing conscientious acts consistent with social morality and ethical norms.

Islam teaches preconceived morality and fixed ideas about human relations and ethical behavior. Discrimination, prejudice, physical violence, and unethical behavior towards infidels are built often wittingly, into the very structure and form of Islamic society. Muslims tend to ignore unchanging Islamic values making them un-free and in moral blindness. They wish to remain ignorant of certain concepts and directives in the Koran that make them unable to make a moral choice without Islamic restraints.

Moral choice is possible only when one faces normal, better, acceptable and universally acclaimed alternatives. When the better alternatives are good, preferable and available, fundamentalist Muslims choose freedom from choice. Escape from freedom and freedom from choice enables Muslims to make lesser, harmful and dangerous Islamic choices. They rejoice their un-freedom when compelled to act on Islamic directives that are morally wrong and universally condemned.

It is time for Muslims and non-Muslims to ask the following questions:

Does Islam assist Muslims in transforming themselves and the Islamic society so that Muslims can welcome universal morality, preserve freedom, and promote ethical conduct, peace and harmony?

Can Muslims generally pursuing situational ethics transcend the limited interests of the Islamic community?

Both the Koran and Hadith are deficient and inadequate to serve as appropriate theories of ethics for practicing Muslims faced with ethical problems and moral dilemmas. Both deal with judgments in concrete situations based on subjective perceptions of Mohamed. Mohamed made decisions dependent on specific situation at hand. Mohamed’s situational ethics was based on the uniqueness of each situation for the advantage of Muslims. Muslims consider Mohamed’s situational ethics is guided by Allah and is universal and inflexible. Islamic situational ethics prohibits Muslims from recognizing the existence of moral values and freedom of choice to take decision according to one’s conscience.

Muslims can be moral if they can abandon their stubborn assumptions and question their absolute and monolithic norms. Muslims need to follow the rules of civic law and universally accepted moral principles. Ethical decisions cannot be solely based on Islamic values the guidelines of the Koran. In conclusion the question still remains: Why Muslims are afraid of freedom? Why are they unwilling to explore their moral decision-making?

Dr. Babu Suseelan is a professor of clinical psychology and the director of a drug and alcohol treatment program in Pennsylvania. He writes on the subject of Islamic terrorism and its effect on Hindu society.


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15 Responses

  1. Pieder

    I notice that while the word “conscience” does appear once in Pikthal (91:8), the Arabic word there does not seem to correspond to the Arabic possibilities tendered by Google: ضمير , ضمير وجدان , طوية , وفقا للضمير and حي الضمير).

    Would you please elaborate on this?

  2. Raja

    This blog on Muslim fundamentalism made some very good reading. What we are seeing since Sept 11 is “resurgence” of perceived uptrend in Islamic “strength” Vast majority of Moslems are nice humans living or appearing to live moral life across non-Islamic societes. You have to take into account the huge machinery that keeps “Islamic fundamentalism/terrorism” alive and making it work!!!!
    Some scientists or “intellectual” is bribed to praise Koran, fasting, equality , justice. Threate to anyone against Islam. Lies by linking Christianity and western Governments. There is never a “Christian” nation nor should there be one. Christ himself separated state and religion through his teachings and practice His disciples practiced and preached the same. .The average materialistic Westerner does not understand religion more so the evil designs of the fundamentalists. Tragically he has become a Cuckoo. What is happening in this knowledge age?

  3. Justin Eckstein

    We all have our own separate Beliefs, founded in various religions, because we are individuals. It only makes sense that a situation such as this would produce various ways to praise OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, the Creator. I think my Beliefs are correct as much as you do yours. Common sense.
    “Everyone thinks he’s right. And some of us are so convinced that we’re even willing to fight to the death for what we believe. And with all that conviction, sincere as it may be, we keep digging ourselves in, and making that [hole] deeper and deeper, because in the final analysis, if everyone is right, then no one is right.
    So what’s the answer? Don’t be so sure of your beliefs. Don’t be so quick to jump to your belief, because what you believe may not be as true as you first thought. Have the courage to filter your beliefs through the filter of common sense. Don’t take your preconceived beliefs and try to justify them rationally. Instead, use rationality to come to your beliefs . . . And whatever doesn’t make sense, have the sense to let it go. . . And if we don’t get our heads straight, it will only get worse.” -Nissim Dahan
    I do not want to force anyone to believe as I do. Then it would not be your will, it would be my will. I accept Jesus Christ as my Savior. You may not. Whether you choose to believe or not is your decision, not mine. I have put my ‘Beliefs’ through the ‘Filter of Common Sense.’ Have You? We all are not going to have the same convictions about ‘Divinity’, the same religion, or even the same beliefs about a common religion. Wanting to kill someone because they do not believe as I do, on anything, is not good. I should have the patience and tolerance to accept the fact we do not agree. Common sense.
    Furthermore, there are bad elements in every religion, culture, and nation. I can not say one religion, culture, or nation is bad because of some and not all. Thus, not all Muslims are bad when a few do wrong; not all Christians are bad when a few do wrong; not all Middle-Easterners are bad when a few do wrong; not all Americans are bad when a few do wrong; etcetera. Plus I can not blame the people for what their government does. We all, worldwide, have bad politicians, bad bureaucrats, and bad military leaders. And the same is true as before. All are not to be blamed for the actions of some. Common sense.
    So what is the answer? I personally agree we must stop ‘Extremism.’ Such things as killing, fighting to the death, and forcing your will upon others are extreme. Islam is the ‘Religion of Peace.’ But beating people or killing them for ‘honor’ are not peaceful actions. Fighting and killing to force your will upon others are not peaceful actions. Flying a jumbo jet into a skyscraper, or done twice, or any other building, and killing thousands of people in the process is not peaceful. Careful Islam, I think there is a ‘poisonous snake in the grass.’ Common Sense.
    I also personally agree with the ‘Golden Rule’ which should be, in my opinion, followed by everyone:
    “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” -Jesus Christ
    If you like something done to or for you, then do it for someone else. They will, most likely, also like it. If you do not like something done to you, then do not do it to someone else. They will, most likely, also not like it. Common Sense.
    We all will not agree on everything; we must accept that situation. So let people decide for themselves what is currently best for themselves. If someone wants to do something that does not affect you, and does not support extremism, then let them do it. You may not agree with what they are doing , but let them. OUR HEAVENY FATHER obviously does not want to control us. I believe we must follow that example. Do not force your will on someone else. Not advocating hedonism, let their will decide what is best for them. Common sense.
    I’m not forcing my will on you. Why are you forcing your’s on me? May OUR HEAVENLY FATHER’s Will Be Done.

  4. Wake Up People!

    There are widely available videos of rallies where attendees are screaming that kefirs are pigs and dogs….jews are the pigs everyone else is a dog…. I am not Jewish or associated with any cults, but I am shocked at the riot mentality of rallies where Islam is the focus. I have viewed sermons where the imam pulled out his sword and incited the congregation to shouts of death and destruction to all non-believers in the name of Allah. In America, Muslims have settled across this country, and while some do not consider themselves extrmists, the goal of conquering will begin in a peaceful way through Sharia law being defended in US courts. We have already seen honor killings…are you paying attention to the progress of Islam in America? Eventually force will be used because there is a savagery and barbarism to the Islamic mission to spread the “one true religion” across the world. Any country not currently under Islamic rule is even referred to by a name which indicates they are “pre-Islamic”
    The hateful responses to posts speaking truth about Islam have a source as well. From an early age, Muslims are taught that the non believing world is full of idiots who are in need of their enlightenment. By teaching children that they are in fact superior in their faith (not the implied superiority that people are bothered by in some religions-but TRUE superiority in every way) they create an environment where there is nothing wanting and there is no reason for a person to look inside or elsewhere for achievement. What is there to achieve besides victory if you are already the SUPERIOR beings meant to conquer the world’s religions until only ISLAM remains? There are parts of the world where Islam has not forced Sharia law on people (they say that the people want it, but really what would be the alternative to saying they didn’t want it? Come on people wake up!!) The US is asleep, but unlike the sleeper cells in this country it will take more than a letter or phone call or secret message to wake up Americans. I have no doubt that there will be fatwas on anyone (the pigs and dogs…kefirs) who has the courage to speak in any forum the truth about this evil religion. Muslims are a close knit and compassionate group….within their own religion. Little problem though..they have no moral restrictions concerning behavior against non-believers. They can even rape non Muslim women in times of war….lately about anytime for them…. and there is no condemnation for them. Interesting religion…..except when it’s riotous mindset infects others. In times of war anyone who will not convert is killed….but don’t worry. No spiritual change necessary just become a mindless zombie and follow the rules….oh and you get 72 virgins when you die…unless you are a woman in which case you are the source of sexual evil in men and should cover your evil self up and prepare to live in seclusion and oppressive rules which will in all fairness keep you ALIVE so if that’s what you want okay….
    The implications of radical Islam are on a small scale sad and oppressive. They are devastating as the influence of this cult widens, and catastrophic when the US president considers Sharia Law COMPATIBLE with the US Constitution. I take this small consolation….God will not be mocked, and there IS a Hell. I can understand Muslims not wanting to believe that since….well”…I’m just sayin'””

  5. Wake-Up or Else

    I misspoke when I said they kill everyone who converts. It is everyone who doesn’t convert and become a mindless zombie following the “Law of Laws”

    Also, I spelled Muslims incorrectly and expect some hateful response about that. It is called deflecting.

    In their minds they ARE superior, so why would we expect them to engage in a debate in a rational way? Since they cannot defend the fact that their books of religion demand all turn to Allah or die..well they might be nice to them and have a truce for awhile, but who’s kidding who?

    Here’s the deal breaker, folks. They cannot respond to the fact that their religion doesn’t just require submitting to Allah, but that you must state that Muhammed is Allah’s Prophet. Sorry, but that’s just NASTY!! He was a pedophile and a murderer. He was cruel and merciless…oh wait… everything evil he did was condoned by Allah….never mind. My bad.

  6. Lies-Lies

    Anas you are sick. If conquering and expanding is glorious why blame west
    or in fact Israel? To say that Islam contributed to Science and Philosophy
    it is much worse than saying Islam is a religion of peace. Why don’t you produce some evidence that Islam teaches and practices tolerance. Why don’t you quote some verses? I can quote hundreds of verses in support that Islam incites hatred and supports
    killing. It even supports slavery.
    What ethics and philosophy Islam inspired? Please share rather than use same platitudes. I think it is Muslims who should read Koran. It looks like they don’t know a bit.

  7. ahsan fareed

    i have read the quran and it talks about peace love and brotherhood.

  8. Ali

    Islam is a beautiful religon. MashAllah

  9. islam is the only way

    wow some doctor u turned to be..
    really pathetic and pitiful piece of writing right there
    u may call urself what u wish but any one with a bit of common sense will be able to tell the differnce between a religions beliefs and a few peoples idocracies.
    Small minded idiots such as urself feel comfort in blaming a pure and peaceful religion for the violent attempts of a few.
    Tunnel visioned people like you generalize about muslims in aim to make the religion look sexist and violent. People such as urself try to make their ill minded opnions about Islam sound factual.
    People such as urself refuse to understand that Islam is a system of life, of which we must surrender and submit ourselves to the merciful and beneficent Allah. WHY? because it allows you to sleep at night knowing you have done nothing in the thought or name of our creator.
    Ur disgusting judgments about Islam truely makes me feel sorry for u and how uneducated you are about Islam.
    Your lies are a weak attempt at making Islam look unholly.
    a ‘doctor’ should base his opinions on facts not on mere thoughts.
    And how about actually taking a look at the Koran to make judgments abt Islam not on people who represent it.
    Because we can all sit here and draw conclusions about religions instead of pointing fingers at individuals who dont follow their religion as they should.
    I could go on and on…

  10. Anas Nasir

    Dr. Suseelan you are a person full of hate and jelousy for Islam. If it wasnt for Islam or the Muslims you would have to date been dwelling in caves. The credit goes to Islam that illuminated this world by laying the foundation on which a lot of success in various areas of science and technology owes its credit to. Islam is a religion that teaches moderation, love, peace and submission. Please do not lay any blame to Islam because we all know who the perpetrators are, and who happen to be the victims. Its very clear that the western world is very skillful in initiating the situation and then playing victim when faced by the reaction. You cannot just walk all over the Muslims and then not expect a reaction. As for you Mr. Ramachandra Abhyankar you sound like a person from the hindu desend I believe you have no right to foot in your opinions against Islam, I truly understand that Hindu Civilization has not been much of a contributory to world civilization as they only remained conquered and never set out to conquerer, like other great civilizations of the world did.
    Therefore Mr. Babu Suseelan u dont sound any less hindu please go back and do a better research u will find science, ethics, sociology, Philosophy name it all extrapolated from the great and Glorious Quran and Islam

  11. nasheeds

    Muslims are not fundamantilsts

  12. Aris

    I would agree on all points, except for the sad fact that the real idols of the hadj are inside the muslim minds and are not physical rocks or stones.

    To the gullible faithfull, any perverted mulah can find and point to a rock anywhere in Arabia to replace the one destroyed by the “bunker buster”.

    The possible destruction of Mecca’s and Medina’s fetihs might shock, but would not ultimately paralyze the distorted jihadist minds (any more that the falling of our twin towers paralyzed the West).

    Islam needs a moslem Martin Luther (long overdue) for its salvation from the obscurantism of the 6th century Arabia mindset.

    Untill then ,let us grind our teeth, sharpen our FBI and M15 service minds, suffer our setbacks with dignity and strike mercilessly back, wherever and whenever we can. We have no other option.

  13. R Rogers

    I don’t think the problem is really Islam. Please hear me out.

    500 years ago, no one could have believed that the Catholic Church would today, be a religion that abhores violence and teaches world peace.

    But, the Catholic church was forcibly disarmed by secularists, and the European renaissance ensued.

    In historic America, Protestant Christians found themselves the only military might in the early settlements, and quickly set about setting the rules for everyone else, and yes, the penalty could as easily be death as it could be flogging, or a day in stocks.

    Krishna adjured Arjuna not to take pity on the physical bodies of his opponents, but to slaughter them in battle.

    Every religion can justify violence, it’s just that in most of this modern world, Islam is the only religion that is still armed.

    Take away their weapons, and they too, are peaceful.

    People are as convenient as they need to be, and Muslims are people.

    In Dubai, Muslims are very aware that their own well being depends on the well being of their neighbors.

    Dubai is an economic powerhouse. A lot of very good things come to Dubai via money, which comes to Dubai from the kafir.

    Dubai does not like random violence, even in the name of Mohammedism, and they can justify their point of view by the scriptures of Islam.

    We can all justify peace with our religions, as easily as we can justify war.

    The thing is the weapons, not the religion.

    Just above this window, as I write this, I see the signature of the last person to comment on this story.

    It is “Democracyistheanswer”

    I recognize the noble sentiment, but
    democracy is not the answer. The answer is secular authority disarming religions.

    Islam is the only religion in the world that literally could be destroyed by a single air raid.

    Islamists should be made aware that the idols of the hadj could be destroyed with a minimum of bother or loss of life.

    Currently, I think they have to believe it would be impossible to destroy that rock they like to dance around.

    I believe the idols of the hadj should be held ransom by the kafir ( at the distance of an intercontinental ballistic missle) to force the good behavior of Muslims.

    The religion of Mohammed is unique in that it could be physically destroyed. You don’t need anything atomic. A single “bunker buster” per idol will suffice.

    I believe that a single demonstration of the vulnerability of those idols would change the world.

    Thank god for fundamentalists.

    They’re so easy.

    That’s what I think.

  14. Democracyistheanswer

    “Why are Muslims afraid of freedom?” Indeed!

    In his brilliant analysis, Dr. Suseelan answers his own question: “Muslims are un-free since they are imprisoned in the closed, non-compromising, authoritarian and reductionist Islamic dogma. Freedom also involves the capacity and opportunity to make moral decisions. Muslims are un-free because they are prevented or prohibited from (taking) conscientious moral actions if it conflicts with Allah’s will.”

    Put simply, the answer is “fatalism”, according to Dr. Suseelan. Moslems never NEED to make an ethical choice, because fatalism implies there is never a choice. Their ethical faculty has been killed by Islam’s fatalism. When you are a fatalist, “freedom” need not apply.

    We frequently read Moslems in the media saying things like, “We are not against free speech,” (note the negative phrasing), “BUT, there is a limit to blasphemy!” Translation: “We ban all criticism of Islam.” Nothing illustrates the prison of Islam better than this. With such a statement (commandment really…and who gives mullahs the right to pontificate?), the Moslem is imposing his prison walls on the entire non-Moslem world. We MUST honor his tribal taboo, or else.

    I personally find the “tribal” explanation of Islamic situation ethics the easiest one to follow: 1) A tribe’s goal is to expand the tribe. 2) A primitive tribe has no concept of a philosophy or universal code of behavior, but merely sets of “taboos” and “totems”. 3) Islam behaves in this primitive tribalistic manner. 4) Mohammed, the Koran, Allah, the Black Moon Rock are all totems. 5) The various purification rituals are the taboos.

    A more urgent question is: Why are Moslems so willing to kill to suppress freedom of expression?

    I would appreciate it if CSPI could thoroughly discuss this taboo commonly expressed by Moslems regarding the limits of free speech.

    This is a legitimate question for a “political” study group like CSPI, because crushing the freedoms of others is a “political” issue and it is the MOST URGENT issue to address in the world today, imho. Without freedom of expression, we have no freedom at all.

  15. Ramachandra Abhyankar

    You are absolutely right.

    As Mr. Warner has suggested, courses on Jihad and Sharia should be taught in
    Political Science Departments in universities across the world. Similarly, courses on Islamic Ethics and Islamic Morality should be taught in Philosophy Departments in universities across the world.

    This alone will make the world aware of the truth about Political Islam and Islamic Ethics and Islamic Morality.

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