Censorship Dooms Our Civilization

Censorship and de-platforming are radical changes from our past of freedom of speech and expression. My life has totally changed after censorship for the worst. This is not an accident, but a planned program to drive people such as me out of the marketplace of ideas and out of business. Instead of facts, reason and discussion, we have descended into insults, name-calling and hatred. We are being trained to self censor. Censorship is viewed as a virtue and there is no debate of ideas. Without debate, we will make irrational decisions that can doom our civilization to failure.

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  1. remedyta

    thx for your job. i’ve learn so much from you. Please, Keep fighting with the censorship and do what you do the best. God bless you.

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  3. joesulla

    I witnessed the World Trade Center attack from a few blocks away and ever since then I wondered why anyone would do such a thing. After reading many of Bill’s books and listening to people like David Wood and many ex-muslims I understand “why.” Mohammed was a thief, torturer, murderer among other things and this information comes straight from the most authoritative sources of the Hadith. Mohammed is the example muslims are supposed to emulate; the fastest way for a muslim to enter paradise is the kill a nonbeliever. Because most muslims would never participate in the atrocities that occur doesn’t lessen the danger of islam to all of mankind. I really believe islam was spawned from Satan, hence the “satanic versus.’ In the end islam will fail and so will the “woke culture” but not without people like Bill Warner.

  4. Greg Hearn

    Few people experience success and fewer still keep fighting the good fight as they are relentlessly being knocked down! Dr Warner if you were a boxer, a basket baller or footballer you would be GOAT. How can normal people help in your CSPII cause?

  5. bearfix

    I learn so much over the last several years from you on what is being done for the apologists and against the rest of the world, the subjugation of our thoughts, the limiting of free speech. As you say they will keep shutting down one person at a time as the IRS and other 3 letter agencies did against the Tea Party. When the power of the government along with its agencies with the help of the MSM target people to silence them all in the name of a false morality. You are right we are doomed as fewer and fewer can stand up. Look what happened at the capital, it was not an armed insurrection it was a few under guise as protesters. Reminds me of what Hitler did to the communist’s in the 30’s with the Reichstag Fire. Same principle. Keep fighting the good fight Doc. May God continue to protect you and yours

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