Choices, Choices

Did you ever hear this argument?

Ancient religious texts like the Koran contain outdated ethical concepts. The Old Testament has brutal laws and violent passages. As a result Christians and Jews don’t follow them. Muslims are the same as Christians and Jews; they pick what works and reject what doesn’t work. Why should Islam be considered any worse than other religion or cult?

The short answer is that Islam is not similar to anything else, including religions such as Christianity. As far as the Koran having any outdated ethical concepts, that is impossible. According to Islamic doctrine, the Koran is perfect, eternal and universal. It does not contain the slightest error since contains the exact words of Allah. Hence, it can never be outdated.

Also, the Koran is a derivative book. Every idea in the Koran, with two exceptions, can be traced to earlier works. The two novel ideas in the Koran are that Mohammed is the last prophet of god and that violent force, jihad, can be used to harm those who don’t agree with Mohammed. Violence against kafirs (unbelievers) is systemic in all of Islam’s texts and forms a central theme.

Yes, the Old Testament has violence, but there is no real parallel to the Koran and Islam. Look at the numbers. The violence in the Old Testament is limited to a few verses. The violence in the Koran against the kafir (unbeliever) takes up 61% of the text. Every mention of the kafir is brutal, condemning, pejorative, hateful and threatening. The Hadith, the Traditions of Mohammed, has 20% of its text devoted to jihad. The Sira, Mohammed’s life, has 70% of the text about Mohammed as prophet devoted to jihad.

These numbers show that the analogy between the violence in the texts of the Jews and Christians is vastly overdrawn.

The next suggested parallel between Islam and Christians is that both pick and choose from their texts. Every Muslim believes that the Koran is perfect down to the last letter. It does not have a single error. This makes it very difficult to ignore.

But a Muslim does have a way to make choices that a Christian, Jew, Buddhist or Hindu cannot. Islam has dualistic ethics. Muslims are all brothers and to be treated as such. But there is no Golden Rule and a Muslim may choose to treat the kafir badly or well, depending upon the situation and needs. That is the nature of dualistic ethics.

Dualism also allows the choice of the Meccan Koran or the Medinan Koran. When Mohammed was in Mecca, he was weak and attempted to get along with the Meccans. This gives us the verses of tolerance. Later, in Medina Mohammed had power and the Koran became cruel and vicious towards any person who denied Mohammed. So every Muslim has the choice of tolerance and coexistence from the Meccan verses, or any of the physical violence or hatred found in the Medinan Koran.

There is another choice that a person who claims to be a Muslim can make. They may choose to be a kafir by ignoring an Islamic doctrinal point. It is very odd, but people assume that every action by one who calls them a Muslim is pure Islam. But the Koran condemns Muslims who make choices to imitate kafirs. This condemnation extends to those who choose to apply the Golden Rule to kafirs.

So there are three kinds of Muslim, depending on their choices: Meccan Muslim, Medinan Muslim and kafir Muslim.

There is a great danger in trying to understand Islam through Christianity or any other Western idea or concept. The underlying assumption is that Islam is similar or has parallels to kafir culture. This means that Islam does not need to be studied, because it is “like” some kafir concept or institution such as freedom and Christianity. This idea is false and has no supporting facts to prove it. Islam is sui generis, unique, and without parallel.

Islam stands entirely on its own with a separate logic, reasoning and ethical system. Islam must be studied on its own. In the end this means understanding the themes of the Koran and the life of Mohammed found in the Sira and the Hadith.

Why is Islam worse than any other religion or cult? Simple, it is not a religion, but a complete civilization that has a political doctrine of annihilating and subjugating all kafir civilizations. This doctrine had been put into action for the last 1400 years and has caused the deaths of 270 million kafirs.

Islam has annihilated entire civilizations. Take Afghanistan as an example. Before, Islam invaded the civilization of Gandharva, it had been peaceful for four centuries and was wealthy. Buddhism flourished and great art was produced. Then came Islamic jihad and Ghandarva was destroyed down to the last work of art and the last Buddhist. Today we have the armpit of the world-Afghanistan, an Islamic nation based upon Sharia law and Islamic politics. Buddhism and Gandharvan culture have been totally destroyed.

The political theory of Islam and its results correlate 100%. Of course, there are some harmful and creepy cults, but, measured by results, they are not in the same league as political Islam. Islam is the ultimate civilizational predator and should receive most of the attention.

Today we have two choices in viewing Islam. We can see it as based upon its doctrine and history or we can choose to see it on the basis of multiculturalism-all cultures are equally valid. But Islam denies that all cultures are equally valid. Islam insists that it is superior all other cultures. All cultures are not equally valid and all other cultures must submit. It is the will of Allah, and it is Sunna (the way of Mohammed). What is odd is that tolerant multiculturalists defend the Islamic monoculture so much.

This means that we also have two other choices. Will kafirs ignore the threat of total destruction or go on pretending that Islam is similar to other cultures? Will we foolishly apply the Golden Rule to a civilization based on dualism and hope to create an Islam that respects kafirs and treats them well? But Allah hates kafirs and it is Sunna to immigrate, deceive and make the kafirs submit little by little.

Choices: will we choose life or death for kafir civilization?

Bill Warner, CSPI
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  1. Michael

    “Islam has annihilated entire civilizations.”

    So did Christianity:

    1) Australia (aborigines)
    2) North America (native Americans)
    3) South America (Aztecs, Incas, Mayans)

  2. Opar5

    Poor Fuaad. Were Islam what it claims to be, contradiction would be absent and Muslims would be encouraged to study all Islamic doctrine, looking for faults that are not there. Islamic leaderhip, however, dares not allow that, else their power over the ignorant would be gone and Islam with it.
    The Taliban provided sanctuary, training, and funds for an attack on another country. This was a clear declaration of war, but since Mohammed declared war on all kifar 1400-years ago, a formal declaration was not necessary. The attacked country retaliated, sending the Taliban scampering for their holes, clearly, unprotected by Allah! Allah’s will – or not?

    Irac’s leader arrogantly put a $25,000 bounty on the heads of Americans and Jews, payable to the survivors of mostly children too young (under 15) for jihad, and desperate women, also denied participating in jihad by Mohammed himself. Noble Muslim men, wrongly sending out women and children to die in their cowardly stead. A bounty by one government on the citizens of another is also an act of war – fully deserving of what followed. Again, Allah’s will – or not? What Muslim can complain about the will of Allah?

  3. RRWest

    Its interesting that you ask for choices at the end of your article.

    Islam has one advantage over all other religions in that it prevents freedom of conscience to a degree that others do not.

    The most direct evidence of this is that apostates are immediately eligible for the death penalty upon leaving. Death is a powerful deterent and manages to prevent hundreds of millions of Muslims from leaving.

    With such a powerful deterent, you would think that other religious leaders would seriously ask wether Islam is realy a religion or really a political system disguised as a religion. But they do not for the sake of “political correctness” and the fear that they may be next to die should they ask.

    I see Islam as a political system pure and simple. Its ancient, true, but then again so is slavery and you really can’t call that a religion, either.

  4. Fuaad

    What about the destruction of Afghanistan itself today by your Zionist and Crusaders when you talking about what Islam did (although it can be false)?
    What about Iraq ? why this country? why millions lost few years thier lives?

    I am not sure but you sound like self-hatred far-right Zionist who is angry towards Islam, dont want a change and peace in this world but manipulating HATE only whcih might have aa very bad consequence to you as well from our far-right ones?
    Yes Islam is Unique because it ws the last message from ALLAH to the Humans we dont care what you call an Ideology but the issue is We submitted ourselves to the ONE-ALLAH that created you and us.
    Why we are criminals and terrorists is because we beleive in ALLAH.

  5. islams not for me

    Great article!! Im gonna share this with my friends!

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