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There is a corner of the book world that has been little known or appreciated. Before 9/11, Hindu scholarship on Islam was some of the best in a world dominated by Western dhimmi academicians.

If we choose, we can learn much from India, a country that has defied Islam’s Arab and Turkish hordes for 1,300 years and continues to fight to this day, even as she sees her borders slowly shrink and dhimmitude rests harshly like a yoke around her kafir neck.

Here are some books and articles on the history of Islamic jihad in India and cultural and political analysis based on sound scholarship and hard earned experience.

The Koran and the Kafir (Islam and the Infidel), by A. Gosh
Although this book was published 25 years ago, it remains an excellent examination of Islamic religion, culture and politics. It is a primer on Islamic doctrine in concise, easily understood language. The Islamic pattern for taking over a kafir country and its culture is outlined in unnerving detail and makes the book a valuable edition to any anti-jihad library. Here is an excerpt from one of the chapters, Islam in Action.(thanks to

The Calcutta Quran Petition by Chandmal Chopra and edited with commentary by Sita Ram Goel
The Calcutta Quran Petition was an attempt by Chandmal Chopra to have the Koran banned in India on the basis that it incites hatred and violence against the Hindus and other kafirs. Sita Ram Goel presents the Petition and adds commentaries on it and the history of Mohammed, his rise to power, and the history of Islamic jihad in India. Definitely worth a read. Book On-line

Both of these books show how the Mumbai jihad is only the most current battle in a war for India’s soul. For more information on the Hindu/Muslim problem in India, see Mohammed Allah and Hinduism and here.

Pertinent Articles on the web
The History of Islamic Jihad Against the Hindus (thanks to
Jihad Terror in Mumbai: Concordant Hatred of Hindus and Jews (Part 1) (thanks to Andrew Bostom)
Jihad Terror in Mumbai: Concordant Hatred of Hindus and Jews (Part 2) (thanks to Andrew Bostom)
An In depth scholarly article, “The Legacy of Jihad in India” by Andrew Bostom (thanks to American Thinker)

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  1. Ramachandra Abhyankar

    Other books on the subject:

    [1] “Islamic Havoc in Indian History” by P.N. Oak

    [2] “Some Blunders of Indian Historical Research” by P.N. Oak

    [3] The Taj Mahal is a Temple Palace” by P.N. Oak

    [4] “Islam and Terrorism” by Anwar Shaikh

    [5] “Islam: The Arab Imperialism” by Anwar Shaikh

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