Islam, Kafirs and Slaves

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Islam, Kafirs and Slavery

We received an interesting comment about our work from a Muslim.

“And another thing about slaves, yes, they are kafir, but that is because they were not Muslims yet. And before the arrival of Islam, the kafir had slave-girls, who were kafirs. Basically, you’re attacking Islam without telling people of the underlying behavior of the kafir.”

This is just one of the paragraphs, but it is very revealing.

“they are kafir, but that is because they were not Muslims yet” The word “yet” means that he agrees that one of the desired effects of slavery is the submission of the slave to Islam. The word “agrees” is used since it is Sunna to only take kafirs as slaves. Since the taking of slaves is always done with deadly violence, i.e. slaves are taken after the protectors are killed, then violence is again part of making the kafir submit to Islam. Slavery has always been part of jihad.

It is true that before Islam, kafirs held slaves and even held slaves after Islam. This simple statement is absolutely true. We do not find a single culture that did not at one time use slaves. Whites, blacks, Asians, aboriginal Americans, everyone used slaves.

The difference between kafir slavery and Islamic slavery is that kafir slavery could be stopped, by force if necessary, and also by doctrine. There is no kafir culture that has a doctrine that supports slavery today. Islamic culture can never eliminate slavery from its doctrine because both the Koran and the Sunna are eternal, universal, complete and perfect.

Mohammed is the perfect model for slave traders and slaveholders. Mohammed was involved in every single aspect of slavery. He had kafir men killed so their women and children could be made slaves. He gave slaves away for gifts. He owned many slaves, some of them black. He passed around slaves for the purpose of sex to his companions, men who were his chief lieutenants. He stood by while others beat slaves. He shared the pleasure of forced sex with women slaves after conquest. He captured slaves and wholesaled them to raise money for jihad. One of his favorite sexual partners was a slave, who bore him a son. He received slaves as gifts from other rulers. The very pulpit he preached from was made by a slave. He ate food prepared by slaves. He was treated medically by a slave. He had a slave tailor. He declared that a slave who ran away from his master would not have his prayers answered. And he approved an owner’s having sex with his slaves.

There is no one in history who was more involved in slavery than Mohammed. It is Sunna.

This case illustrates the difference between the ethics of the Golden Rule and the ethics of Islam. No one volunteers to be a slave. That is the reason that the Golden Rule prohibits slavery-hence the kafir prohibition of slavery. But Islam has one set of rules for the Muslim and another set of rules for the kafir, ethical dualism. Islam denies the truth of the Golden Rule. One of the ethical rules of Islam is that kafirs can be enslaved–hence, Islamic slavery.

One defense of Islamic slavery is that “kafirs did it too”, which is the argument by the Muslim gentleman here. The other version of the defense of Islamic slavery is to say that slavery was prevalent in Mohammed’s day and it the reason that he did it. But this is a total misunderstanding of Sunna. Nothing that Mohammed did was by historical accident. No, he was guided by Allah, not history. If it were just an historical accident then Mohammed could be excused.

Think of what would happen if you could annul Mohammed’s slavery or the slavery rules in the Koran. If you delete it–because you don’t like it–what else from the Sunna and Koran can you ignore? Prayer? Charity? The Sunna and the Koran are perfect, eternal, complete and universal. You don’t get to pick and choose.

According to Islam, there is no good in kafirs or their culture. Kafir culture is jahiliya (ignorance). Good only comes from Allah and so Islam is pure goodness and wisdom. How can anything about Islam be justified by kafirs? Goodness can never be based on evil and wisdom can never be based upon ignorance. Islam stands alone and no comparison to kafir culture is valid. In short, Islam is independent from kafir culture. To say that Islam does something because kafirs do it is to deny the origins of Islam in Allah and Mohammed.

Slavery is pure Islam. It is the power of the kafirs that keeps Islam from having full-blown slavery, instead of only in a few places in the world today.


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3 Responses

  1. Democracyistheanswer

    The greatest slavery of all is the slavery of the mind in an information-control and thought-control cult like Islam.

    Islam follows the example of Mohammed by targeting intellectuals who spot the errors in Islam. Mohammed had them assassinated and then praised the murders. Today the assassinations are led by mullahs and committed by their non-reflective, brain-dead killer zombie followers. Bigotry is integral to Islam: the kafirs have it coming to them.

  2. black caraway

    HEAR YOURSELF TO HEAR UR LIES, not only are ur points based on lies but on half quoted truths u said the islam support sex with slaves but also forget to say in the invent of the slave getting pregnant she automatically gets her freedom yes slavery is unacceptable but the circumstance islam met left it wit few options, there was war then nosuch thin as rules of war islam limit the battle to combatants only the people the profe fauth with also took muslims as slaves AND FINALLY THOMAS JEFFERSON TOLD HIS WHITE CHILDREN TO INHERIT HIS BLACK CHILDREN A TORCH BEARER FOR WHAT DEMOCRACY IS ABOUT SADLY THIS TRUTH CANOT BE TOLD BY A LIER LIKE U ISLAM BROUTH POLICIES TO END SLAVERY BY GIVING THEM RIGHT THE WEST WOULD HAV NEVER GIVEN IN 17OOS.STOP LIEING TO SELL UR BOOKS OF DESIST .

  3. Democracyistheanswer

    Islam recognizes slavery as an integral part of jihad and thus of Islam proper. The self-declared messenger of Allah was intimately involved in every aspect of slavery and a pious Moslem must follow his flawless example in the proper abuse and humiliation of kafirs. One often finds heart-rending stories of Philipina maids raped in Saudi Arabia by the head of the household who merely believes he is following the beloved Messenger’s perfect example. No sense of guilt can be expected if the practice is institutionalized and sanctified in Islam. Enjoying safe, clean sex with one’s slaves is a good thing. In a number of Arab countries, foreign workers are enticed to high-paying jobs only to discover they have been brought in as virtual slaves. There is no escape and complete control of reporting, so the world never hears about it.

    It has been estimated that Arab countries used as many as 24 million black African slaves since the founding of the cult. Hidden behind this veil, is the fact that 9 or black Africans died for every slave successfully delivered to Moslem slave markets. This is surely one of the greatest crimes in history.

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