Intercourse with Captive Women

Why is it that with increased Islamic immigration into Europe, there is increased crime against Kafirs, especially rapes? The answer to this question is found in the Koran, the Sira the (life of Mohammed) and the Hadith, (the traditions of Mohammed).

The biggest problem is that no one wants to discuss or even talk about Islam and the rapes. But the information found in Koran, Sira and Hadith gives clear indications of the rules given by Allah and the examples from Mohammed’s life.

It’s not that Islam is so strong, but we are so ignorant and afraid. We must remember we have a superior civilization and find the courage to stand up to our fears and actively oppose Political Islam.

I believe the only way to solve the problem of fear is by forming groups and teams to work together. That is what the Muslim Brotherhood does; they work as a group, and they are winning.

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  1. Sharon

    Irony is how the left work with the civilizational jihadists who have the same goal as the violent jihadists. They prefer ignorance and don’t realize that a victim can be anyone they apprehend. The jihadist doesn’t ask beforehand, are you a democrat/leftist/communist before the attack?

    And they have already infiltrated our judicial system. The Muslim Brotherhood was ecstatic that Jackson was nominated and that leaves me to believe that she is a moslem too. I cannot find anything about that though. She is certainly soft on criminals!!! I do indeed believe that Obama is Biden’s puppet master and he, being a moslem and was so obviously working for the moslem world, was behind Biden’s choice for SCOTUS.

  2. End PC

    A massive multi-billion dollar propaganda effort selling fantasy Islams (books, lectures, projects) and even fantasy Islamic history (like the massive 1001 Inventions fraud: ) exists utilizing our globalist political traitors. That extremely well funded plan, I’m afraid, is working.

  3. Richard from New Zealand

    Bill, the problem is that the far Left, who now control the West’s education system, much of the media, and have a strong influence within the Democratic party, admire and relate to the totalitarian nature of Islam and see it as a powerful tool to attack and break down Western civilization from within, in order to destroy capitalism.

  4. gregbeetham

    Muslims are a ‘protected group’ at YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, the MSM, and with our treasonous political leaders and many of the law enforcement and security agencies in many western countries with the result that Muslims can say and do what they like while anyone who tells the truth about Islam are muzzled or cancelled altogether.
    Maybe there is a silver lining to that, if you give Muslims enough rope they’ll hang themselves with it, hopefully, for example Mohammad Hijab and Ali Dawah are both exemplary ambassadors for Islam.
    Keep up the great work Dr. Warner.

  5. Cynthia

    So many women in Europe getting dismissed by the police and court system. I am pretty sure it is happening here as well. We are so blinded by the invasion and colonization of America by Islamists. Sharia will seeping into our judical system quickly.

  6. salyers327

    Thanks Bill! Always appreciate you teachings and writings. Keep up the great work. And you have expanded your knowledge world wide. What a great service you have provided for the whole world ! If people would only listen, especially our priests and ministers.

  7. George

    There is, under our Constitution, no such thing as a “protected class” the is protected from criticism.

    • George

      There is, under our Constitution, no such thing as a “protected class” that is protected from criticism.

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