How Can We Make the Dog Bark?

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A charity for LeT jihad in Pakistan will challenge a ban to close it down.
A definition of taqiyya and kitman. An excellent example.

We know what the jihadis who terrorized Mumbai think of the Jews. Here is what some Arab clerical leaders think.


How Can We Make the Dog Bark?

In a Sherlock Holmes story, Silver Blaze, the clue to the crime was that “the dog did nothing.” The dog in question was a farm dog that would have barked had a stranger approached.

In the same way we have guard dogs that are supposed to warn us of danger: our government, intellectuals and the media. But we are finding out that our dogs never bark if the intruder is Islamic violence.

In the media reporting about Mumbai the words Islam and jihad were noticeably absent. Dhimmis always use nationality and culture to refer to Islam. The Islamic invasion of Spain was by Moors, not Muslims. The Islamic invasion of the Middle East was by Arabs, not Muslims. The invasion of Eastern Europe was by Turks, not jihadists. So it was only natural for the dhimmi media to report that Pakistanis were the murderers. Dhimmis have been avoiding the words Muslim, Islam and jihad for 1400 years. Only the most neutral words may be used to describe the jihad and the jihadists. “Gunmen”, “militant,” or some other soft word can be used, but never “jihadist”.

After the reporting with “soft” words comes the next stage-blame the victims. Surely the Hindus and the others were slaughtered for good reasons. Hindu extremists must be involved. And the Muslims are poor in comparison to Hindus. So the Muslims must be being cheated in some social ill (Muslims are never responsible for any of their own suffering-at least, according to Muslims). And there is always some failure of American foreign policy. All of those things must have caused the poor “gunmen” to kill kafirs.

The next media stage is worrying about the poor Muslims who did not play an active role in the jihad. Here is a possible headline: Dirty Bomb Explodes in LA. Muslims worried about being stared at in grocery lines.

But the Muslims need not worry. Islam does not have any corporate guilt. What one Christian does affects all Christians. Every German shared the guilt for Hitler. But what a few wild and crazy Muslims do does not affect any other Muslim. Besides, the “gunmen” were not real Muslims.

The next stage is for the victims to call for dialogue and making plans to do better by ignoring the doctrine and history of Islam. There will be calls for understanding.

Chabad has called for Jews to do a mitzvah, an act of kindness, and to adhere more to their doctrine. But, notice that Chabad does not call for any action, such as learning about Islam’s doctrine and history, which would help prevent another such attack.

And of course Islamic organizations will issue statements about how sorry they are that kafirs have been hurt and how Mohammed may have murdered all the kafirs who would not submit, but the jihad is not real Islam. Oh wait, they don’t mention Mohammed’s jihad.

But our media, intellectual and government guard dogs will never bark about Islam. Newsletters like this or any of the other articles written on the web only affect the web citizens who read this type of writing. The NY Times, CNN, the State Department or the universities are not going to change because a few stupid bigots on the web are not happy with them.

How can we make the guard dog bark? We must stop waiting for a big enough catastrophe to wake up our dogs. September 11 was not enough to wake up NBC.

We must form political units that work in unison. Our nation started with conventions. Kafirs must get together in forums, groups and conventions. Before any government goes to war against political Islam, it must be pressured to do so by its citizens. Any convention must form an intellectual basis for war. That is, it must define the enemy. It is the purpose of the enemy, Islam, to annihilate our kafir civilization. Islam’s goal is to control all public speech, education, finance, laws, art, literature, entertainment, the media and customs.

After the enemy is formally defined, then we must train our dhimmi guard dogs. We must be confrontational, since a mitzvah won’t do the job.

The only organization that seems potentially to be able to host such an event would be ACT for America. Professor Paul Eidelberg has a wonderful article on how such an event might be managed.

But our guard dogs will never bark until they are trained to do so.

Bill Warner


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  1. seamystic

    The Right Honourable

    This has been sent to elected members of Canada, U.S.A., Australia, Sweden and some in Britain as well as other countries.



    The following item shows that Islamic Terrorists are following Mohammeds example and decrees. Tolerance comprise only 3% of Mohammeds statements. They were in his early period in Mecca. After his escape to Medina, 97% of the statements relating to unbelievers, were hate and violence decreed against all infidels. The first 3% are abrogated by later decrees. Anyone who is learned in the Muslim faith who states that Islam is a religion of Peace, is a 5th columnist doing his duty for Islam, to undermine and lull our Democracies.

    Muslims consider Mohammed the most honourable of all men. This allows them every act that he did or supported.

    For the security of Democracies, please read the following item.

    Ban Islam for past and present War Crimes

    Muhammed: The Con Man and False Prophet

    As we are against terrorism in the world for the ultimate survival of our society, I’m offering viewpoints to win the battle against Islam’s goal of world domination, which is stated in their writings.

    Muhammed and his sayings, found in the Koran, Hadiths, Sunnahs and Surahs, are the root of Muslim terrorism.

    With truth and reality, we must discredit the founder of Islam, his sayings and the belief system that spawns this terrorism.

    Let the world know that Muhammed, while in Medina, organized raids on camel trains hauling trade goods, and received twenty percent (20%) of the ill gotten loot. The spiritual mechanics of functioning as a Prophet does not mix with being a thief and killing for wealth.

    Let the world know that Muhammed betrothed a six year old (6) child , in her ninth year (9) consummated their marriage sexually. He was in his fifties (50’s) at the time. The inner development of a Prophet does not function with paedophilia. Muhammed was a Paedophile. He claimed that Aisha was his only wife that caused him to experience revelations while under the blanket with her. Muhammeds counsel to others and actions, legitimized paedophilia through Islams ideology. What was the source of Muhammeds revelations as a Paedophile? All this is stated in th Hadiths and Surahs.

    On returning to Medina after taking Mecca, he attacked one of the Jewish tribes, the Qurraysa. After 28 days of siege, the Jews capitulated. Muhammed immediately ignored the terms agreed upon as part of their surrender. He ordered and watched as all males from puberty on were beheaded in a trench. Their families were made to watch this slaughter of the male children and men. Some of the women became hysterical while watching the beheading of their husbands and sons and were also beheaded. During the slaughter, Muhammed spotted a beautiful Jewish girl and selected her for his sex slave. Her name was Rayhannah. She had to watch while her mother and sister were raped. Her sister was traded as a slave for arms which is stated in both the Hadiths and the Surahs. There were three tribal groups of Jewish origin and belief in Medina at that time. Those that weren’t killed or sold into slavery were forced out into the desert to die.

    These atrocities are the actions of a demonic fiend not a Prophet.

    Muhammed also encouraged and rewarded many assassinations in his lifetime. Murder is not an activity of a Prophet.

    The fantasy paradise that Muhammed developed to entice the itinerant, uneducated Arabs to Islam is a personal bordello. This paradise in the hereafter shows a sexual fixation and addiction in the spirit of Muhammed. This is not the development of a spiritual Prophet. This demonic personality is no doubt the most successful con man ever. Muhammed has been more successful than Hitler and the Nazi movement in longevity, size of his organization and hatred of the Jews.

    Compare Muhammed to all former Prophets and founders of great religious movements, East and West, and it easily shows us how debased he was. His organization was developed by tacking spiritual words to robbery, killing, conversions by the sword and terrorism with Fatwas which are all fiendish acts. This activity by his followers is presently seen on television clips with kidnapped, innocent people being beheaded in praise of Allah.

    Last but not least, Allah was one of over two hundred and fifty (250) idols in the Ka’aba. After taking Mecca, Muhammed destroyed all other tribal idols except for the Quraysh tribe’s idol and pronounced Allah the one and only God.

    I believe that, in warfare against terrorism, we must attack the heart and not just the tentacles of Islam with truth. We must not let this perversion of religion spawn numberless adherents to Muhammed’s words to expand their terrorism. We must confront terrorism head on.

    When combating Evil remember: Appeasement is like feeding a steak to a tiger in the hope that it will eventually become a vegetarian.

    International Ban Islam petition:

    Canada’s for debate in the House of Commons:

    Guardians of Democracy site:

    Unfortunately, Muslims in debate or negotiations are forced to LIE to preserve Islam’s integrity. This noble Islamic activity is called “TAKIYA”.


    Lorenzo Bouchard

  2. Iftikhar


    British schooling and the British society is the home of institutional racism. The result is that Muslim children are unable to develop self-confidence and self-esteem, therefore, majority of them leave schools with low grades. Racism is deeply rooted in British society. Every native child is born with a gene or virus of racism, therefore, no law could change the attitudes of racism towards those who are different. It is not only the common man, even member of the royal family is involved in racism. The father of a Pakistani office cadet who was called a “Paki” by Prince Harry has profoundly condemned his actions. He had felt proud when he met the Queen and the Prince of Wales at his son’s passing out parade at Sandhurst in 2006 but now felt upset after learning about the Prince’s comments. Queen Victoria invited an Imam from India to teach her Urdu language. He was highly respected by the Queen but other members of the royal family had no respect for him. He was forced to go back to India. His protrait is still in one of the royal places.

    Thee are hundreds of state schools where Muslim pupils are in majority. In my opinion, all such schools may be designated as Muslim community schools with bilingual Muslim teachers. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school.
    Iftikhar Ahmad

  3. Dave Johnson

    I discovered your site through BEOWULF. I forwarded this article to friends because I think it is profound. While the immediate threat may be jihad, the long term threat is overcoming the dhimmi in our midst. We have to fight that much harder with our hands tied because of the multicultrualists. The media and academic “dogs” won’t bark. The Western way of life in Europe is in peril and we are next. I wonder which country wil have a Muslim Prime Minister first? The consequences will be more serious than just closing the pubs in London during Ramadan. Retired Cop from Dallas

  4. A_Nonny_Mouse

    My poor, dear, Mr. Iftikhar-

    “Malicious attacks” on Muslims?

    Unreasoning demonization of Islam and/or Muslims in the West?


    Show me the Pope directing Catholics to slay Muslims and we’ll talk persecution. Show me videos of Americans beheading Muslims and we’ll talk anti-Islam hatred. Show me news clips of a group of Westerners flying airplanes into the Dome of the Rock, and US and British citizens exulting in the streets, and we’ll talk about hostility.

    Show me right now how Christians are welcomed into Saudi Arabia, free to worship God in one of the many publicly funded churches established in that bastion of multi-cultural diversity. (Duh– It’s illegal to take a Bible into that country. What would happen if it were declared illegal to bring a Quran into England?)

    What religion currently sponsors violence around the world? (a hint- those who practice it shout “Allah is greater!”). NOBODY is blowing up buildings shouting “Jesus Christ is King!” NOBODY is setting cars on fire in France reciting the “Shema Yisroel…”

    If you happen to be feeling the blowback caused by your religious brethren’s fondness for shedding Infidel blood, go talk to your local imam and tell him the Muslim “misunderstanders” are making life hard for you.

    Until YOUR RELIGION can rein in YOUR TERRORISTS, each Muslim in the West will find himself or herself regarded with suspicion. That’s just the way it is.

    (Funny, people who want to live tend to be extra-cautious around members of a group whose religious leaders call for slaughter of “unbelievers”…)

  5. Iftikhar

    The debate over the trajectory of the western sociopolitical system and its strained relations with Islam is the most pivotal of our time. Muslims are in one of the most difficult phases of their history when malicious attacks including allegation of terrorism are being made on Islam and Muslims all over the world. The malicious campaign against Muslims is politically motivated. The world is obsessed by Islam. Anti-terror measures are ruining lives of Muslim youths. If you go around arresting young Muslims, you are going to find that you are going to ostracise this community. Young Muslims don’t need to be ostracized, they need to be engaged. According to the Arch Bishop, Rowan Williams, acceptance of some facets of Sharia not only “seems unavoidable”, but could actually improve social cohesion. Muslims should be able to choose to have marital or financial matters dealt with in a Sharia Court. Such courts should therefore be incorporated into the British legal system as a constructive accommodation with Islam. Schools are being asked to help “win hearts and minds” in the battle against violent extremists on both sides. British born Imams should go into schools to supplement the teaching of RE, PSHE and Citizenship so that all pupils can learn about the Holy Quran and Islam in the context of a multicultural society. OFSTED must make sure that their services should be fully utilised by the schools, otherwise, it will be waste of public money.

    The British Establishment is wrong to assert that Imams and Masajid have been radicalising Muslim youths. The roots of extremism are in the British society and schools where institutional racism is at its peak. The racism within schools has got little media coverage. The school attended by 7/7 bombers in a part of Leeds known for its history of racial tension between British Asians and native Brits. Leeds council was so worried about the violence that it had to call in Foundation for Peace, a government funded peacekeepers who were used to keep Catholics and Protestants from killing one another in Northern Ireland. True message of Islam should be promoted because British media and society have always portrayed Islam in a negative way since Crusades and the siege of Vienna in 1683. School Curriculum should be used to convey a deeper understanding of Islamic faith, history and culture. Prison is not the answer of those who are vulnerable to, or are being drawn into violent extremism unless they have clearly committed an offence.

    The greatest challenge to humanity is learning to live in a crowded and interconnected world that is creating unprecedented pressures on human society. The rector of Oxford’s largest Anglican Churches has called a Muslim call to prayers from the main Masjid “un-English”. This is a clear case of intolerance. Gibraltar is a British colony. Five Pound currency note has a queen image on one side and on the other side there is an image of the Muslim Conqueror with a sword in his hand. There is more hatred of Muslims seduced by the Western media, education system and church leaders like Bishop Nazir Ali. Catholic nuns have worn veils for centuries, with no public controversies arising. There is no reason why any girl’s school uniform can not now be modified to include a veil. Wearing a veil to school or to work must be a matter of choice for all.
    Iftikhar Ahmad

  6. DaveP

    Bloggers and others can continue to write about the existential threat that Islam poses us all, but there will be no change in the current status quo.

    It is unfortunately a fact of life, that human beings, the media and politicians, only sit up and take notice when a movement or action group resorts to violence. It is then that the MSM rushes around trying to find out what happened and why. Only when the glare of publicity is brought to bear, in the aftermath of a public outrage, does the peaceable arm of the movement (bloggers and others) gets to air its concern and get public traction. The Islamic movement has been doing this very successfully. One has the Jihadis on the one hand, and the various Muslim organisations, the peaceful part of the Jihad, on the other. Both work in tandem, and know full well, that they need to be at arms length, for the movement to succeed. 9/11 and 7/7, as I’ve pointed out for years (since 9/11), have been very successful for the Islamisation of the West.

    The IRA/Sinn Fein is another example. The British government continued to insist that there would be no place for terrorists in government while they negotiated with Sinn Fein, and yet that is exactly what we have now. Animal activists, Greenies, are further examples.

    There will be no change in canine response, until the media, followed by the politicians, are forced to look. That is why most movements, including Gandhi and Mandela, have made use of violence “second” hand, though at the same time disavowing and condemning violence.

    A totally peaceful movement will be ignored by all, as it is safe, quite literally, to do so. The more violent a movement, the more society will rush to understand and appease it. Sad, but that is the way of humanity..

  7. dd

    Bring back the Spanish Inquisition. The only thing that has ever worked against Islam and saved millions of people of central and south america from Islam was the spanish inquisition. But who has the balls to advocate violence anymore? Only the muslims.

  8. kendra

    I feel the same frustration! If it weren’t so dangerous, it would be laughable. I still want to believe that we’ll be able to wake these people up, but it’s getting more difficult to have confidence in this regard from one day to the next.

    I hope you’re right about ACT. ACT has plans to hire a lobbyist in the coming year. That may cause the tides to begin to turn, as I believed their response to Mumbai could have been louder.

  9. eloivsdiablo

    Now you’re talking, Mr Warner. This jihad and subjugation which is the life blood of this so-called religion needs to be confronted, but be careful, the dhimmi dogs will and do bark at those who refuse their muslim overlords…

  10. eloivsdiablo

    No you’re talking, Mr Warner…

  11. Walt Long

    Bravo Bill, I feel your frustration. We must act as a group before it is too late. To many people would rather stick their head in the sand and say not on my watch. That is the type of attitude that will get us all killed. I am tired of being called a bigot, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, looks like a duck, guess what it is a duck.

  12. Ramachandra Abhyankar

    You are right — Brigitte Gabriel’s ACT! for America organization is THE organization that could be effective here. It has local chapters in all states of the USA and also chapters overseas. It also holds Citizen Training Seminars across the United Sates. Citizens can join ACT! for America — the membership is free – by going to the official website for ACT for America:
    Members can help if they wish by becoming contributing members or by starting local chapters.

    Not to be missed are Brigitte Gabriel’s two books : [1] “Because They Hate”, and [2] “They Must Be Stopped” .

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