Islam, Slavery and Kafirs

Islam has a little-known doctrine and history of slavery. Mohammed was involved in every aspect of slavery. He captured Kafirs and made them slaves. He bought and sold them, retail and wholesale, and gave them as gifts. He had black African slaves, white European slaves, and Arab slaves. His favorite sex slave was a light skinned Christian. Islam has a complete doctrine of slavery which has been made sacred and permanent by the Koran, Sunna, and Sharia law.

The greatest mystery about the Islamic doctrine and history of slavery is how little is known about it. Every slave sold on the west coast, north coast and east coast of Africa was a part this huge Islamic business. The business of slavery is still practiced openly in Africa and clandestinely in some Mideastern countries today.

We should educate others and demand that the truth about Islamic slavery be taught in schools.

This talk is based on a chapter in my new book Measuring Mohammed.

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  1. dan.shine201

    Dear Bill
    As usual I enjoyed your message. Keep up the good work. Having read the Koran I know you speak the truth.

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