History? What History

Why don’t we know about how the 270,000,000 kafirs who died due to jihad? There is a detailed history of the events, but that history is not taught in any college course. In the standard historical accounts, we read about the spread of “glorious” Islam that invades a country (by conquest or immigration), and then the area magically becomes Islamic. No mention is made of death and dhimmitude. No kafirs were killed in the manufacture of academic Islam.

We were never taught the history of jihad. Neither Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jew nor atheist teaches this history of war. Islam never gets blamed for what it does, and it never apologizes when it is rarely accused. What is common to Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and atheism that makes us deny Islamic history and doctrine? There is an answer. These cultures all have several things in common with regards to Islamic invasion and jihad.

  • Massive losses of territory and culture
    Massive numbers of death over a 1400 year period. The killing is relentless and is accompanied by terror
  • The cancer of dhimmitude which annihilates the culture after invasion by war or immigration
    A common ethical system based upon the Golden Rule
  • Islam’s dualistic ethics means that Islam never has shown any regret about jihad, terror, and annihilation

Notice that this list points to a very surprising conclusion. Islam claims that it is a “brother” to Christianity and Judaism; Christians and Jews are members of the “Abrahamic” faith (this is purely an Islamic concept). But this is not true, neither Christianity nor Judaism are remotely “brothers” to Islam. Christianity and Judaism have much more in common with Buddhism and Hinduism based upon ethics, law, art, business, education, culture and human rights than with Islam. Kafirs share a common ethical civilization.

A civilization may have a moral code of high standards, but do humans follow it at all times? No, both as individuals and society, we make grave errors. When the situation gets bad enough, we can be called back to right behavior by an appeal to our ethics (and by force, if needed). Our sense of right and wrong is used to judge us. The Golden Rule is used to bring us back to the right path. Shame and guilt can be used for correction. Empathy with the victims can be used to make us see our wrongs. In Islam, it is acceptable for jihad to terrorize and dhimmi-ize kafirs. Islam has no empathy, shame or guilt. Muslims don’t ever write histories of regret similar to ours about the Trail of Tears or slavery or racism. There is no such literature in Islam. Islam has no shame or guilt about its history of terror. This means that Islam is incapable of being corrected.

There is no appeal to Islam for human rights or compassion for the 270,000,000 dead. They just deny it and make accusations of our errors. Islam never acknowledges or apologizes. Never.

Since we have no common civilization with Islam, we see it as profoundly foreign. And it is foreign. There is no common ground between Islam and the civilization based upon the unitary ethics of the Golden Rule. That is the gulf between Islam and the kafirs. We kafirs do have shame. Our history with Islam is shameful. It does not make us proud to see how we have ignored the death and destruction of other kafirs. And the longer we deny the history of being victims of jihad, the harder it is to accept the truth.So we do have one thing in common with Islam. Both kafirs and Islam deny the suffering and losses of jihjad, but for different reasons. We don’t want to talk about it. Islam won’t talk about it. It is time to remember our history and talk, because if we don’t remember, we will be annihilated.

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  1. cynthia

    Get a copy of the encyclopedia Britannica from 1900. They talk about Islam and other subjects in blunt terms. Political correctness had yet to be invented. Political correctness was invented by the left in order to get people to go along with stupid ideas.

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