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How Can We Make the Dog Bark?

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How Can We Make the Dog Bark?

In a Sherlock Holmes story, Silver Blaze, the clue to the crime was that “the dog did nothing.” The dog in question was a farm dog that would have barked had a stranger approached.

In the same way we have guard dogs that are supposed to warn us of danger: our government, intellectuals and the media. But we are finding out that our dogs never bark if the intruder is Islamic violence.

In the media reporting about Mumbai the words Islam and jihad were noticeably absent. Dhimmis always use nationality and culture to refer to Islam. The Islamic invasion of Spain was by Moors, not Muslims. The Islamic invasion of the Middle East was by Arabs, not Muslims. The invasion of Eastern Europe was by Turks, not jihadists. So it was only natural for the dhimmi media to report that Pakistanis were the murderers. Dhimmis have been avoiding the words Muslim, Islam and jihad for 1400 years. Only the most neutral words may be used to describe the jihad and the jihadists. “Gunmen”, “militant,” or some other soft word can be used, but never “jihadist”.

After the reporting with “soft” words comes the next stage-blame the victims. Surely the Hindus and the others were slaughtered for good reasons. Hindu extremists must be involved. And the Muslims are poor in comparison to Hindus. So the Muslims must be being cheated in some social ill (Muslims are never responsible for any of their own suffering-at least, according to Muslims). And there is always some failure of American foreign policy. All of those things must have caused the poor “gunmen” to kill kafirs.

The next media stage is worrying about the poor Muslims who did not play an active role in the jihad. Here is a possible headline: Dirty Bomb Explodes in LA. Muslims worried about being stared at in grocery lines.

But the Muslims need not worry. Islam does not have any corporate guilt. What one Christian does affects all Christians. Every German shared the guilt for Hitler. But what a few wild and crazy Muslims do does not affect any other Muslim. Besides, the “gunmen” were not real Muslims.

The next stage is for the victims to call for dialogue and making plans to do better by ignoring the doctrine and history of Islam. There will be calls for understanding.

Chabad has called for Jews to do a mitzvah, an act of kindness, and to adhere more to their doctrine. But, notice that Chabad does not call for any action, such as learning about Islam’s doctrine and history, which would help prevent another such attack.

And of course Islamic organizations will issue statements about how sorry they are that kafirs have been hurt and how Mohammed may have murdered all the kafirs who would not submit, but the jihad is not real Islam. Oh wait, they don’t mention Mohammed’s jihad.

But our media, intellectual and government guard dogs will never bark about Islam. Newsletters like this or any of the other articles written on the web only affect the web citizens who read this type of writing. The NY Times, CNN, the State Department or the universities are not going to change because a few stupid bigots on the web are not happy with them.

How can we make the guard dog bark? We must stop waiting for a big enough catastrophe to wake up our dogs. September 11 was not enough to wake up NBC.

We must form political units that work in unison. Our nation started with conventions. Kafirs must get together in forums, groups and conventions. Before any government goes to war against political Islam, it must be pressured to do so by its citizens. Any convention must form an intellectual basis for war. That is, it must define the enemy. It is the purpose of the enemy, Islam, to annihilate our kafir civilization. Islam’s goal is to control all public speech, education, finance, laws, art, literature, entertainment, the media and customs.

After the enemy is formally defined, then we must train our dhimmi guard dogs. We must be confrontational, since a mitzvah won’t do the job.

The only organization that seems potentially to be able to host such an event would be ACT for America. Professor Paul Eidelberg has a wonderful article on how such an event might be managed.

But our guard dogs will never bark until they are trained to do so.

Bill Warner


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