Inoculating Against Islam

Every since 9/11 Americans, including Christians, have been converting to Islam or become apologists for Islam. Can this be stopped and how?

There are many reasons they choose Islam. Islam is furiously masculine and today Christianity has become feminine, yin, in its approach to life. So, if you are a woman and want a more masculine man, you are much more apt to find that in Islam. Also, if you are a woman and want a husband, Muslims are the marrying kind. Then, there are people in this world who want discipline and Islam certainly gives structure. Once you get on the Islam train you no longer have to worry about choices. Islam tells you how to eat, have sex, brush your teeth, use the bathroom and every other aspect of life. There is also the social bonding of being in a tight knit group-club. These are a few of the reasons people convert.

Preventing conversion is easy to accomplish by inoculating anyone with what Islam really is. One reason that Kafirs (non-Muslims) convert is that they do not know the complete Islam. They are only told about the first stage of Islam – loving what Allah loves. Converts are never told that the final stage is to hate what Allah hates. Allah hates the Kafir and Kafir civilization, such as free speech and equal rights. The convert has been exposed to the “good stuff”, but does not know the full doctrine of a dualistic Islam. The other side of the “good stuff” is darkness such as jihad, abuse of women and slavery.

The problem is that we have all been told that we cannot understand Islam and that Islam is found in the Koran. We are told that it is way too complex and subtle. The only to know Islam is to ask a Muslim or an establishment “expert”. This is absolute garbage. Islam is Allah and Mohammed, pure and simple. To know Islam, know Allah and Mohammed. Allah is hard to understand, at first, but there is an easy shortcut. The Koran tells us that Mohammed is the perfect pattern of life for all Muslims and that every Muslim should imitate Mohammed. His life example is so important that it has a special name, the Sunna

If you count up all the words in the Koran and the words devoted to Mohammed, there is about six times more text devoted to Mohammed than to Allah. Mohammed solves the problem of how to know the true nature of Islam.

Everybody knows someone who has tried to read the Koran and never finished it. Islam seems like a tropical jungle, deep and complex. But that is not true, since Islam is both Allah and Mohammed.

Allah may be hard to understand, but anybody can understand Mohammed. The reason is simple. We have his official biography (called the Sira) and it is a fascinating, ripping read. After Mohammed is born he soon becomes an orphan. He married and became a successful businessman, then a prophet of Allah. He preached Islam for 13 years and converted 150 Muslims. Next he became a politician and jihadist for his last 10 years. When he died every Arab in Arabia was a Muslim. The Sira has religion, plots, spies, war, torture, secret agents, slavery, sex, jealousy and more. It is one of the world’s great stories.

Anyone, and I mean anyone, can understand the story of a man’s life. Mohammed is the perfect Muslim. When you understand Mohammed, you can easily understand the Koran and you can understand Islam.

This is how easy it is to know Mohammed. The original Sira is 800 pages long and difficult to read. But the book has been made easy to understand in a very short book of only 66 pages, called The Life of Mohammed. Everything is keyed by a small index number at the beginning of the paragraphs that lets you go the official text and confirm it. It is fact-based and is as true as it can be and is a short powerful book.

I ran an experiment. I paid $20 to a smart 12 year-old child to read The Life of Mohammed. After she read it, I had her read the Gospel of Matthew. It is important to know that she had never been to church or read the Bible. I then asked if she had to have new neighbor would she want it to be Jesus or Mohammed? She said she wanted Jesus and then justified her answer by using the facts from Matthew and The Life of Mohammed. She used fact-based reasoning.

That is the way you inoculate against Islam. Full knowledge of Mohammed causes anyone of reasonable morals to avoid him and Islam. Once you know how much suffering Mohammed caused to every neighbor, you do not want to follow him. So, to prevent a case of conversion to Islam, prescribe a dose of Mohammed.

The news is even better since a dose of the Sira can cure a Muslim of Islam. It works like this – most Muslims know almost nothing about Islam. If you know the full story of Mohammed, you know Islam and can tell a Muslim things about Mohammed that will unsettle them. Upon the first administration of Mohammed to a Muslim, they will deny the truth of it. But you can offer to show it to them in the Sira, the Sunna of Mohammed. Repeated dosage can cure Islam.

To inoculate against Islam, use a dose of Mohammed. To cure Islam, do the same. Don’t forget, a dose of Mohammed is so interesting that you will want to take some as well.

Bill Warner, Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam
Copyright © 2013 CBSX, LLC,
Use as needed, just give credit and do not edit.

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  1. Iman Ashraf

    Mr Robin, ‘More Masculine men” do u hear yourself ?!!! your first line of argument is absolutely looking down on women, Back to the main argument about Islam , I find no actual facts in your argument and a deep baseless hate to Islam . you re saying Mohammad is somehow evil , the worst neighbor you can have but then how exactly did he manage to make most people in Arabia follow him with mere personal actions and words ?!! A curse magic is that what you re trying to say ? could you present some scientific data please ? I am willing to read any factual data from the sira that are evil or whatever so if u could please bring them up so we can confront each other openly but respectfully and peacefully please , and our prophet who was very contentious towards other religions like you said , says in his Sunnah :” whoever opposes a christian or a Jew it is like he opposed me ” As u just read it is not even fight or kill its just that mere feud aganist a book believer is equal to feud aganist the prophet himself so please do not use harsh words when talking about other people beliefs , we need to respect each other and find a way to manage our differences and the main reason of Islamophobia is because pple fail to distinguish between true Islam and extremism. Terrorism in not Islamic and like one of the commentators said you can’t judge Islam because of personal achievements please do not judge on personal mistakes . Thank you for your patience to read my message

  2. Tom

    Penelope, I am amazed at the level of ignorance you have displayed in your ridiculous posting. For one you say ” any one could use your logic and source text of Christianity to do what you have done… ” I say this as a challenge to you….. Please see how much damage you can do with ” love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you…” You obviously know nothing about Islam or the Koran yourself yet you come here with rants to maybe appease those Muslim friends you on short notice will not hesitate to slit your throat because they hold Allah’s word above common sense humanity. Please educate yourself thoroughly about this cult of hate before you jump on the bandwagon to declare it a religion of peace. Jesus warned us of false prophets who come as ravenous wolves in sheep clothing. That is exactly what Islam is. It’s agenda is to replace all religions of the world with its own brainwashing. Look it up! The likes of you are useful idiots who keep sowing this sheep clothing of false peace for this ravenous Wolf that will someday devour our freedom and sanity, and it will be people like you to thank. Wake up it is not too late to fight against this oppressive ideology instead of ignorantly defending it… V unless you are already a brainwashed convert…. Peace ( the real one… Not Islam’s farce)

  3. Robin

    In Reply to Raja Sharma on this page.
    You overlook that the Islamic entity for 1000 years was the most powerful force dominating europe, middle east etc, including all the great intellect of the christian cultures of the lands they were occupying. It was not thanks to Islam that they achieved those things but despite Islam. The reason why Islam became downtrodden “oppressed” protesting bombers from 1683 onwards is that Islam’s mentality of bullying suppression logically could not keep up with Christianity’s culture of honest free progressive thought.

  4. PDC

    If all it takes to persuade someone that “everything is fine” is for some rainbow coloured minarets, we -as a civilisation – are in trouble. I’m sorry idfx, your rose-cloured glasses view of the world is beyond simplistic – it’s moronic and dangerous.

  5. idfx

    In order to have a cultural understanding of each other it is important to be open minded and to talk to each other. Here in Switzerland, where we have a ban on minarets, the local mosque made a great symbol towards peace and intercultural exchange by decorating their minaret with rainbow colors. This is a sign of peace that is internationally acclaimed and accepted.

  6. Carax

    “…if you are a woman and want a more masculine man, you are much more apt to find that in Islam.”

    You must be joking. In The Netherlands they like to beat woman up, especially when 3 to 6 men get together. They feel safe in numbers when attacking a single woman.

  7. penelope rose carrington

    Let’s all support Malala Yousufzai in her quest to educate girls around the world who are threatened by poverty and terrorism for simply wanting to learn. Malala is an example of the majority of Muslims around the world – not the 0.00001% that cause 99.99% of the headlines in the West.

  8. penelope rose carrington

    Bill, you are misinformed and are biased. You have misinterpreted Islam and the Qur’an, and anyone could use your logic and the source texts of Christianity to do precisely what you have done. You are only doing this to attack a religion you do not understand and of which you are afraid. Maybe you see what terrorists are doing and you equate that with all of Islamic teaching, when in fact it is the terrorists who do not understand their own religions. I bet you don’t even know any Muslims, or you choose not to associate with them. You are the worst kind of human being – a man who denies his own conscience, lives in fear of his own curiosity and where that might lead, and spends his time hating others and playing on the fears of the masses of other misinformed people. You are in the minority and even more so as time progresses – you and your kind will fail in your hatred and in your erroneous analyses and claims.

  9. Bill

    Putin for President

  10. Amit

    any thoughts on this Bill Warner:

  11. RBA

    Most Christians are not as good as Jesus.

    Most Muslims are not as bad as Muhammad.

  12. MAW

    Mr Warner, but how do the extremist like Abu Qatada become so? Don’t they have lots of Mohammed dosages? How do we know that sending people back to this readings is not going to turn them the wrong way? They way the world is at the moment, with Dexter, Zombies, and the serial killer culture, do you really think that a dosage of this evil readings will cure them or give them justification to be more so like.

  13. 4ever49

    Lol – you have little room to talk. Just because he quantifies the amount of text used for particular purposes does not make it irrelevant – nor Scientology, nor hilarious.
    The readers are not scared townsfolk of anyone and are equally as well educated as you. You are denying the facts in front of you.
    Just who in this world is causing the preponderance of terrorism? Muslims by a very, very wide margin are the perpetrators.
    Why are they doing it?

  14. greygandalf

    An old saying, which may appropriately be applied to people’s lack of understanding of the ‘Holy’ Koran. The Devil is in the details. Superficially, Islam is honeycoated, Peaceful ( ‘Mohammed-Peace be upon him’), loving (Love that which Allah loves.) Underneath, a raging torrent of human striving, the dualism kicks in and its an Elysian dream , turned psychopathic nightmare. Bloodlust , slavery, rape, pillage. Mo’s story is a great novel to read.

  15. On These Two

    Saint James,

    Your question to Raja Sharma,
    ” Doesn’t the quran consider lying as being a grave sin?” is understandable since Mohammed does make that assertion. But in reading Bill Warner’s “Simple Koran” it becomes clear that Mohammed was speaking from what Warner calls a “dualistic” viewpoint, meaning that lying to Muslims is a grave sin. In Mohammed’s later statements, which Warner points out that Mohammed says “abrogate” earlier statements, Mohammed tells his followers that it is not only pleasing to Allah for Muslims to lie to Kafirs (to advance Islam), but also to “kill (non-believers) wherever you find them,” and that it is pleasing to Allah for Muslims to also rape, enslave and rob Kafirs. While your critique of Raja Sharma’s re-writing history is valid, based on Mohammed’s teachings, it would seem Sharma is simply being a good Muslim. Unfortunately, our media, our academia, our politicians and even most of our Christian and Jewish clergy appear to have been taken in by people like Sharma, who spew the line of what Warner calls “official” Islam.

  16. john dough

    Anyone high on drugs can see anything they can imagine.
    i.e. Mohammad.

  17. Mike

    I’ve yet to find an organized religion that I want to follow. I decided long ago I did not want to become lion food or be on either side during the crusades.

  18. Regina

    People just love religion? My guess is it comes from a refusal to examine themselves? What can you do? God is simply using the divider in chief- cause everybody will be forced to take a stand. It isn’t only’s abortion, homosexuality etc.. Course it doesn’t stop there because progressives are very religious indeed..they want to decide how everyone else thinks!
    It’s obvious its the same problem everywhere as far as Islam goes though (you have the E.D.L., the Australian defense ..all trying to counter Islam and the worst part of it-the betrayal of their sleazy leaders who are busy selling everyone out! Sadly it appears it’s the only way. We have to trust God because this ball is rolling!

  19. Srinivas

    Mr Raja sharma : algebra was given to the world by the hindu civilization and NOT the arabs who merely copied it and transferred the knowledge to the west. You seem to be victim of the pseudo history perpetrated on indians by apologists and leftists.

  20. Lol

    This has to be the funniest website ever. The level of stupidity is astounding. It’s not even funny. It is some solid medieval s**t. And no less a phd in physics recruiting scared townsfolk of the barbarian.
    Statistical analysis of books. Hilarious. I didn’t know that was the new way of reading books.
    I thought it was all Hermeneutics and Critical theory, and Feminist theory and exegesis, etc

    I guess that’s how Scientology started.

    Doesn’t get better than this.

  21. Democracyistheanswer

    Most Moslems are half-cured from Islam already. If being Moslem means to imitate Mohammed, most Moslems almost NEVER imitate Mohammed.

    Most Moslems would be ashamed to act like Mohammed and consciously try to be as unlike him as possible, ignoring Mohammed 99.9% of their waking hours.

    Most Moslems consider Mohammed a horrible role model. They never want to act like Mohammed.

  22. Rahul

    Thanks for this post. I am from India and I agree with everything that you say in this post and various videos.

    In India, our history has been presented to us in an apologetic way. We are told the names of all Muslim kings and how good their kingdoms were and about all the wars etc. But we are never told about the religious nature of their rule. How people were converted. Here is a comparative data which no one bothers to question.

    Christianity has been present in India for 2000 years (since 52 A.D) and we have significant numbers of Christians today (approx 2.5% of entire population).

    But Islam entered India only 800 years ago (there were invasions before that, but they were just temporary invasions). In just 800 years, Islam has a 14% followers.

    No one questions, why Islam became 2nd largest religion in just 800 years, where as Christianity remained only 3rd largest despite a presence of 2000 years.

    The answer is obvious. People convert easily when a sword is handing on their neck.

    I am a Hindu but I have more respect for Jesus who sacrificed himself without any violence, than for someone whose expertise was warfare. I am not against any religion in particular, it is just that history should be told in the way it happened.

  23. Saint James


    I read through your wall of disorganized text. The only thing worse than your lack or organization and presentation in your post is the lack of truth present in your wild claims.

    First, let’s get one thing out of the way: trying to give credit to a religion for the discoveries of individuals is disingenuous. You might as well give said credit to being right-handed, heterosexual or liking dogs. Even if your delusional claims were true, religion played no part in them.

    You start by telling us that “Muhammad is considered one of the top 100 people (No.!) in the world “. You don’t say in what. Was it a list detailing fake prophets? Serial killers? Schizophrenic psychopaths? We’ll never know.

    You then try to link current computers with a man who made derivative works based on Babylonian writings. “Algorithm” simply means “step-by-step procedure “, and that kind of thinking (taking a series of steps to solving a problem) existed thousands of years before the birth of islam.

    You talk about universities in muslim countries in the 9th and 10th centuries but what you don’t say is that, unlike their western counterparts, muslim universities weren’t dedicated to the study of maths, physics, chemistry or astronomy, but to the study of the quran, sira, hadiths – religion. Hence the reason why western countries left muslim countries far behind when it came to overall scientific progress. Oh, and those Arabic Numerals you’re giving muslims credit for?It’s a numeral system developed by Indian mathematicians.

    You claim that The Arabian Nights was the first fiction, but you don’t say that the earliest mentions of the Nights refer to it as an Arabic translation from a Persian book, Hazār Afsān (or Afsaneh or Afsana), meaning “The Thousand Stories”.

    Your claim that muslims introduced public bathing, towels and soap in Europe is pure fabrication. Any given european knows that Romans had public baths and soap centuries before the birth of islam. While i doubt romans used the turkish model, they certainly had their version of bath towels.

    Your claim that arabs introduced the first navy is also another fabrication. The organized use of ships specifically designed for warfare also pre-dates the birth of islam. For example, the Punic Wars. Think about it. Most of Arab land was desert. What use would arabs have for ships?

    The astrolobe was developed by greeks, not arabs. Magnetic compasses in medieval europe were first mentioned in 1187, in islam they were first mentioned in 1232. Also, arabs weren’t the best ship builders of their time. Some of the countries conquered by muslims had a seafaring history, but they certainly weren’t arabs.
    In fact, throughout the history of the otoman empire, it’s admirals and shipbuilders were recruited among european pirates/renegades, since European countries were always advancing their technology, unlike the aforementioned otoman empire (look at the battle of lepanto, for example).

    Overall, your claims have no basis on which to stand. And yet, you try to tell us that discoveries made by non-muslims (in some cases centuries before the birth of islam) were made by muslims and then presented to europeans. If you’re doing so out of ignorance, well, ignorance is no excuse in this age where information is readily available (not thanks to muslims). If you’re doing it on purpose to deceive people who don’t know better, shame on you. SHAME. ON. YOU! Doesn’t the quran consider lying as being a grave sin?

  24. Steffen Larsen

    Raja Sharma introduces some very strange notions in his post above about Muslim and preferably Arab discoveries, inventions and influences.
    All civilizations have added something to our shared pool of knowledge, but Mr. Sharma ventures far beyond this in his quest for evidence of the sublimeness of islam. I skimmed through his post, and several of the claims were immediately seen to be simply not true. My guess is that I would find more by digging deeper.

    “Muslims introduced prose writing — Alif Laila wa Laila (The Arabian Nights) was the first fiction”. This is quite simply not true. We have examples from antiquity and further back. “Satyricon” by Petronius is great fun!

    “Arabs introduced the first navy”. Eh?

    “Arabs were the finest navigators in the world”. Eh? I think the Vikings were pretty astute navigators. Navigational instruments have been discovered going back to antiquity.

    “Arabs developed astrolobe and navigator’s compass ..”. I can only recommend that you look them up and learn about their origins going back to well before Islam entered the stage. An invention or a concept does not become Muslim or Arabic merely because it passed through the hands of Muslims and they perhaps added something to it. Much like the “Arabic numerals” from India.

    “Edmond Halley …..honed his skill in astronomy by reading Arabic. He learnt Arabic”. In order to translate the parts of Apollonius’ “Conics” only available in Arabic.

    Some aspects of Greek antiquity were preserved and added to through the hands af Muslims. Honestly: this was the least they could do, considering there is very, very little left of the Greek culture once very much present throughout the Near and Middle East. Sometimes it is grudgingly admitted that discoveries were made despite people not being Muslims. “1001 Inventions: The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Civilization” is by some said be quite interesting in that respect.

  25. Dan

    “That is the way you inoculate against Islam. Full knowledge of Mohammed causes anyone of reasonable morals to avoid him and Islam. Once you know how much suffering Mohammed caused to every neighbor, you do not want to follow him. So, to prevent a case of conversion to Islam, prescribe a dose of Mohammed.”

    This is true. That is exactly how they used to do it in the old days.

    “I am convinced that nothing more irksome and harmful could possibly be done to Mohammed or the Turks [Islam] (more than with all weapons) than the publication among Christians of their Koran. By reading it Christians may see what an utterly accursed, shameful, wretched book it is – full of lies, fables, and all abominations” Therefore my kind and Christian petition to you, my gracious and dear sirs, is: Be pleased to allow this book freely to circulate, without hindrance, for the glory of Christ, for the good of Christians, for the harm of the Turks, and to the disgust of the devil.”

    A letter from Martin Luther to the city council of Basel on October 24, 1542 (from: What Luther Says, by Ewald M. Plass, page 961).

  26. Michael C

    Note the huge difference between the Bible and the Koran.
    The Bible does not form part of U.S. law.
    The Koran forms part of Islamic law, and there is the death penalty for denying any verse in it (Manual of Islamic Law Reliance of the Traveller, o8.7(7)), available as a free download.

  27. Michael C

    Note the huge difference between the Bible and the Koran.
    The Bible does not form part of U.S. law.
    The Koran forms part of Islamic law, and there is the death penalty for denying any verse in it (Manual of Islamic Law Reliance of the Traveller, o8.7(7)).

    The Manual can be downloaded free:
    Reliance of the Traveller and Tools for the Worshipper.


    I would like to clarify a comment made against the video produced by Mr Warner on Islam destroying European Civilisation.

    Unfortunately, these scientists are not aware of so many facts about Muslims during the th and 13th centuries. They should have read Western writers, scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, and other academics from renowned universities, institutions and freelance writers. As you know Muhammad is considered one of the top 100 people (No.!) in the world (a non-Muslim has written the book). The computer you and I are using is based on high mathematics / algorithm. The “Scientists” should have known that Al-Khwarzmi was the father of what is known as Algorithm. A Medieval Muslim, Ibn Nafees, discovered that blood constantly flows through our veins. Many Euroean / English words have Arabic origin: Cypher (sifr), alcohol, Chemistry (al-Chimia), Algebra, Arabic Numerals (1,2,3…), These scientists should have known that Arabs were the pioneers of university system in the medieval world. The first university came into being in Kaorowan (not Cairo) in Tunisia in the 9th century. Its contemporaries were at Cordova and Granada (Spain), Al Azhar University came into being at Cairo in the 10th century. According to Graham Fuller (an American scholar — professor and former CIA employee) had there ben Nobel Prizes in the 10th century all of them would have regularly gone to Muslim scholars in every discipline. Muslims introduced prose writing — Alif Laila wa Laila (The Arabian Nights) was the first fiction. Muslims re-introduced Greek Science (through translation and further development) to the West to start the Renaissance in Europe. They introduced soap, bath towel (Turkish towel), public bath, new style and technologies in architecture (Al Hambra in Spian, the Qutb Minar and Taj Mahal in India and thousands of other specimens are still there across the Middle East and Central Asia). Arabs introduced the first navy — “Admiral” is derived from “Amir al-Bahr” (Lord of the Ocean), from the Umayyad Navy of the 8th century. Arabs were the finest navigators in the world upto Vasco Da Gama’s time. Vasco da-Gama hired an Arab Navigator, Shahabuddin, to show him the route to India in the 15th century. Arabs developed astrolobe and navigator’s compass, they built the best and big ships before Europeans learnt the skill from them. Edmond Halley, who discovered the Halley’s Comet in 1686 honed his skill in astronomy by reading Arabic. He learnt Arabic. Any modern and educated person in Europe in the 10th-13th centuries was fluent in Arabic. Oxford and Cambridge became universities because these monasteries had the largest collection of Arabic books and manuscripts. Please read some history (written by Western historians — many of them Jews, Christians and atheists) before you reject Muslims during the 8th and 15th centuries as ignorants. have a good day!

  29. sam sami

    C’est beaucoup plus fructueux.C’est une critique scientifique et fondée

  30. sam sami

    C’est intéressent…Merci

  31. Paul

    Also from Wikipedia:

    “The SÄ«rat RasÅ«l Allāh (Life of the Messenger of God; Arabic: سيرة رسول الله‎) or Al-sÄ«ra al-Nabawiyya (Prophetic biography; Arabic: السيرة النبوية‎) or just Al-sÄ«ra, is the Arabic term used for the various traditional Muslim biographies of Muhammad from which, in addition to the Qur’an and Hadith, most historical information about his life and the early period of Islam is derived.”

  32. Paul

    sira, from…

    “Sirat Rasul Allah, the traditional name for biographies of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad”??

  33. Robin

    Are you sure that significantly many are converting to Islam? Note that Islamophiles make a big splash about any converts but by contrast the apostates for obvious reasons tend to stay hidden. (Though council of ex-muslims has many.)
    Dawah stalls in my city have plenty of the faithful standing around but are notably ignored by the uninitiated. They are however a good source of free fuel for one’s qur’an-burning stoves mind you.
    One source seems to be prisons where inmates get pressganged into joining. Of course criminal mentality and Islam go together all too naturally anyway.
    Great thing is that now everyone can read their own copy of the Qur’an (ironically given free by the Dawahs), which is easily the greatest tool for seeing through this scam which depends on ignorance.

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