CSPII Organizational Structure

Center for the Study of Political Islam International (CSPII)
An International Solution to a Global Problem.

You can do only so much as an individual to resist Political Islam. We must work with others to maintain our Kafir civilizations.

Join us at CSPII, a non-profit research and educational organization which has successfully educated and trained numerous people, politicians and institutions in Dr. Bill Warner’s Methodology about Political Islam.

Watch our video series CSPII, an International Solution to a Global Problem to find out who we are and what we do.  The second video explains the organizational structure.

Bill Warner, Milan Podlipny

Join us and help educate the world about Political Islam.

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  1. blackkorax

    Go on!! Never stop! Humankind need you !!!
    Greetings and respect from Sparta Greece!

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