Duality and the Good Man

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Duality and the Good Man

Dr. Steven Watts, Senior Research Fellow at the Global Institute for the Study of Culture, Economics, and Strategic Resource Management at Pepperdine University is one of several men making the rounds in America. Kuwait, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Qatar are using various agents to soften up the kafirs on the subject of Sharia banking. The kafirs are getting Sharia-by-the-inch and Dr. Watts is one of those advancing it. He assures the audience that Sharia banking is good and even Christian, since it forbids investment in alcohol and gambling. His Christianity is part of his presentation.

Dr. Watts lets his audience know that he understands the Koran and Islam’s theology. He is certain that the good Islam is the right Islam and that the bad Islam of the jihadists is not the real Islam. He knows that his version is the right one because some imams have agreed with his reading of the Koran.

However, upon examination of his confident statements about his knowledge of Islam, he turns out to be no different from any other apologist. He displays no knowledge of the Sira (Mohammed’s biography) nor the Hadith (Mohammed’s Traditions). To hear him tell it, Islam is the Koran and has nothing to do with Mohammed. And even though he teaches about Sharia finance, he doesn’t about the complete Sharia. (Sharia law includes the subjugation of kafirs and women.) Dr. Watts knows a few “good” Koran verses that agree with his views and that is all he needs to know. The rest of it contradicts the “good” stuff, so it is “wrong.”

Dr. Watts is a good man who wants to see goodness in others. But his conclusions are due to his not understanding Islamic logic. If two things contradict each other, then one of them is false according to all the logic we are taught. If I tell you that I just fell in the swimming pool and I am completely dry, then something is wrong. My being dry contradicts getting wet from the water.

In Islam two contradictory ideas are both true. The Koran is built on the logic of the truth by contradiction. So when the jihad verses contradict the peace verses, both are correct. Why? Both came from Allah. Allah is never wrong by definition, so both sides of the contradiction are true.

Dr. Watts is trained in Western logical thought. His failure to see that Islam is peace and Islam is jihad is due to the fact that he can’t think in dualistic logic.

Islam is like a stick with a jihad end and a peace end. Islam is the entire stick. Dr. Watts and all of Islam’s apologists want to talk about the peace end of the stick and the nice Muslim who told them that the peace end of the stick is the real one. They deny the jihad end of the stick. Islam is both peace and jihad and they cannot be separated. The Koran teaches peace through jihad.

Dr. Watts also does not understand dualistic ethics. He sees the imam as a religious man. But the imam is a religious leader and a POLITICAL leader. He holds a dual role. The imam can say one thing to him and the opposite to the jihadist. Mohammed encouraged deception of the kafir. But to Watts, Islam is only a religion and an Islamic religious leader would never lie to him. The term political Islam has no meaning to him. He shows no understanding of Islam’s political/religious duality.

For the lack of understanding Islamic dualism, Dr. Watts happily goes about spreading the “good news” of Sharia finance. Thus another good man serves Islam as a dhimmi.

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